Jiahua chemical - PURANATE ® M-modified polyisocyanate
Jiahua Chemicals Inc. is a professional provider of fine chemicals, dedicated to the development and production of downstream fine chemicals derived from ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Since its establishment, jiahua has been innovating through clear market positioning and continuous innovation. At present, we have five business units including Construction Chemicals, Performance Materials, Care Chemicals, Coatings and Industrial Auxiliaries, and Functional Materials, as well as the industrial structure of its eight downstream business series, and a product pattern of more than 100 varieties.

In terms of R&D innovation, the company has established a R&D center in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park, and formed an innovative R&D team led by R&D directors with more than 30 years of industry experience and international standards. Long-term focus on the research and development and production of high-end technical commodities in the fine chemical new material industry to provide technical services to global customers.

In 2022, Jiahua chemical will bring polyether modified MDI products to the global polyurethane market with its mature propylene oxide and ethylene oxide downstream derivative technology. Jiahua chemical products enjoy a worldwide reputation for their excellent performance and reliable quality. Through its commercial strength and leading position in the polyurethane market, puranate ® M is the brand's newly launched modified MDI series products, and has established a strong local distribution cooperation network to ensure reliable and stable supply for old customers.

What is modified MDI?

As a derivative of MDI series products, modified MDI is a technical extension of pure MDI and polymeric MDI products commonly used in the market at present. According to the different product structure design and synthesis process, Jiahua chemistry can provide unique use and processing performance, which is widely used in soft foam, elastomer, coating, adhesive and other fields.

Puranate® of Jiahua chemistry:M-modified polyisocyanate:

1. Puranate ® M-26, NCO = 26.4%: Universal modified MDI, a low VOC product with good fluidity, which has both the supporting strength of foam and good porosity; Good porosity, excellent fluidity and higher support strength

2. Puranate ® M-29, NCO = 29.4%: better porosity, more excellent physical properties (physical properties: tear property, pull-up strength, etc.)

3. Puranate ® M-33, NCO = 32.5%: standardized products, semi customized products