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Be careful on the way. Come again next time! After the guest walked away, Zhu Zhu saw Li Chang standing there far away, with a lazy and even a little bad smile on his face. My God. It's really you! "I'm back." Lee Zhu Zhu waved his hand. Zhu Zhu turned around and li

"Wang Juan, you know I have a heavy heart. If something goes wrong, I have to pull it back to feel at ease.". Otherwise I won't be happy when I go back to Beijing. I know I won't stop you from doing anything, as long as you think of me first when you do these things in the future. And then make a decision, okay? It really scared me this time. "No, I promise." Walking on the Avenue of the campus, there was no one around, and the bright moonlight shone on them. In the silent campus, only the rustling footsteps of two people were heard. Come back with me in the winter vacation. Wang Juan said. Of course. Shall we go out for a trip first and then go back to our hometown? Traveling is good. I made a little money as a tutor this semester. The cost of the tour is enough. Wang Juan suddenly loosened Li Chang's arm and turned to jump up in front of him. Where are we going to play? Go to Hainan, where it is warm. Fly to Haikou first, then go to Sanya, go to the ends of the earth, stay for a week and then go back to your hometown. Let me give you some advice. I don't know if I can? "What opinion?" When Wang Juan saw Li Chang talking about traveling well,304 Stainless Steel Bar, she suddenly changed the subject and looked at Li Chang a little nervously. Don't scare me. "Wang Juan.". As for me, I've had good luck recently, and I have a little fortune. I've made a little money by doing business with Uncle Luo. This time, the smuggling gang paid me hundreds of thousands of yuan in salary and bonus. Brother Ding also pretended to be confused and didn't ask me for it. Besides, haven't I mastered the art of making diamonds? This method is very profitable,304 stainless steel wire, and I also participated in a little investment in Yezidi Company. So we don't have to worry about money. We will be a family in the future. My money is not your money. Why do you work so hard to earn money as a tutor? Just quit this thing. Your task now is to study well. I will give you a sum of money every month, which is enough for your living expenses. I am not in the mood to take the college entrance examination now. You are the only college student in our family. After you take the master's degree, the doctor's degree, and the postdoctoral degree, our son and daughter will ask you to educate them. Don't look down on me as a high school student. Wang Juan listened to Li Chang's words in front of him with a straight face, but later he revealed the words of his son and daughter, and he was so ashamed that he thumped Li Chang. Don't fight, don't you want to give birth to a bunch of little Li Chang and little Wang Juan with me? Li Chang dodged Wang Juan's claws. You're going to die. Wang Juan's small bag, which was not with her, was also thrown over. Li Chang caught Xiao Kun's bag and looked through it: "Is there a hydrangea ball in it?" The sound of laughter alarmed the dormitory building. A window on the second floor opened and a head poked out: "Don't make a noise. Do you still let people sleep?" Li Chang hurriedly lowered his voice and snickered, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, pulling Wang Silk to run away quickly. Running to the playground in one breath, Li Chang couldn't hold back and laughed. It's all your fault. Wang Juan took Kun Bao from Li Chang. "What about the work in the bar?" "Brother Chen is probably used to me like this." It's not good to be like this all the time. Don't you want to change another job? Or do it with Sister Xiaonan. I think she's eager for you to open your mouth. We'll see. There are some things I have to think about. After working in a bar for a few months, I really don't want to do that kind of nine-to-five job. "Li Chang, I think you've changed a little." "Are you handsome or ugly?" Go away, you know? You seem to be lonely and lonely when you are casual. Are you not happy in your heart? I saw you like that. I'm so distressed. Wang Juan stretched out her hand and gently stroked Li Chang's cheek. "Is there anything you can't tell me?" The girl's mind is really very sensitive, Li Chang also has to admire Wang Juan's carefulness, perhaps in the eyes of the lover, her (his) every move will resonate with his own soul, once there is a little abnormal fluctuation, the lover is the easiest to feel. It's nothing. Maybe I'm too tired. As soon as Wang Juan heard the word tired, she took out her cell phone and gave a low shout: "Oh.". It's almost one o'clock. You just got off the plane. Go back and rest. You also go to bed early. I have a class tomorrow. Can I go back now? The gatekeeper is very fierce. It doesn't matter. I bribed her when I went out today. Ge Fei is still waiting for me. Look, here comes her phone. Wang Juan answered the phone: "Ge Fei, I am already at school.". Well, I'll be back in a minute. Li Chang is with me. As he spoke, he took a few steps away and said in a very low voice, "Ge Fei, I am so happy today. Li Chang expressed his love to me.". He said he wanted me to be his girlfriend as soon as he got off the airport. I'll tell you all about it. It's a pity that a rose is missing. But I'm very satisfied. Really, I feel so happy. You should find a boyfriend as soon as possible. It's a wonderful feeling. Li Chang looked at Wang Juan on the phone from a distance with a smile. His keen hearing had already heard Wang Juan's conversation in his ears. When Wang Juan received the phone and went to Li Chang. Li Chang's hand behind his back reached out to Wang Juan, and a red rose appeared in his hand like a trick! "I won't have any more regrets in my life." Wang Juan took the rose in surprise, kissed Li Chang on the lips, and then ran away like an elf. Li Chang quietly escorted Wang Juan to the door of the dormitory. She saw the dormitory door close behind her. Tonight may be a sleepless night for her and myself. Li Chang, who took a taxi back to the bar, stopped when he saw the flashing neon lights at the door of the bar. I don't know if Chen Yang is inside, if Zhu Zhu is still busy, if Zhao Ji has returned to school, and if Zhang Yan is still teasing customers? In the sound of wind chimes, several guests came out, and a familiar voice sounded by the door: "Go well.". Be careful on the way. Come again next time! After the guest walked away, Zhu Zhu saw Li Chang standing there far away, with a lazy and even a little bad smile on his face. My God. It's really you! "I'm back." Lee Zhu Zhu waved his hand. Zhu Zhu turned around and lifted the door curtain and rushed back. Her surprised voice sounded in the bar: "Brother Chen, Brother Zhu,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, come out quickly. Sister Zhang, Zhao Ji, don't be busy. Li Chang is back!" 。