First love sequelae

In order to look good, the fabric of the flying fish suit is made into a dark color close to black, with a white collar at the collar, cloud shoulders,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, sleeves and knees weaving colorful clouds and other auspicious patterns. Of course, the most important par

"The main thing is that you look," Xiao Jia hesitated and weighed her words. Do not eat human fireworks. Fun and she looked at each other, nodded deeply, then tacitly turned their faces and cast their eyes on the rest area. Wan Sui followed and looked over. Shao Cheng is teasing Ji Ji. He had just finished an interview in the afternoon, dressed in a medium gray British style suit, with a square in his chest pocket showing a corner, handsome enough to appear on the cover of a magazine every minute. In an instant, I fully understood the mood of Xiaojia and Ququ. Morning words do not seem to be said to play, Shao Chengzhen intends to transform from a handsome man to a good man. Wan Sui accompanied him to the supermarket. He obviously had an idea of what to do in the evening and chose the ingredients in an orderly way. Watching him buy plum dried vegetables, Wan Sui immediately raised his eyes and glanced at him. Do you want to make a Preserved Vegetable and Pork? However, he chose a few more things, and when he went to check out, he still had no intention of buying pork. Wan Sui couldn't help reminding him: "I haven't bought pork yet." He looked at her seriously. "It's not already there." "Do you scold me?" Wan Sui reached out and pinched his waist. Her singing is romantic, not for him to laugh at her. Shao Cheng grabbed her with a smile, pushing the cart with one hand and hugging her with the other. "Well, go and buy pork." Wan Sui snorted coldly. I won't eat you today, "Shao Cheng said slowly." I'll eat after I'm fattened. " "Then your calculations will be in vain. I can't eat fat." "Then keep it all the time." After paying the bill, he left the supermarket and got on the bus. Wan Sui was wearing a seat belt. Somehow, he tied a knot in his brain and hummed again: "I would like to be like a piece of braised meat.." Ah,4 person jacuzzi, Bah! Shao Cheng laughed. "Don't worry. I'll eat you sooner or later." There is no doubt that eating at night is Preserved Vegetable and Pork. The dried plum vegetables should be soaked in water first; the pork should be boiled in boiling water for half an hour, and then the pork skin should be fried to remove the oil, cut into slices of moderate thickness, and placed in a round bowl. Spread the cleaned dried plum vegetables, add the aniseed and the prepared sauce, and then steam them in the pot. He doesn't know where he learned it, but he looks a little bit. Two people stay in the kitchen,jacuzzi bath spa, Wan Sui is afraid of oil splash, help Shao Cheng to help, cut vegetables and wash dishes to molest him. Helping becomes messing. Shao Cheng let her make trouble, probably also enjoy, the corners of the mouth has been hooked. She lifted her hands up and down so that they caught fire, so she took advantage of the free time when the food was put into the pot and pushed people to the refrigerator to kiss for a while. It took almost two hours to cook three dishes and one soup. The rice was cooked by ten thousand ears, and the amount of water and rice that I estimated by feeling was just right. She served the rice, set the table, hummed a tune, and went into the kitchen to bring out the dishes that had come out of the pot. It was getting late, and the two men finally sat down to eat. It was already dark outside, and the indoor lights were warm. The days of cohabitation are no different from those of other couples in love, sweet and greasy. Shao Cheng sent her to work every day, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, and whenever he had time in the evening, he would come to pick her up. Sometimes when he was free at noon, he would come specially to accompany her to have a meal. There are fourteen sets of flying fish suits, and the fabric alone takes a lot of time. Wan Sui also made a set of women's cloud shoulder sleeve knee robe, has done a similar style, this is relatively much simpler. When the fabric of the flying fish suit was made, she asked several old tailors to hurry up and finish it before the end of the month. Fourteen models, including Shao Cheng and Pei Sheng, once again came to Fengheji Studio. Xiao Jia and Qu Qu changed their malaise when they worked overtime a few days ago. They played like chicken blood and warmly entertained all the handsome men. It feels good to be full of hormones everywhere! Xiao Jia sighed with emotion in the tea room. Yes Fun was deeply touched, and then he pushed her with a smile. "Aren't you associated with Baby Face? Try harder to keep the hormone for yourself!" Xiao Jia blushed slightly: "It's not as simple as you said." Wan Sui came over and knocked on his head: "Work first, and we'll talk about life events later." Xiaojia and Ququ hurried out to help. Ancient clothing is indeed some trouble, people who have not touched it are easily unable to start, Xiaojia fun roughly taught how to wear, then let a group of people go into the operation room to change clothes. When they come out, they will help to correct the mistakes or confusion. There was no privacy in the operation room, and the two girls hid in the rest area to avoid suspicion. Women's show clothes, the past practice is Wan Sui himself to try on photos, this time according to Zheng Mu's size to do. Wan Sui took her to the second floor and helped her change herself. The accessories of the flying fish suit are very simple, such as black gauze cap and soap leather boots, which are not very different from those in the costume drama. And the female Zhai crown is much more gorgeous. Wan Sui took out this crown of five Zhai, which was made earlier with a lot of time and energy. It restored the shape at that time as much as possible on the basis of the existing technology. The workmanship was very fine, and the pearls and gold Zhai on it were solid. She has been treasuring it, and it is not too much to say that it is the treasure of Fenghe Ji. As soon as he took it out, Zheng Mu exclaimed, "This is very beautiful!" Wan Sui had pulled her hair into a bun, carefully put Zhai's crown on it, stepped back and looked at it. It's perfect. Zheng Mu's ancient costume is amazing. Today's makeup is Xiaojia and fun to help draw, ancient charm is very strong, her own temperament is really suitable, wearing Zhai crown, really a bit of ancient lady's meaning. It's done. Wan Sui clapped his hands. Zheng Mu looked in the mirror, obviously satisfied, and asked Wan Sui, "Can I take some pictures?" "Shoot it." Wan Sui went downstairs and told her, "Remember to take it off after shooting, and wear it when you get to the venue later." Below a group of "Royal Guards" have changed their clothes, a group of people looking at each other happy, Xiaojia and fun are helping to tidy up. When Wan Sui came down, everyone was almost ready. In order to look good, the fabric of the flying fish suit is made into a dark color close to black, with a white collar at the collar, cloud shoulders,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, sleeves and knees weaving colorful clouds and other auspicious patterns. Of course, the most important part is the python-shaped flying fish. Shao Cheng himself is well dressed, with a leather belt around his waist. He is particularly energetic and handsome.