Yin Yang Cuo (Nu Zun, end)-Xing Yun

Go to Xiqin? That's not so good. Their internal struggle in the Western Qin Dynasty is complicated. I'm afraid Bai Yutang can only be used as cannon fodder at this time. I want to ask your opinion. To be honest,wire mesh decking, Bai Yutang did not know where he should go. Ruom

Now, Bai Yutang finally became suspicious. Why do modern treasures appear here, not only in China, but also in other countries? Most importantly, she knows all these treasures and can name them. This is impossible, Bai Yutang sat cross-legged, quietly waiting for the time to come. Bai Yutang did not know that this Arhat Hall was an illusion created by Bai Yutang's spiritual memory. If ordinary people saw antique treasures all over the mountains and valleys, they would have lost themselves. But Bai Yutang is different, she is a modern wonder, in her perception, the so-called treasure should be something collected in the museum, so there is a mistake, Bai Yutang relaxed and passed the second pass. Time finally arrived, Bai Yutang opened his eyes, the treasure disappeared, even the five strange women disappeared, in the child's appreciation of the eyes, Bai Yutang full of questions out of the arhat hall. The woman asked with a straight face,mobile racking systems, "Do you think the people are bigger or the emperor is bigger?" Bai Yutang was stupefied for a moment and then replied, "The people are the most important, the state is the second, and the monarch is the least important.". Because the formation of the state and society must first have the people, then form the society, and then form the state. The people and the state are the basis for the emergence of emperors, and the basis should be more important than the state,warehouse pallet racks, society and emperors. After that woman listens, smile slightly: "Very good, congratulate you to pass a test! Congratulate you to pass a test!" In this way, Bai Yutang, with the reckless spirit of losing, inexplicably passed another pass. No one has ever succeeded in breaking through three barriers in a row. Bai Yutang is the first person in history. She doesn't know how many "first person in history" records she has set! Finally, the boy took Bai Yutang to the "Wooden Man Lane", in front of a golden door. "This is the last pass," said the boy. "That's the martial arts test. You can choose the weapons next to it at will. When you're ready, you can start." Bai Yutang picked up a long sword. After thinking about it, she put it down again. She was not familiar with the swordsmanship. It was better to use Hong Quan, which she was good at. "I don't need weapons. That's all right!" In the child's surprised eyes, Bai Yutang pushed open the golden door without hesitation and went in confidently! Yiyun stayed in his room, drive in racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, waiting for the news of Bai Yutang! He already knew that Bai Yutang had not let him down and had succeeded in breaking through three passes, and was now being tested at the fourth pass. Yiyun waited, neither standing nor sitting, and stamped back and forth anxiously. Seeing the sun has set, Bai Yutang is still no news, will not be a failure!? Yiyun couldn't help thinking about it. Suddenly I heard a "babble" and the door was opened. Standing in the doorway. Isn't it Bai Yutang that he thinks about day and night? It's really hard to see you. Bai Yutang, with messy hair and disheveled clothes, smiled bitterly. Yiyun's face flashed a trace of shyness, but he answered proudly: "That's the proof of Yiyun's chastity!" Oh! The original is the legendary "Shougong sand" ah, really amazing, actually in the man's arm point on this thing. Bai Yutang was cranky in his mind. When he came to his senses, he found that Yiyun was looking at her crazily. He said hurriedly, "Although I don't have the so-called cinnabar record, it's the first time for me. We don't owe each other." Yiyun was moved and hugged her tightly and said, "Yiyun's first time to you is right, but Yiyun's first time to get you is an accident." Yiyun will always remember everything you gave me. Bai Yutang listened to a confused. Could it be. Is the first time a man gets a woman very touching and memorable? Of course, there is no need for Yiyun to answer this question. All the men in the world will tell Bai Yutang with a very positive answer: Of course, it's worth it. Because it means that the woman attaches great importance to the man, so she will choose the man to carry out the "ceremony of breaking the body". However, this warm and ambiguous atmosphere, after the steward broke in without permission, everything changed! The son's loss of virginity was no small matter. The steward frantically chased Bai Yutang everywhere with a sword. Yiyun drew out his sword to contain the steward's attack. Bai Yutang took the opportunity to put on his clothes and trousers. You go first, go quickly! "But." Bai Yutang is still hesitating. Go quickly, if you are late, there will be no hurry! Bai Yutang frowned and finally crossed his heart and jumped out of the window to leave! In the middle of the night, Bai Yutang, who was being hunted, could not go there. Yiyun's cabin must be heavily guarded and can't go back. The gate was too high for her to climb over, and the gate would not open until the cock crowed, and then a group of people who wanted to kill her were chasing after her. Bai Yutang laughed twice, secretly came to the first floor of the world, climbed up to the second floor and came to Qin Ruohuang's room. Ruohuang and Ruomei were both martial arts practitioners, and when Bai Yutang appeared in their room, they were already awake. What man!? Ruohuang gave a loud cry with his sword. It's me, Bai Yutang! Sleeping in another bed, Ruomei lit the candle on the table and asked in surprise, "What's wrong? What happened?" They are not stupid people, Bai Yutang will come to them in the middle of the night, there must be something big happening. I was hunted by the Holy Gate. If eyebrow is staring big eye, dare not believe ask again: "How can!?" Bai Yutang did not want to explain anything, but said vaguely: "In order not to involve other friends, I want to leave here..." "Where are you going?" If the emperor asked in a hurry. Go to Xiqin? That's not so good. Their internal struggle in the Western Qin Dynasty is complicated. I'm afraid Bai Yutang can only be used as cannon fodder at this time. I want to ask your opinion. To be honest,wire mesh decking, Bai Yutang did not know where he should go. Ruomei and Ruohuang looked at each other. Ruomei took the lead and said, "Go to Soochow!"! Now the situation is turbulent, only a corner of Soochow. "Can't I go with you?" Bai Yutang asked again doubtfully. jracking.com