Three Kingdoms Rangers

I look at him, and then look at Tian Feng, Du Xi Lan, conveniently pushed back: "I don't need to see, you say it directly with the Grain Buds." Xu Shu nodded his head and handed the reply to Dian Man, saying, "General Dian, three days later, at Shen Shi (three o�

"Big brother, don't worry. Xiaofeng came here this time to tell you all about Xu Du in detail." It turned out that at the beginning of March this year, Zhang Feng received a letter from Ah Ying. Ah Ying said in the letter that she calculated the date. She was about to give birth in July. She wanted to invite her sister to come for a few months. First, it was convenient to take care of herself. Second, she was really irritable. She wanted the two sisters to live together for a few months. Usually, there was someone who could chat with her to relieve her boredom. At that time, Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Zhang Yan attacked each other, and the atmosphere in Henan and Hebei was unprecedentedly tense. Zhang Feng was too busy to attend to him, so he asked his master for help. Chunyu Bin promised to go to Xu Du to take care of his disciples instead of her. Zhang Feng was relieved to concentrate on official business. Who expected did not pass three months, a surname bin back to Yecheng, unexpectedly brought back the news of a Ying abortion! Zhang Feng said bitterly, "When the master said this, his face was full of color. Although he tried to cover it up, I still saw something strange.". At that time, I got the information that my third brother Chunyu Zhu was also in Yecheng now, but Shifu not only refused to let him go back to see Fei Shuai, but also refused to let him come to see me. I knew there was a change. Not long after, one day the master got drunk, and his words revealed his meaning, saying that he was not willing to continue to follow Fei Shuai, so he took this opportunity to turn to the real marrow. I was taken aback and asked him why? He said that Alfy was strong on the battlefield, but. Wipe your tears and look at me hesitantly. "It doesn't matter, sister, you go on," I said. "He said fly handsome vision is too shallow, thoughtless,dap diammonium phosphate, don't stay in Xiangyang try to occupy, but ran to Changsha four county so remote poor place, and the time is not ripe to be with Cao Cao, looking for allies are weak, can't use the guy.". Jiangling lost, but also shows that this person is really. If we can't help him up, we Chunyu Yimen can't follow him to bring about our own destruction. I nodded and thought, "It turns out that I have been upset. No wonder he has been talking about how to support me, but it is only verbal, and there has never been any practical action. Even Chunyu Zhu and others who Zhang Yan returned to me have not been heard from. It turns out that he intercepted them." I wasn't surprised by Chunyu Bin's mutiny,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and I didn't count on him. The only thing I regret is Chunyu Zhu's child. His temperament is totally different from his master's. I really like him. That day, while the master was drunk, he praised the true marrow, and finally said that he saw him again in Yecheng, and finally found that he was the one who could achieve great things in the new Dynasty. I said how do you know? "The master asked if it was all clear after a few words, and the old immortal Chen himself confirmed it. How could it be false?" "Old Immortal Chen?" I asked. Other criticism and so on, but this person can not but ask, that was originally my biggest goal to come to the Three Kingdoms! "Yes," said Zhang Feng, "that's the master of the shadowless Chen family. Master always believed in what he said. "Oh, I see." I thought to myself, "Sister, you are wrong!"! In fact, your master doesn't believe anyone but reality. But you don't have to tell Zhang Feng if it's boring. But Chen Laoxian's unexpected appearance, but I was moved, no matter what he said against me, at least can know his traces, the original old guy is now Yecheng. Zhang Feng said, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Oxide price, "The master also said that now Ah Ying had a miscarriage, and Cao Cao could not continue to use her mother and son to clamp down on Alfy. The two sides were bound to tear their faces and fight.". While they are fighting hard, we can take advantage of the opportunity to grow rapidly. I didn't believe it at that time, but I didn't expect that the situation would change in the past few months. I pressed my hands on the table in front of me, and the breath in my chest kept surging. Ah, you cynical old thief! In order to seek his own personal gain, he did not hesitate to kill your apprentice's children. That's my baby! The world is so big that there is such a shameless old dog as you! With a "snap", the thick wood suddenly cracked and slowly sunken. Zhang Feng looked at me worriedly and said, "Brother Fei, now they are backed by yuan's strong support. After the alliance of the two armies, their subordinates are full of talented people and strong soldiers. Sooner or later, they will be your big enemy." I forced myself to suppress the fluctuation of emotions, slowly lowered my head to hold the wooden table, put the broken two halves gently, and said: "Sister, I am clear, no need to say more.". Thanks to your constant news in recent months. I didn't expect you to risk sending me a message under such circumstances. Thank you, sister! In the heart suddenly gives birth to a thought: "Could it be that Cao Jun suddenly went south because of Ah Ying's abortion?" This situation is indeed very possible, but it is very strange to think of it suddenly. "Brother," said Zhang Feng, "just now Brother Ruo said, 'Xiao Feng, you traitor!'" Brother, do you know how much that will hurt Xiaofeng? Eldest brother, since you said'we are all good brothers and sisters', don't be so polite to Xiaofeng any more. "Well, sister," I said, "you and the Grain Buds are in love. On the big day, you must remember to send a note to tell your eldest brother." Zhang Feng blushed and smiled, saying, "Xiaofeng has no family. She has only her eldest brother. When the time comes, she will have to ask him to preside over everything." I nod repeatedly: "All dowry, have eldest brother me." Zhang Feng finally took out a bamboo tube from her sleeve and said, "In Yecheng, Xiaofeng has already thought about it. I have a subordinate. He is very smart and capable. He is loyal to me and you, but Shifu doesn't know him.". I told him everything before I left. Although Xiaofeng may not be able to continue to follow his eldest brother in the future, he will not let his eldest brother break the line of the northern half. In this bamboo tube is the person's details and contact information. After chatting, Zhao Yu, Dian Man, Zhang Feng and I came to the Zhongjun tent, but Zhang Feng refused to go in, so I had to let Zhao Yu stay with her. I and the code will go in full, all will have been scattered, only Cao Cao, Ford, du like orchid. With a confident look on his face, Cao Cao handed me a reply letter and said, "Master, please have a look." I look at him, and then look at Tian Feng, Du Xi Lan, conveniently pushed back: "I don't need to see, you say it directly with the Grain Buds." Xu Shu nodded his head and handed the reply to Dian Man, saying, "General Dian, three days later, at Shen Shi (three o'clock in the afternoon), my Lord and your Lord,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Prime Minister Cao, will meet at the place in the letter. Please go back and convey this to your master." Then exhorted: "Remember, do not forget." 。