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Ad hoc testing is a type of software testing which is performed informally and randomly after the formal testing has been completed. Ad hoc testing seeks to validate the software against known requirements and then fix bugs found by performing retroactive tests.

What is Ad Hoc Testing?

Performing random testing without any plan is known as  Ad Hoc Testing . It is also referred to as  Random Testing or Monkey Testing . This type of testing does not follow any documentation or plan to perform this activity. The testing steps and the scenarios only depend upon the tester, and defects are found by random checking.

Ad hoc Testing does not follow any structured way of testing and it is randomly done on any part of the application. The main aim of this testing is to find defects by random checking. Ad hoc testing can be achieved with the testing technique called  Error Guessing.  Error guessing can be done by the people having enough domain knowledge and experience to "guess" the most likely source of errors.


This testing requires no documentation/planning/process to be followed. Since this testing aims at finding defects through a random approach, without any documentation, defects will not be mapped to test cases. Hence, sometimes, it is very difficult to reproduce the defects as there are no test steps or requirements mapped to it.


Types of  ad hoc testing


Buddy Testing:


Two buddies mutually work on identifying defects in the same module. Mostly one buddy will be from the development team and another person will be from the testing team. Buddy testing helps the testers develop better test cases and the development team can also make design changes early. This testing usually happens after unit testing has been completed.

Pair testing:


Two testers are assigned modules, share ideas and work on the same machines to find defects. One person can execute the tests and another person can take notes on the findings. Roles of the person can be a tester and scribe during testing.

Monkey Testing:


Randomly test the product or application without test cases with a goal to break the system. Read for more: Ad Hoc Testing


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