Spring and Autumn No.3 President's Lover

She's on the third floor, she--" On the third floor,Automated warehouse systems, is she seriously injured? My God This poor little thing.. No, I have to go to the third floor to see her right away. Qiaoling, call an ambulance for me. I'm going to take her to Yangwei Hospi

Damn! He knew she was looking at him differently. Unexpectedly, this misunderstanding is really big, and he will not allow a momentary slip of the tongue, causing her to not understand him, God knows he just love her not to eat lunch. The body suddenly stiffened, and the hand that held her was loosened by this thought. The next second, he saw her running away from his eyes. With the speed of her running, it was only a matter of distance that he had to catch up with her. But the point was that in public, his status was not suitable for this kind of drama that would only appear in movies or TV plays. Damn it! I can't believe I made this mistake. He looked at her figure as she ran farther and farther away, cursing in a low voice of chagrin. He knew that he was a little interested in her, but he did not think that the extent of his interest was far beyond his imagination. ∞ Φ Wind Valley Φ ∞ ∞ Φ NauSicAa Φ ∞ ∞ Φ Wind Valley Φ ∞ The marriage agency is located in the downtown area, which is a three-storey garden villa. As soon as Yu Juo-nan pushed open the artistically carved iron door leading to the interior, he deliberately lowered his head and walked quickly in the direction of the stairs. Because accountant Pai Chiao-ling and Cheng Meng-chen, who was in charge of marriage counseling, had their desks facing the door, they would see each other as soon as they entered the entrance. "Ruo Nan, why did you come back so late today? Wushuang just took the lunch to the kitchen to keep it warm. She said if you came back, you'd go straight to the kitchen to eat." Bai Qiaoling said as she ate the dessert. "Oh, I see. Thank you." She hurriedly dropped the words and continued to walk down the stairs with her head down. She originally did not want to go back to the shop,automated warehouse systems, but was stabbed by Ke Weijue's heart, so that as soon as she ran to the locomotive parking place, tears inexplicably flowed like a flash flood, and when she finished crying, her face was so terrible that she could not continue her daily work, and her stomach was so hungry that she had to go back to the shop, intending to wash her face and eat a meal. Then finish the unfinished work today. "Ruo-nan,push back racking system, you're going the wrong way. Lunch is already in the kitchen, not on the second floor!" Pai Chiao-ling is surprised to find that Yu Ruo-nan is not going to the kitchen, but to the stairs. In the past, she always gave priority to "eating." After listening to what she said, she would have turned around and rushed to the kitchen. Today, not only did she not come back on time for dinner, but she did not even go straight to the kitchen when she came back. So how could she not be surprised? The sun is hot, I.. I'm all sweaty. I'll go to the third floor to wash my face first, and then I'll go to the kitchen to eat. Yu Ruo-nan paused, then continued to walk forward, of course, his head was still low all the way. "Ruonan, you come back.." As soon as Cheng Mengzhen, who was walking down from the second floor, shuttle rack system ,teardrop pallet racking, saw Yu Ruonan walking upstairs quickly, she had already passed by her quickly before she had finished speaking, and she did not say hello. She was stunned on the spot. She looked at Bai Qiaoling, who was also standing up, and asked in wonder: What's wrong with Ruonan? It seems a little strange. 。」 "Yes, I told her to take her lunch to the kitchen, but she said she had to go to the third floor to wash her face first." Bai Qiaoling also nodded in wonder. No way? It's almost 1:30 now. She hasn't brought any money with her except for the motorcycle oil. Isn't she hungry? Cheng Mengzhen exclaimed in surprise. Yu Ruonan's appetite is obvious to all, and in order to save all her salary as much as possible and send it back to her hometown in the south, she must eat lunch and dinner in the shop. As for breakfast, she is almost hungry, so she usually returns to the shop on time at lunch time. As a result, today she is not only an hour and a half late, but also goes to the third floor to wash her face without even going to eat first. What is the situation? "She must be very hungry. If someone invited her to dinner, she wouldn't have to come back to the store at all. But everyone is in the store, so no one should invite her to dinner." Bai Qiaoling said worriedly. Yu Juo-nan came to Taipei to work alone, so they had no friends at all, and after knowing her home environment and seeing her save money to support her family, they all admired her very much. Imagine a 22-year-old woman coming to Taipei and not going shopping at all? Although she has been working here for more than three months. In her closet, she still only has the clothes she brought when she came to Taipei and the uniform of the marriage agency. This is incredible to them, and they are all girls, so they can't help feeling sorry for her. "Yes, will something happen to her?" Cheng Mengzhen said nervously. They all know Yu Ruonan's friendship situation, and in order to save money, she stays in the shop as much as possible during the holidays. Unless they ask her to go out to play, and they have to think of a good reason to invite her to dinner first, her entertainment is reading and walking, because it doesn't cost a dime. Something's wrong! No way ! You mean she's hurt? Bai Qiaoling was startled and cried nervously. Who is hurt? Is that you, Qiaoling? !? It's still a dream ……」 Just out of the office, Ke Zihan, just heard Bai Qiaoling's words, immediately nervously walked to her side, to find that there was no wound on her body, anxious eyes immediately swept to the side of Cheng Mengzhen. "Aunt Han, no, we're talking about Ruonan.." Cheng Mengzhen and Bai Qiaoling looked at each other, two people immediately dumbfounding busy explain. What? Ruonan is injured. No wonder she hasn't come back for lunch yet. I was going to call the National Police Commissioner to tell him which hospital Ruo Nan was in. Ko Tzu-han was so nervous that she almost fainted. She knew that Ruo Nan had had an accident, otherwise she wouldn't have not come back for lunch yet. Commissioner of Police! When Bai Qiaoling and Cheng Mengzhen heard this, three black lines appeared on their faces. Instead of calling 110, they called the police. They wanted to inform the big parents of the police. They really deserved to be the aunt of the four presidents of Yangwei Group. The alarm channel was different from these ordinary people. "No, Aunt Han, Ruo-nan is back." "If the man comes back, where is she?" "She's on the third floor, she--" On the third floor,Automated warehouse systems, is she seriously injured? My God This poor little thing.. No, I have to go to the third floor to see her right away. Qiaoling, call an ambulance for me. I'm going to take her to Yangwei Hospital for a thorough examination. Ke Zihan turned to walk in the direction of the stairs. Yang Wei Hospital!. kingmoreracking.com