Letting you attack and consume unharmed

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I begin leveling my very first proffesion and get new level and somebody say"Gratulation" and I was going to say thank you but I cant! We understand what RS gold mute means so I start googling how I can get unmute. I dont anythink except original forum where it is precisely how you can get eloquent but nothing else. Then I found one article here and receive on page of"Account settings" and find account standing... Permanatly muted?

So as there is proof button I press it to see what I have completed (Yes I clicked "Yes, I wish to see the evidence") Answer? Offence Information. Your account was involved in severe rule-breaking. We don't currently share any evidence we hold relating to this type of rule breakingup, as to do so may compromise our detection methods. What did I do? Please anybody help me, is in runescape some"Trial ticket system"? So I can speak to the support ? How I can you quick chat to state anybody somethink when is someone asking on somethink??? FYI: No, because page isn't even one button mode"Unmute, or anything similar to that. FYI: After tutorial back in 2013 I travel to one city (where I was when I log in 2016) therefore I dont believe that Runescape gold 2107 anybody hack my account. Also I had life guide back then so I dont wirte in to chat anything.


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