Mistakenly Married Princess of the Flourishing Age

Feng Qingming recalled, Fundus suddenly rise chill, "after the catalpa tree corridor, someone disguised as a fu led me away, chasing half, I found that this person is disguised, worried ah." Fu had something to do,hot tub spa manufacturers, so he didn't go deep into it. W

However, waited for a long time, did not wait for Feng Qingming the slightest reaction, even she did not feel that he had the slightest change, finally. Unable to hold her breath, the green caress lifted her sore eyelids, and she was confused by the silence inside the phoenix's eyes, which were clear and deep and could not see the emotion. Confused Puzzled his calm reaction, so can not see through the confusion, more let the green caress heart like a drum, trembling with fear. Fu, do you love me? Just when the green caress was desperate, the deep and cool voice asked a shallow question. Such a question, no desire, no game. No tension, no fear, no expectation. Nothing, just like asking, have you eaten today? It's just plain. Love Since there is no tomorrow, there is no need to go against their true heart, green caress happy split lips, red and swollen can not see the double. Eyes also burst out a crescent moon smiling flower. , The sun sets in the west and the moon rises in the east. The moonlight of the gauze like fog pours down coldly, making the silent Ruiwangfu more quiet and heavy. After an afternoon's rest, Chu Danmo woke up leisurely with a room full of silver flowers, and all the discomfort of his body was swept away. Look up, fall in The phoenix is clear in the dim light of night,outdoor whirlpool tub, in the dark and deep phoenix eyes. Hold the lamp! Feng Qinglan saw Chu Dan Mo wake up, and the clear and moist voice drifted away. In a moment, the embroidery was pushed, and two rows of maids came in. Those who hold lamps hold lamps, those who place toiletries are quick in their hands and feet, and those who pass on meals. I dare not slack off at all. Just for a while, the elegant and beautiful palaces were suddenly as bright as day, and the fragrance of rice followed the moon driven away by candlelight. It overflows every corner. Qinglan.. "Shh." Chu light ink just moved lips, Feng Qinglan on a finger,outdoor spa manufacturers, stop her words, pull up has finished washing her, go to the meal. In front of the table, let her sit down, "You have been tired all day today, just rest for a while, eat first, and talk about other things later." Chu Danmo raised his eyes and looked at Feng Qinglan, who had waved back the maidservant and personally placed the cloth bowl and chopsticks for her, and a warm color rose from his pale and indifferent eyes. Feng Qinglan means to have a quiet meal with him without distracting thoughts. A dinner, Chu light ink eat very fragrant. With dinner, Feng Qinglan is not in a hurry to talk with Chu Danmo, but pull her step by step. Take a walk in the quiet and magnificent garden, look at the flowers and enjoy the moon. Feng Qinglan's mind, Chu Danmo heart clear, he is all for her and. The flesh and blood in her belly, in this case, how can she brush Feng Qinglan's good intentions, endless swim pool ,endless swim spa, so she really let go of her mind, and Feng Qinglan leisurely. Relax. After killing an hour, the servant came to report that the twelve princes and the fourteen princes had asked for an interview. Only then did Feng Qinglan take Chu Danmo into the study. Sixth sister-in-law, is it true what Xi'er said? Did the ninth sister-in-law really kill the Snow Princess? Chu Dan Mo just stepped into the yard, Feng Qing was in a hurry. He rushed forward and almost did not collide with Chu Danmo. You need to change your impetuous temper. Feng Qinglan protects Chu light ink, clear and moist voice is very light, light as white water, but let Feng Qing. I couldn't help but feel cold from the soles of my feet to my heart. Six Sixth sister-in-law, my brother didn't mean it. It was obvious that it was useless to ask Feng Qinglan, so Feng Qingqing cleverly changed to ask Chu Dan Mo. Chu Danmo shook his head lightly and said, "It doesn't matter. I know you're impatient." Afterward, the smile fades down, "the green caresses is admits the snow imperial concubine personally." The empress was killed by her. "This.." Originally after hearing Fei Xi said, Feng Qing and Feng Qingyuan were already shocked enough, and now get the truth of Chu Dan Mo's mouth, two. Brother's face suddenly became ugly. They all grew up with Feng Qingming, and naturally they had a clearer understanding of Feng Qingming and Xuefei. Qingming is what kind of existence, their hearts are also clear, green caress to Feng Qingming is what kind of existence, they agree to understand, now happen like this. They were really afraid that their nine brothers would go crazy when they knew the truth. Is this really done by the green caress girl? Feng Qingyuan eyes flashed a touch of doubt, he is also a person who has been with the green caress, the green caress also has. Certain understanding, he really can not think of, green caress such a calm temperament, would do such an impulsive thing. For whatever reason, Feng Qingyuan couldn't convince himself to believe it. Brother Twelve, do you believe it? Chu Danmo, with a towering abdomen, was carefully hugged by Feng Qinglan and sat down. Raise your eyebrows and look at Feng Qingyuan, no. Answer a rhetorical question. I don't believe it. Feng Qingyuan and Feng Qing almost blurted out at the same time. I don't believe it either. Then the voices of the two men sounded unusually firm. When Chu Dan Mo and Feng Qinglan heard the sound and looked up, they saw Feng Qingming, dressed in a red brocade robe, stepping into the door. As soon as the faint light flashed through Chu Dan Mo's eyes, he looked at Feng Qingming with a half-smile: "So sure?" Meeting Chu Dan Mo's eyes, Feng Qingming nodded and said, "Ah Fu has a good sense of propriety in doing things. What's more, she has me in her heart." Feng Qingming's rare lead From the corners of his lips, he smiled very warmly. It won't hurt me, or what I care about. "I'm relieved that you can see it." After listening to Feng Qingming's words, Chu Danmo breathed a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart, and she was most worried. There is a running-in between Feng Qingming and Lvfu, and even in the end there is no fate. In this way, even if she can save the person of the green caress, she can't save the heart of the green caress. "Ah Jiu, you didn't go first with Lvfu that day. Why did you separate from Lvfu? Lvfu went back to Chaoyang Palace. Where did you go?" Chu "Let's get back to the point," Su Rong asked. That day I took Ah Fu out of the Chaoyang Palace. There was some disagreement between our words. On the way, Ah Fu suddenly found that her bag of tricks was lost. I turned back to look for her. I was so angry that I didn't want to go with her. After she left, I couldn't rest assured, so I ran after her. Feng Qingming recalled, Fundus suddenly rise chill, "after the catalpa tree corridor, someone disguised as a fu led me away, chasing half, I found that this person is disguised, worried ah." Fu had something to do,hot tub spa manufacturers, so he didn't go deep into it. When he came back, he saw a strange image of Zhenyin Palace. Before he arrived at Zhenyin Palace, he heard the screams of Chaoyang Palace. monalisa.com