Sixty Qing Ping Ji [ancient through modern]

My mother and I are at home, so don't be too polite. Embarrassed, Zheng Meilue said truthfully,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "As long as you eat and drink enough, it's easy to take care of you. You can go to bed early after dinner in the dark. Even if you wake up twice at n

Zheng Mei's grandmother came out of the Westinghouse with her sleeves closed, stood in the hall without looking at Zheng Mei's father and her former son-in-law, and said earnestly to Zheng Mei. Zheng Mei's uncle and aunt, after listening to Zheng Mei's previous words, the expression on their faces was very ugly. The world has to protect the heart, no matter how many feelings they have for Zheng Mei, but after hearing Zheng Mei's past days, the bad impression of Zheng Jiaben is even worse now, how can there be a good face. The expressions on the faces of the Zheng family were very ugly. Zheng Mei's stepmother reached out and pinched her man's arm, and her eyes motioned him to come forward. Zheng Mei's father did not utter a word, what else can he say, saying that those are not true, it is Zheng Mei himself oversensitive? Zheng Mei is also his own daughter, how can he not count the days he spent at home. As the saying goes, if there is a stepmother, there is a stepfather. With other children, for the sake of family harmony, as long as some things are not excessive, he can only choose to turn a blind eye. They originally just wanted to ease the relationship with Zheng Mei, after all,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, is a family, after a woman married without a mother's family life is not easy, in the husband's family can not stand up. But Zheng father and his daughter-in-law did not expect, Zheng Mei's gas will be so big, to now still refused to say a soft word, from into the yard to now, every word with the determination to break the relationship with the Zheng family. The Zheng family did not understand the reason, but Xinyan knew that Zheng Mei could be so decisive. Nu Jie Yan,Alumina Ceramic C795, at home from the father to marry from the husband to the son, Zheng Mei's confidence is Li Da and her newborn son. Li Da is a man who loves his daughter-in-law. There are no relatives in the Li family who make trouble for them. They are also protected military marriages. Zheng Mei gave birth to a son and completely secured the position of a woman in the family. Without that bad mother's home, Zheng Mei's life will be more comfortable, has been worn down such as chicken ribs of the family, why should we go to wronged themselves? Chapter 141 After Zheng Mei's confinement, she sweated and closed the wind for two days before she got on the tricycle that Feng Tianxing was looking for and took her children and personal belongings into the city. Their mother and son lived in the guest room where Li Da had lived before. The furniture was ready-made, and the dust in the room was wiped clean by Xinyan the day before. Qu Hongxia hugged the little guy, Feng Tianxing and Zheng Mei went back and forth several times to carry things into the house, and when they tidied up their rooms and clothes, Xinyan also came back from work and bought food by the way. Zheng Mei is still in lactation, in addition to stewing fish soup with milk, also made six dishes for the whole family to eat. Xinyan had to go to work in the afternoon after dinner. She didn't stay at home for long after dinner. She kissed her three sons'parents and Zheng Mei before she went to work by bicycle. Not long after Xinyan left, the three children also carried their schoolbags and went to school with the two sons of the Meng family. Zheng Mei went back to the house to feed her son, whose nickname was Ping An, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and changed his diaper. While washing the diaper in the yard, she chatted with Qu Hongxia. Feng Tianxing was worried about the decoration of the facade. In the morning, he went to Lijiazhuang District to pick up Qu Hongxia and Zheng Mei's mother and son. He didn't go there for a day. He always felt uneasy if he didn't look at them. Zheng Mei has long been taught to make cakes, Zheng Mei himself embarrassed to open his mouth, Qu Hongxia is not a procrastinator, so he directly consulted with Zheng Mei: "Your sister-in-law Meng helped you pay attention to the appearance of the market. Tomorrow morning, let your godfather stay at home and watch for a while. We will go to the market first to buy the honey and sugar we need. We also need to buy some glutinous rice, rice, red beans, mung beans and flour.". Your sister-in-law is off duty the day after tomorrow, so she can teach you how to make cakes. The yam and jujube cake made by your sister-in-law is also delicious. I don't think it's difficult to make it. Let's buy the approximate things first, and then ask your sister-in-law what is missing. Zheng Mei chuckled and said, "Listen to your mother. Let your parents and sisters-in-law worry about it.". My hands and feet are clumsy, and I don't have the ingenuity of my sister-in-law. I don't know if I can learn it. I barely learn it, and I don't know if it tastes the same. Qu Hongxia waved her hand and didn't take it seriously at all. She said with a smile, "Young people are smart and clever. They learn things very quickly. I've seen your sister-in-law do it several times at this age, and I can learn almost the same thing, not to mention you. It's easy to not worry.". As long as the proportion of the materials is pinched accurately, you can make simple shapes first if you can't pinch out the pattern, and then you can do it with ease when you are skilled. Zheng Mei thinks that women have instinctive talent for those things in the kitchen, and after listening to Qu Hongxia's words, she also has some bottom in her heart. Two people decide what to do tomorrow, Zheng Mei cleaned up the diaper to hang up, and fed Ping An to eat milk. The baby has a small appetite, and every time it takes too long to nurse, it will be hungry and cry, so the number of times to nurse is also more, at least three months later, there will be a fixed time to nurse. Dinner is Zheng Mei and Qu Hongxia together, in addition to bone soup, fried two dishes under a pot of noodles. After dinner, Zheng Mei had to clean up the kitchen and was pushed back to her room by Xinyan and Qu Hongxia to rest. Zheng Mei has just been out of confinement, and she still can't be too tired. Little Ping An is also a very well-behaved child. Apart from the fact that the diaper is too wet and uncomfortable to sleep at night and that he will cry when he is hungry, Zheng Mei basically only needs to feed him twice at night, and then change him into a clean diaper. The little guy can sleep until dawn, especially easy to take care of. The next morning after breakfast, Xinyan got up as usual, brushed her teeth and washed her face in the bathroom, and then went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Zheng Mei, who lived in the guest room, heard something in the courtyard and got up. Xinyan smiled at Zheng Mei and said: "Why don't you sleep a little longer? You have to take care of Xiao Ping'an at night and rest your children more during the day. If you don't have a good rest, your mental strength will be very poor, and it will be bad for your health in the long run.". My mother and I are at home, so don't be too polite. Embarrassed, Zheng Meilue said truthfully,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "As long as you eat and drink enough, it's easy to take care of you. You can go to bed early after dinner in the dark. Even if you wake up twice at night to feed and change diapers, you can sleep the rest of the time.". My sister-in-law has to go to work in the hospital every day. My mother is so old. I have a lot of free time at home. It's not troublesome to wash clothes and cook. 。