Man Chao Feng Hua Gu Bo

"Don't worry, so what if the emperor knows?"? Tonight this competition, is not the right prime minister to take the initiative to make things difficult for Dong Qingqiu?

"Don't worry, so what if the emperor knows?"? Tonight this competition, is not the right prime minister to take the initiative to make things difficult for Dong Qingqiu? Light Luo, the literati despise each other, the emperor will forgive the dilemma between the literati. Mingyuesong plucked the strings of his hands without any care. "Bang-", the strings made a noise, which made Mingyuesong feel uneasy somehow. What was the origin of that woman and why did she pretend to be a man? Why, it was only a woman, but when she appeared in the bamboo forest, he clearly felt threatened. Light Luo, help me to do one thing! "You go to Guzhu country to see what happened recently." His intuition told him that the woman's identity would not be very simple. Mingyuesong picked up a pine nut beside her and threw it into the pool. The shadow of the moon shook violently a few times. He smiled softly, but there was a deep chill in that smile. "I'd like to see who she is!"! "If it really spoils my business, she'll never come back!" When Dong Qingqiu was still sleeping in the room, there was a knock on the door outside. Dong Qingqiu woke up from his sleep and opened his eyes. He felt that it was not long before dawn, but it was still early in the morning. He could not help feeling a little annoyed. He had been traveling day and night these days, and he was already exhausted. Yesterday, he held himself up in the middle of the night for the sake of Suoyu and Mingyuesong. Dong Qingqiu's eyelids drooped and he said feebly, "What are you doing.." "Dong Xianggong, the emperor has sent someone." The servant said anxiously but carefully, "Dong Xianggong, the little one has already made the washing water.". Bring it in for Xianggong. "Oh, the emperor sent someone?"? Come in,stainless steel squatting pan, eh! Wait Dong Qingqiu said in a daze, was about to let the man in, suddenly thought of something, suddenly sat up, "wait a minute, wait a minute." Dong Qingqiu hurriedly wrapped a thick pile of chest cloth on the bed layer by layer around his body, wrapped thirty or forty layers, then put on his clothes,Flush Retrofit Kit, tidied up a little in front of the mirror, and then opened the door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a servant bowing and nodding to him, while behind him stood Feng Guang, a bodyguard who had come to deliver a decree to bring Dong Qingqiu into the palace. When Dong Qingqiu saw Feng Guang, his eyes lit up. "Good morning, brother Feng.". Is it summoned by the emperor? "It was the emperor who asked me to accompany Mr. Dong to visit the capital first. The emperor is still in court. After dealing with the political affairs, I'll say goodbye to you and save you a long wait." Feng Guang's heart is always not worth for the emperor, the Dong Qingqiu is really too preferential, the emperor has never summoned, is to let the courtiers wait, this can be good, but also afraid that he waited in the palace for a long time, actually let himself accompany him to go shopping! "Oh?"? The emperor really sympathizes with Qingqiu! Dong Qingqiu yawned and looked at the bright sky, but he really didn't know what to say about the emperor. Early in the morning, Service Sink Faucets ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, I had to be dragged to go shopping, and I thought I was very considerate. Although dissatisfied, he did not dare to show it on the surface, but said to Feng Guang, "Why don't you wait for me inside? I'll get it right away." Feng Guang took one look at Dong Qingqiu's bedroom and always said with some resistance, "Oh, no, I'll wait here." Eyes do not squint, the chest is very straight. Dong Qingqiu also does not force, wash and gargle, this just follows Feng Guang to go out. The eighth chapter is the right and wrong of noodle shop Updated July 26, 2008 18:55:44 Words: 2722 The morning of Chu has been very lively, perhaps the ancients like to get up early, but also like to buy all the things they want to buy in the morning. Therefore, both Caishikou and silk shops have been opened, and many shopkeepers are sitting in front of the shops with their rice bowls, eating and shouting. Dong Qingqiu is very partial to Chu, compared to Chu, Guzhu is a remote place, Dong Qingqiu also did not care to eat breakfast to pull Feng Guang into the Rouge shop, Jinxiu Zhuang and jewelry store. She picked up a saucer-shaped Rouge box, lifted the lid and smelled it, then handed it to Feng Guang. "Brother Feng, smell it." Feng Guang's face twitched twice. "Thank you, I don't have this hobby." Dong Qingqiu changed another shop and picked out a gold bracelet to wear on his hand. "Does it look good?" Feng Guang as usual is a cold, this even the face can not twitch, "you like it." He touched his arm as if he had goose bumps all over the floor. Only then did Dong Qingqiu realize that she was an out-and-out man now, and she quickly added, "I bought it for my lovers.". You know, women love these things. She said that she was going to take the bracelet off her hand, but her mouth was too tight, and it took a lot of effort to take it off. Feng Guang looked at Dong Qingqiu's laborious appearance when he took the bracelet, and he didn't believe what she said. Dong Qingqiu said to the shopkeeper, "help me wrap this up." The shopkeeper saw that Dong Qingqiu had been trying for a long time and was about to take a nap. After a long time, he picked out a bracelet, which was somewhat disappointing. Five taels of silver. The shopkeeper yawned. Five taels? You're robbing! I think this bracelet is worth four taels at most. Dong Qingqiu's voice doubled. Feng Guang looked at Dong Qingqiu, who was going to have a big fight with the shopkeeper for one or two pieces of silver, and it was simply unbearable. Is this still a man? Like men, like women's Rouge and gouache, even women's most annoying habits, bargaining! He has to bargain with others for one or two pieces of silver! If Feng Guang remembers correctly, the money he received along the way is not tens of thousands, but also eight thousand?! "Here!"! Keep the change for ten taels of silver! Feng Guang couldn't stand Dong Qingqiu, and finally he could not bear it any more. The shopkeeper didn't expect that someone would offer the silver on his own initiative. He couldn't help laughing. He was about to get the silver on the counter when Dong Qingqiu grabbed it. "Shopkeeper!"! Four taels of silver. If you don't sell it, just forget it. To tell you the truth, your workmanship is very ordinary, and the style is not new enough. I think the Huamanlou next door is better than yours. Do you see that the pattern and the bat's wings are not carved out.. Dong Qingqiu chattered a lot, and heard that the shopkeeper's ears were going to be cocooned. All right, all right,Self-closing Faucet, four taels of silver, you take it. If you don't go, I can't do business! The shopkeeper hurriedly weighed the silver handed over by Dong Qingqiu and gave her the bracelet.