I am the Grand Master

Four huge sword-shaped beams of light shot out from four different directions,Surveyors tape measure, cutting through the sky and sweeping straight at the swarming Demon troops. Unexpected things happened, the four "Sword of the Sun" sword awn in the short flight process has be

After all, Raphael, the "Angel of Light", deserves to be one of the strongest "Incandescent Angels". In this extremely critical situation, his body was so dexterous that it flashed a "Devil Cry Knife" chop in this narrow space. But another knife cut him in the back, and half of his snow-white wings fell to the ground. Ah With a sharp roar, Raphael crossed his arms in front of his chest and then turned left and right. The color of the light ball of the "Holy Light Spirit Array" suddenly turned blood red and burst open in all directions. There was an astonishing explosion in the area around him with a radius of more than ten meters. This is the advanced attack magic "Flash Bomb" of the Holy Light Department. It takes the caster as the center of the circle and produces a large explosion of light power within a dozen meters around it. It is most suitable for indiscriminate attacks when besieged by people. All substances within its power range will be mercilessly destroyed by the light power of the explosion. More than a dozen small black enchantments appeared in the explosion range of the light power to resist the destruction of the shock wave, but Raphael's destructive power was too strong. These small enchantments soon broke, and a scream immediately sounded. A dozen mangled corpses appeared around Raphael, all of them dark women in light armor, apparently the Dark Banshee, a unique branch of the demon world. In addition to their excellent magical abilities, dark banshees also have a natural ability- "invisibility", that is, they can hide all their breath, including energy breath, life breath and so on. If combined with "invisibility",Wheel tape measure, they are truly invisible, as strong as Raphael is unaware of their existence. Of course, these more than a dozen dark banshees are outstanding in the clan, and the ability to "hide" is even more outstanding, otherwise they would not be able to approach Raphael silently and launch a surprise attack on him with advanced dark magic. Just as the Warcraft Legion launched a massive attack on the Angel Warriors, the battlefield was in chaos. The Dark Banshee Legion of the First Army selected a group of elite warriors to sneak into the rear of the Protoss under the influence of "invisibility" and "invisibility" to attack and assassinate their generals. The main targets of their attacks were "Archangel" and "Yao Angel". "Blazing Angel" was not considered because of its strength, but when the dozen or so dark banshees saw that Raphael was absorbed in the battle situation and did not pay any attention to the situation around him, they quietly surrounded him and suddenly attacked him. However, tape measure clip ,Horse weight lbs, the "incandescent angel" is the "incandescent angel", which is so easy to solve, the dark banshees'all-out attack only hurt half of his wings, and the price they paid is their own lives. But the rest of the "Archangels" and "Archangels" did not have Raphael's power, and in a moment several senior angels who were fighting under the command were suddenly killed for no reason. "Be careful, everyone!" Raphael shouted with magic as he regenerated his damaged wings with restoration magic! A Demon assassin has sneaked in. Quickly use'perspective 'to check around yourself! "Perspective" is a kind of intermediate holy light magic, which multiplies the refraction of light and makes all invisible objects appear. Even the most advanced "invisibility" can not hide under the effect of "perspective". Under the influence of magic, Raphael's voice was surprisingly loud and clear to the ears of everyone on the battlefield, and even the sound of killing was covered up. The angel warriors heard Raphael's warning and hurriedly glanced around them with "clairvoyance". The dark banshee could no longer remain invisible and appeared. The angel warriors immediately rushed to kill him. Although the more than a hundred dark banshees are all one-in-a-hundred masters, they are absolutely lifeless in the tight encirclement of the angel warriors at this time (the Protoss army uses the formation of layers of overlapping waves, the angel warriors line up in a row of neat ranks and bloody battles with the enemy, so although the front is in a mess, the rear is still in neat formation line-ups strong), they are worthy of the elite of the Demons. In such a dangerous situation, they did not hesitate to choose the most heroic way. In a flash, all kinds of magic elements in the space gathered crazily on the dark banshees, and the colorful light jumped like flames on their delicate bodies. God! It's a self-detonating '! ". The angel warriors saw what the dark banshee was doing, and they turned around and ran for their lives, but it was too late, and the earth-shaking explosion of magic elements had begun to explode in the angel warriors' camp with the power to destroy everything. ※ ※ ※ This is actually the first chapter of the seventh volume of the published book. The book has not been published yet. I posted it first. Chapter 16 the helpless battle. The amazing destructive power produced by the magician's "self-explosion" has been explained in detail in the previous document, so I won't say much here. More than a hundred elite dark banshees choose "self-explosion" without regret at the same time. The beautiful and magnificent light with destructive power sweeps across the line-ups of the Protoss army, taking the lives of tens of thousands of angel warriors at once. Such a tragic situation made Gabriel, who had always been calm and calm, cry to the sky. His bloodshot and handsome face was distorted by anger, and the huge power of light immediately came to him. The reaction of Michael, Raphael and Solent was similar to that of Gabriel. Driven by their grief, they gathered the power of light with all their strength. For a time, four huge balls of light illuminated most of the dim sky of the demon world. 'Sword Of the Sun ''! ". At the same time, four "blazing angels" sent out the ultimate attack magic of the Holy Light Department. Four huge sword-shaped beams of light shot out from four different directions,Surveyors tape measure, cutting through the sky and sweeping straight at the swarming Demon troops. Unexpected things happened, the four "Sword of the Sun" sword awn in the short flight process has been gathered together, and eventually turned into a huge golden sword awn with earth-shaking roar and momentum into the Demon troops. tapemeasure.net