The classes and skills of "Diablo 3" and "POE"

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In the past, RPG lacked diversity and depth in the class system and skill tree, with only 3 to 4 classes with very few skills. Over time, the RPG community has grown and changed many things. The latest RPG has multiple categories, as well as a multi-category system and a complex skill tree. With this in mind, where are "Diablo 3" and "POE"?

Blizzard provides seven unique professions in "Diablo 3", each of which has its own set of abilities, skills, items and even armor. Blizzard has taken a direct approach to the core courses and skills in "Diablo 3", allowing players to easily assign the POE Orbs skills of their choice without creating a new character. Both novices and veterans appreciate this concept very much. However, some people think "Diablo" is a bit too simple and restrictive.

Path of Exile also provides seven unique categories, such as "Diablo 3", there is almost no similarity between the two games. "POE" takes a step forward, providing players with a dynamic and complex skill tree. Although the skill tree is huge, all classes share the same tree, and only passive skills are the specific skills of each class. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, because diversity makes the game more difficult for players, but at the same time, it cannot provide a unique experience for each class.

As an independent game in a small studio, Path of Exile got off to a very difficult start, especially in terms of visuals and mechanics. Despite this, GGG takes criticism seriously, and POE has come a long way since its release in 2013. It is safe to Buy POE Currency say that the graphics of POE are even better than "Diablo 3". The gameplay has been greatly improved and is much more complicated than "Diablo 3". You must keep in mind various mechanisms such as teleportation, piercing, stun and various skills. The fierce and challenging combat system makes it very suitable for hardcore players.

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