tattoo 999 on wrist

It is flattering for both men and women and symbolizes different meanings. The main purpose is to identify a tribe or family tree

The design is bold and likable with simple lines to composite art that includes the sun, the moon, and the stars combining the elements of nature making it very popular. The most convenient part about getting a tattoo 999 is the location as it can be hidden under the sleeves of your shirt.

It is believed that encircling the entire bicep with a tattoo is bad luck. The reality is that because of the contour of the arm, it is difficult to circle it entirely. It is much easier for a tattoo artist to leave some space than to destroy the tattoo design by fully encircling it.

Today armband tattoos are more artistic than symbolic. They are perfect for the bicep because it flows freely and looks good at any angle. Today's designs include bold solid patterns with swirling lines.

The least painful area to get a tattoo is the outer part of the arm and is probably why most people get tattoos on the shoulder and upper arm. Be mindful of the inner part of the arm where the skin is more sensitive, this area can be a little painful.