The famous sword is romantic

"He wants us to come out of the mountains immediately to monitor the actions of Yu Fanghe, the leader of the current Wulin Alliance," said Haidong Qing. Yu Peiyu's face was heavy and she said,stainless steel tile edging, "So, this Yu.." Mr. Yu must be the pupp

Zhu Tears blinked and said, "Well, the second'spirit ghost 'is the one who hurt Hai Dongqing. It's because he fought with Hai Dongqing that he knows Yang Zijiang's martial arts like the palm of his hand." "Yes," said Yu Peiyu, "Yang Zijiang and Hai Dongqing are brothers of the same school. Naturally, their martial arts are exactly the same." 。 "No wonder Yang Zijiang was so excited when he heard what you said," sighed Zhu Tears. "He must have thought he was resurrected from the dead when he saw that the ghost knew his martial arts like the palm of his hand." Yu Peiyu said, "So even if a third'spirit ghost 'comes, it's not worth worrying about, because this third'spirit ghost' will never know his way of martial arts, but he has already fought with the'spirit ghost'twice, and he must have been able to defeat the enemy first. You should have seen that although the action of this'spirit 'is mysterious and swift, it has not changed much." "If it weren't for that, you wouldn't have left Yang Zijiang alone, would you?" Said Zhu Tears. Yu Peiyu smiled but did not answer, but Tiehua Niang sighed lightly and said, "Whoever can make such a friend as Yu Gongzi is lucky." "But I still can't figure out whether Yang Zijiang is a friend of Yu Peiyu or not," said Zhu Tears. "I think he's acting a bit topsy-turvy. It's hard to guess what he means." Listen to one person to sigh suddenly: "He has very great difficulty really, do not live or die finally critical moment, absolutely cannot own identity?"? Let anyone know. ……” Originally Hai Dongqing did not know when to wake up,tile trim factory, Yu Peiyu has been half holding him to walk, then he stopped himself. "Thank God you've woken up," sighed Zhu Tears. "But when will you be able to tell your secret? When will your last moment come? Hai Dongqing said thoughtfully, "It's not the last moment yet, but I can tell you the secret." "Why?" Asked Zhu Tears. "Because the secret is no longer a secret," Hai Dongqing sighed. "It's no secret," said Zhu Tears? It's still a secret. "There is no absolute secret in the world,stainless steel edging strip," said Hai Dongqing. "It's only for that person, for you.." "Well, well," said Zhu Tears, "I don't care if your secret is still a secret. I just want to ask you who you are? "What is the meaning of those two sentences:" Heaven and earth are dark and yellow, and the universe is prehistoric "?" Hai Dongqing kept silent for a long time and said slowly, "Yang Zijiang and I are both orphans, and our master is our father.." "I know you're all orphans," said Zhu Tears. "I just want to know who your master is." Hai Dongqing lowered his face and said coldly, "It's a long story. If you want to hear it, you can't be impatient." In a fit of pique, Zhu Tears curled her lips and said, "If you don't listen, you won't listen. What's the big deal?" "If you don't listen, tile trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edge trim, I'll have to tell you," said Hai Dongqing. Zhu Tears couldn't help laughing and said, "This is the donkey of Shanxi people. It doesn't drive away and pulls back. It's born with a bit of cheap bones." Hai Dongqing also ignored her, but said to Yu Peiyu, "Actually, I've wanted to tell the secret for a long time, because I'm afraid it has a lot to do with you, Brother Yu." Yu Peiyu's face changed. Before he could speak, Hai Dongqing went on to say, "My teacher has been retired for a long time. Even if you say his name, you may not know it. Although I don't want to brag about him, he is really a strange man in Wulin. He was invincible fifty years ago." "Maybe that's because he didn't meet Mr. Feng San," said Zhu Tears. "He only met these people." Hai Dongqing still ignored her and said, "He has only one enemy in his life. It is said that this man is also a rare talent in the martial arts world. He is not only highly skilled in martial arts, but also good at all kinds of miscellaneous knowledge. But his heart is too cruel and his hands are too hot. In the past year, he was forced to escape from poverty by his family teacher and another martial arts elder. He also forced him to swear that as long as his family teacher and the martial arts elder did not die, He will not return to the Central Plains for a day. "Who is this man?" Asked Yu Peiyu. "My teacher didn't give me his name," said Hai Dongqing. "He only said his name was'Mr. Dongguo. '. ” Yu Peiyu frowned and said, "Mr. Dongguo?" "Of course, Brother Yu won't know his name," said Hai Dongqing. "He's been lurking in the wilderness for nearly thirty years, and he's kept his word. He's never set foot in the Central Plains." Yu Peiyu sniffed and said, "In the past, the evil spirits always kept their identity and knew how to cherish their feathers, but now they are getting worse from generation to generation." Hai Dongqing said, "Although this man is living in seclusion and poverty, he is not really cultivating his mind. He just doesn't dare to do evil brazenly." He took a breath and then went on to say, "As far as my teacher knows, he has been secretly plotting for the past thirty years, preparing to make a comeback, and as soon as he comes, he will sweep the world. Now my teacher has retired for a long time, and the elder of Wulin has already gone. He feels that the time has come, so.." So just.. At this point, he seemed to be so weak that he could not even stand steadily. Tie Hua Niang immediately put down the box and helped him sit down. Since Hai Dongqing was Yang Zijiang's brother, she naturally "loved me, loved my dog." Her concern was overflowing. But Zhu Tears asked anxiously, "Do you mean that the old demon of Dongguo is now unwilling to be lonely and has finally launched the plot?" Hai Dongqing sighed and said, "Although the family teacher has retired, he is well aware of the ferocity of this man, so he has been spying on him all the time. However, this man is very secretive and does things more carefully. The family teacher has never been able to catch the evidence of his evil deeds. Until the last time, the family teacher went out for more than three months and came back to ask us to do one thing." "What are you doing?" Asked Zhu Tears. "He wants us to come out of the mountains immediately to monitor the actions of Yu Fanghe, the leader of the current Wulin Alliance," said Haidong Qing. Yu Peiyu's face was heavy and she said,stainless steel tile edging, "So, this Yu.." Mr. Yu must be the puppet that Mr. Dongguo used to hold the power of Wulin, and I have already calculated that he must have another backer. 。