How to connect MacBook to the printer wirelessly?
If you have a printer, then your life must be accessible. You can take out a printout of any document that you need quickly. You’ll have to add your printer to mac on the printer list. And the guide for connect wifi printer to mac has been mentioned below. So, please read them carefully.
How do you add a printer to Mac through Wi-Fi?
If you have a wireless printer, then connect it through Wi-Fi. The process entirely depends on the type of printer that you use. And the steps for how to connect a printer to a mac have been mentioned below. So make sure that you read them carefully.
Press the “Wi-Fi” button on your printer
Then click on the WPS button on your router
Then ensure that you connect your printer to the same Wi-Fi network as your Mac.
Then open System Preferences and tap on Printers & Scanners
After that, tap on the plus button, which will add your printer
Then select the printer from the list
What can you do when your Mac doesn’t recognize your printer?
Go to System Preferences
Then tap on Printers & Scanners
After that, click on the plus button
Then choose the printer that has “USB” in its name
After that, click on Add to add a printer to the mac
Make sure that you purchase an AirPrint-enabled model. With AirPrint, you’ll be able to avoid manually downloading printer drivers. This will save your time and energy. And if you have any other questions related to setting up wireless printer on mac, you can go to your printer’s official website and report your problem.
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