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  • My name is Khalil Fazal, also known as Khalil Shah. Apart from being a fun-loving, spirited and happy person, I am an artist, a web & graphics designer and a photographer. I believe that life is too short to see and appreciate all the beauty that exists in God's world, therefore I do not confine myself to a single domain or type of art. My work spans but is not limited to natural landscapes, portraits, urban life, rural landscapes, macro photography, photomontages and illustrations. I have been to many fantastic places and met many wonderful people during my work and I have loved every bit of it. One of my favorite areas in photography is to capture everyday acts of seemingly ordinary people, but who, like every person, fill a key role in the society's grand design. A special section of my photography is devoted to this aspect. I hail from the historic and culturally rich city of Lahore, a city that has offered me never-ending possibilities and countless frames to capture