Top 3 Must Read Culinary Romance Reads

Authors can display food culture and the methods used to market food to consumers through culinary romances.

Authors can display food culture and the methods used to market food to consumers through culinary romances. The way character markets themselves and their food to their target clients or audience can vary from celebrity chefs to cooking competitors to chefs who manage businesses. To instill reading habits in your kids, grab child adventure novels today.

Accidentally Engaged By Farah Heron

Reena does not want to date the Muslim man who lives across the hall from her and works for her father, but she will accept his assistance when she needs a groom for a couple of cooking video contests. Her sourdough starter isn't the only thing growing right now, though. Reena keeps progressing to the next round, and the more time she spends with Nadim, the more she comes to the conclusion that she likes him despite his secrets and tight ties to her family. Although their union is not what her Indian parents had in mind, can their love still be able to flourish in such a little proofreading drawer?

Love & Other Disasters By Anita Kelly

When Dahlia gets divorced, quits her job, and wins a cooking competition show, she meets a rival who alters how she views love. London entered the competition to utilize their prizes to support a queer charity group and share their story as a nonbinary person on national television. They don't take their duty or the competition lightly, but when they first meet Dahlia, they can't help but be charmed by her frantic cuteness. Between takes, Dahlia and London bond during impromptu excursions across Los Angeles. It is impossible to conceal their growing attraction and chemistry during the competition.

For Butter Or Worse By Erin La Rosa

Everyone wants to know why Nina Lyon, a celebrity chef she despises, resigned as a television reality cooking competition judge. This includes Leo O'Donnell, the endearing judge from the program. Leo and Nina have always had a tense, slightly edited professional relationship. Leo mistakenly used a misogynistic phrase during a live show filming, and that's when Nina lost it. The paparazzi take a picture of her when Leo visits her restaurant to inquire about it, sparking relationship rumors.