How to Configure ATT and Bellsouth Email Settings

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply the required Outgoing and incoming server setting for ATT.

Do you want to know how to configure the email settings on your device to configure your account? This is a comprehensive guide for you, covering email setup for Outlook, iPhone, and Windows.

Follow this page and configure the correct IMAP / POP and SMTP server to access your email account from any device.

ATT Email Settings for Outlook

Follow the steps below and configure your email account in Outlook application with the correct ATT email settings.

1- Open Microsoft Outlook on the device and log in to the Outlook account.

2- To add a new email account, select the "File" option and click "Add Account".

3- Here, you need to choose how you want to set up an ATT Yahoo mail account, click "Manual setup" and then select "IMAP" as the account type.

4- On the "Email Settings" page, fill in the ATT details listed below:

    -ATT Yahoo Username will be displayed on the email sent by you.

    -ATT email address

5- Move towards the IMAP section, enter the following details and enable the incoming mail services:

    -IMAP mail server –

    -SMTP mail server – Note:

6- Now complete the setup by providing a few more information.

    -ATT email ID


7- Click the "Remember password" option to use the same login information for additional authentication.

8- Go back to the ATT email server settings section and then click on the "Other settings" option.

9- Click "My ATT outgoing server requires authentication".

10- Before entering more information, first click "Use the same settings as IMAP mail server".

11- Go back to the previous window and click on the "Advanced" information tab.

    - ATT IMAP (incoming server): 993 ATT

    - SMTP (outgoing server): 465

12- Drop down the Encrypted Connection tab and select the ‘SSL’ option for both IMAP and SMTP.

13- At last, click on the ‘Next’ after clicking on the ‘Ok’ button.

Congratulations! After configuring your Outlook 2016 ATT email settings, your email account has been set up and you can now access both accounts in one place.

ATT.Net Email Settings for Windows Mail

Learn how to configure your email account in the Windows Mail application using the ATT email server settings.

1- Start the Windows Mail application and navigate to the "Menu" option.

2- Before clicking on "Accounts", go to the "Settings" section.

3- Click "Add Account" and then in the given email provider options, click "Yahoo!".

4- The "Account Information" window will open on the screen and fill in the following details in the form.

   - ATT email address

   - Password

5- Click the "Connect" button.

6- Now, go back to the Windows Mail application and select the ATT email account that you recently added.

6- is verified with login details such as account name, email address, and password.

7- Click on the "Account Settings" option and then select "Update ATT Yahoo Email Settings".

8- Scroll down to "IMAP Incoming Email Settings" and fill in the following details in the tab:

    - Incoming mail server hostname –

    - Incoming mail server port number – 993

9- In the next step, confirm that the server requires authentication. Then, check the ‘SSL’ box.

10- Go back to the email settings and click on the ‘SMTP – Outgoing email settings’ and enter the following details:

     -Outgoing mail server hostname –

     -Outgoing mail server port number – 465

10- After clicking the "Server requires authentication" tab, check the "SSL" checkbox.

11- Provide your ATT email account details such as username or email address and password.

12- Let the Windows system sync the ATT email settings and complete the process by clicking the "Close" button.

Once the steps have been fully applied, your ATT email account will be set up and you can easily send and receive emails.

Bellsouth email Settings

It’s hard to imagine life without email communication. Not only formal, but the easiest channel of communication also has deep-rooted itself in informal businesses as well. You cannot afford to miss out on an important email and that is why some people check their emails multiple times a day, while others do it at least once. If you are a BellSouth email user and have been struggling to access your account, our complete guide on BellSouth email settings Windows 10 will help you access and retrieve all your email messages within a few minutes. Do not panic and read carefully.

You do not have to put in a lot of effort to configure BellSouth email settings for Windows live mail. Before we start with the configuration process of the BellSouth email settings for the Windows 10 mail app, it is better to know a little about your email host, BellSouth.

How To Set Up BellSouth Email On Windows 10?

The most common email client for BellSouth users is Windows Live Mail because it is fast, safe, and user-friendly. Follow these simple steps one by one to configure BellSouth email settings for Windows 10

1- Open the Windows Live Mail either through webmail or an in-built Mail app that you can find on the Desktop or Taskbar or in Start Menu.

2- Click on the ‘File’ tab.

3- Now, click on the ‘Add Account’ option and select ‘Add New Account’ from the list of existing accounts

4- Click on the ‘Manual Setup’ and the ‘Additional Server Types’ radio button before tapping on the ‘Next’ button.

5- You will be asked to enter ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’ information, both of which you will easily find on the Internet. The other way to find out your information related to ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP’, either to read out the user manual or call up your internet provider. Once done, click on Next.

6- Now, go to the ‘User Information’ section and type in your registered name and BellSouth email address.

7- Make sure you provide a formal User Name for the BellSouth email setup windows live mail because that will be seen by all your contacts when they receive your email.

8- Go to the ‘Server’ section and select either ‘POP3’ or ‘IMAP’ for ‘Account Type’.

BellSouth email Completely settings For Windows 10

To complete the BellSouth email settings Windows 10 configuration, individual email account holders need to follow these steps:

1- All ‘POP3’ account holders, please enter ‘’ in the incoming email server and ‘’ in the outgoing mail server.

2- If you are using ‘IMAP’ accounts, then you need to enter ‘’ in the ‘incoming mail server’ and ‘’ in the ‘outgoing mail server’ section.

3- Now, go to the ‘Login' Information’ section and enter the ‘username’ and ‘password’

4- Make sure you keep a tick mark on the ‘Remember Password’ box.

5- Go to ‘More Settings’ now and tick mark the following options for under the ‘Outgoing Server’ option:

a. My outgoing server requires authentication.

b. Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.

6- Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and fill in the following details:

a. Enter ‘995’ in port number and select ‘SSL’ from ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’ if you are using the POP3 account.

b. For SMTP users, ‘465’ will be the port number. Select ‘SSL’ from ‘Use the following

7- type of encrypted connection’.

c. If you are using an IMAP account, then enter ‘993’ in the port number. You still need to select ‘SSL’. Your SMTP port will be ‘465’.

8- Once done, click on the ‘OK’ button and go to the ‘Internet Email Settings’ window to click on the ‘Next’.

Congratulations! You can click on the ‘Finish’ tab now and enjoy an uninterrupted emailing experience. The process for BellSouth email settings for windows 10 is now done and dusted.

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