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Robots are one of the most important aspects of our life in recent times. This article mainly deals with the concept of image stitching and simultaneous localization and mapping aka SLAM.

In recent times, technology has advanced a lot. Lots of technological improvements had been done in the field of photography as well. cursed images meme is one such advancement in this field that has proven to be very useful.

Mobile robots are technological advancements that had eased workload on mankind. They are able to accomplish various functions like managing a disaster and in diverse emergency and rescue procedures. Robots have also been used on various platforms for widespread searches and explorations, for instance, a system to form astronomical images or for searching patents as well as trademarks.

SLAM or Simultaneous localization and mapping is a problem in computation geometry that helps in updating maps for robot navigation. It was first researched upon in a detailed manner in the year 1986. This also keeps track of an agent at the same time.