Unsane humidity levels

It is also the result from water damage.


 Unsane humidity levels

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 It is also the result from water damage.

 Improper installation

 It's in your best interest to have a fine art professional regularly check your collection to make sure your pieces are installed properly and properly stored.

 The proper conditions. These are some of the questions to inquire about to ensure your possessions are in good hands:


How Artists Can Help to Protect their mental health

 The nature of art, which includes its financial precarity, criticisms, and "winner gets all" reward structure, can contribute to anxiety and depression.

 Substance abuse. It's been documented that many of art history's most well-known artists have suffered with addiction, from Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko

 Jean-Michel Basquiat (heroin), to Jean-Michel Basquiat

 The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website (SAMHSA) is run by the US government, and provides information about National Recovery.

 Month is a "national observance held each September in order to promote and support the latest evidence-based treatments and recovery practices" for those suffering from the disease.

 addiction and other substance addiction and substance abuse problems.

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 Recovery can come in many ways such as Individual therapy, group therapy, or forums for communities. Recovery Month is intended to acknowledge this spirit.


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