Love is in chaos

Give him a sweet smile. Mo Zichen slightly stunned, for the first time, the woman smiled, so beautiful, disturbing the heart! Chapter 172 language leads to a place of nine links. "Yin Hongxiu sat there,stainless steel tile trim, suddenly feeling that his abdomen was empty and uncomfo

'What's The matter? Don't believe it's me? He raised his eyebrows, and he could see everything about her expression just now. Mo, Mo Zichen? It's really him, even if his eyes are blurred, but the voice is not wrong. He withdrew his hand, rolled over, and lay on his back on her left side, exhaling softly. As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard her exclamation: "My hand, why can't I lift it?" He slanted his head and saw her staring at his left arm, sobbing, as if very hard, but he could not raise his hand. He turned sideways, grabbed her left arm, pinched it up and down, and suddenly, with a sudden effort, the arm went up with a "click". Ah Before the situation was clear, there was a sharp pain. It's just a dislocation. He evilly hooked the corners of his lips. Breathing lightly for a moment, she suddenly pounded his chest, "Mo Zichen, you bastard, also did not tell me,metal trim manufacturers, so that I have a heart to prepare, last time is, this time is also, want to hurt me to death you just say!" He leaned his right hand on the top of his head and mocked at the corners of his mouth. "Don't beat it. If you beat it too much, your hand will hurt. It won't hurt me." She stopped and looked up at him. "You've been following me all day?" "I'm not trying to save you!" He said, and lay down on his back again. Of course I know. You want to see what kind of jokes I can make in that dress! He gave a low laugh. "I thought women were stupid, but now you seem to have a little cleverness." She was a little angry, but it was not easy to get angry. After all, he saved her. He moved his stiff body,aluminium tile trim profiles, sat up and checked himself back and forth. "Am I not hurt at all?"? How high is the steep wall? "You'll know if you're hurt by standing up and walking. I don't know how high the cliff is, but it's not a cliff. It can't kill people." You can't fall to death. If you don't know martial arts like her, you will lie down for a hundred or eighty days even if you don't die. She murmured in her heart, but suddenly thought of something. Yes, if you don't know martial arts, how can you not be hurt at all? Could it be that he protected her all the way down? She stood up, stretched her arms, turned back and forth twice, and there was no problem at all. A surge of gratitude rose in my heart, "Thank you!" This is a sincere voice. Not expecting her to say "thank you," he frowned, not knowing how to respond. It's getting dark. Can you climb up this steep wall? She looked up at the dark rock and could not tell where to climb. If I don't take a useless you, I can go up naturally. "You-" Forget it, he saved himself, bear it! He also got up and squatted on the ground, as if he were groping for something in the darkness. After a while, aluminium edge trim ,stainless tile trim, he lit a flint and lit a pile of hay. Wait here. With that, he dodged and hid in the dark without waiting for her to answer. Only to hear the sound of broken branches, Yin Hongxiu suddenly understood what he was doing. Seeing that the pile of hay was burning out and he hadn't come back yet, she hurriedly picked up some branches beside her and added them. He put down a bundle of sticks and sat down opposite her, adding more wood to the fire. Why did you cut so much? Can you use it up? "It'll burn all night, don't you think?" "Are we really not going up?" If you don't go back, I'm afraid Big Brother will have to worry again. If you can go up, I won't stop you. He replied without looking up. Only gave him a hard look, she did not say anything, endure again! "Your eyes are already very big, and it's scary to stare again." The corner of the right lip is habitually drawn upward, with a slight taste of contempt. Mo Zichen, bear with you for the last time! Just because he saved her doesn't mean he can humiliate her! "So where are you going to spend the night?" She kept a calm tone. He pointed to her side and to his own side. Following his instructions, she saw two "beds" made of hay, as if someone had spent the night there, and when she thought about it, she found that there were blackened marks near the fire they had lit, and that someone had made a fire there. She looked around and bit her lip, her voice was very light, "Mo Zichen, will there be wolves here?" "This is not a deep mountain, how can there be wolves?"? It's true that hair is long and knowledge is short! He looked up, with his eyes slanting, and a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. In the light of the fire, his face was more enchanting than the brilliant flames, and his hair turned into a faint golden light, flashing and jumping. Is a man in trouble, Yin Hongxiu smiled slightly, but ignored the teasing in his words. Since she came to this world, she has met a lot of beautiful men, such as Li Longji's pressing heroism, Luo Pianhong's handsome masculinity, Shangguan Yunxiao's natural and uninhibited, Mo Zifeng's elegant elegance, Liu Sheng's gentle shyness, Zhuo Dan's Fengshen Langku, and Mo Zichen's Mingye evil charm, each of which has its own merits. But only from the appearance of figure, only Mo Zichen can compete with Shangguan Yunxiao, they have a common characteristic-attract bees and butterflies, but there is a great difference-one likes women, one hates women. Is there anything on my face that you should be happy about? He asked with a little teasing. She was still smiling, "just sighing!" He grinned, "I should have said so much to you!" "Mo Zichen, a man is proud, which may show that you are noble, but too arrogant is not necessarily a good thing." She pouted, "I was just lamenting that there is another disaster in the world that makes women sad in vain!" Too bad it turns out to be gay! "You call me a curse?" His smiling eyes were suddenly covered with a layer of frost. I didn't say it was you. You said it yourself. Give him a sweet smile. Mo Zichen slightly stunned, for the first time, the woman smiled, so beautiful, disturbing the heart! Chapter 172 language leads to a place of nine links. "Yin Hongxiu sat there,stainless steel tile trim, suddenly feeling that his abdomen was empty and uncomfortable, and then remembered that he had not had dinner yet." Mo Zichen, have you had dinner? "Not yet!" 。