Getting Married and Not Following Your Husband — — Finishing by Xiaolongren

Original Title: From Perforation, Blasting to Dumping, Understanding the Six Processes of Open-pit Mining in One Article!

"I.." Man'er continued to stare over and over viciously, and suddenly threw the golden mace and the white bone claw at Bai Mutian to see if they could make one or two swollen bags. Who knew that Bai Mutian would take it immediately, as if she had sent it back to them specially. She could not help being more angry and unwilling. "I want to cry!" Hearing this, the arm that locked her waist immediately loosened, and she really turned around and burst into tears, lying on his chest, thunder and lightning. "You promised me, you promised you wouldn't get hurt for me again!" "I never promised you anything like that." "Clearly there is!" "No." "If I say there is, there is!" "No." "Yes!" "No." As soon as the crying stopped, Man'er raised his tearful face and gnashed his teeth to warn him, "If you dare to say again that you didn't try, Yunlu, I swear I will cry so much that you won't have peace for the rest of your life!" When she first heard the name coming out of her mouth, Lu Siniang could not help but take a breath of cold air and feel a chill on her back. "Is that him?!" "Who?" Bai Mutian asked hurriedly. Lu Siniang's eyes were so shocked that the man who had almost wiped them out could not speak for a long time. "Prince Chuang, Aisin Gioro Yunlu." After a long time, she said the answer heavily, and her expression was a little distorted. "No wonder he's so skillful. No wonder Sister Hanyan is so afraid of him. I should have thought of it long ago. Who else is there besides him?". Is "Ah Rong" Prince Chuang Yun-lu? You're kidding, right? But Prince Chuang shouldn't be so young, so.. So innocent! Bai Mutian murmured incredibly, thinking of Ah Rong in the Cao Gang. He must be 37 years old this year,Pallet rack supplier, but he was born with a hateful baby face. The Triad Society, the Hall of Two Swords, and the Dagger Society were all destroyed by his innocent baby face. And Lu Siniang pointed to Man'er with her chin. "What's the woman's name?" "Liu Man-er." "That's right. Prince Chuang's Fujin was surnamed Liu." Lu Siniang nodded. Sister Hanyan also said that Prince Chuang was the most cruel and cruel man in the world, but he was also the most infatuated man in the world. For the sake of his wife, he could even give up his life, so just now he would risk everything to save people. How many men besides him can do this? When Lu Siniang said this, Yunlu, the "Ah Rong" at the other end,Pallet rack beams, suddenly glanced over coldly and looked down again. After Man-er had said her warning, he wiped away the tears from his face, then tore off his skirt and half knelt down to dress the wound on his thigh, muttering in his mouth. "Look, look, that stupid mace has pierced such a hole in your leg that I can see a rabbit running past it from one end to the other!" After bandaging his thighs, he got up and turned behind him, and continued to read and read. My God, my God, there are at least six or seven cuts on it, deep and long, and damn it, they're still neat, as if they had been specially measured and cut! And the chicken feet.. There was a pause. "Ah, Pallet rack upright ,long span shelving, Tabu, Tong Gui, you're just in time. Quick, give me the bundle and the water bag. Tong Gui, come and help. Tear your underwear into bandages. I'll dress your wounds for you!" Then, whether Yunlu agreed or not, he took off his clothes on the spot to bandage the wound on his back. Yunlu was silent, perhaps knowing that if he objected, Maner would cry and rage again. This side is busy bandaging, and the other side also took the opportunity to continue to deal with Wang Jun and Xiao Shaoshan's injuries urgently. After most of the day, both sides were finally dealt with. Tabu took out a robe from his bundle and gave it to Man to put on for Yunlu. Then, Man stood in front of Yunlu with his hands akimbo. He knew at a glance that she wanted to show her power again, but her mouth was only half open and then closed again. Yunlu's big clear eyes gazed at her with unusual concentration, especially deep and deep, as if to convey some unspeakable message to her. Does he think she's a mind reader? Without saying a word, how could she know what he wanted to say? However, their ten years of marriage is not in vain, even if he does not open his mouth to say, she can roughly guess seven or eight points, eight or nine close to ten, so she reluctantly looked down and considered for a moment: what conditions to offer? "Listen to me until you get better!" Listen to her? Yunlu's eyes slowly rose, his comely face slowly lengthened, and his expression became more and more gloomy. Bai Mutian looked a little soul-stirring, but Maner could not put it in his eyes at all and turned his face to one side with a snort. "Don't forget it!" Eyes angrily open, Yunlu cheeks tight, clenched teeth for a long time, and finally reluctantly nodded his head. But Man felt that this was not enough. "Also, after returning to Beijing after this trip, you have to rest at home for a year before you can continue working. If one year is too reluctant, half a year will do. If half a year still doesn't work, it will take at least three months. This is the bottom line!". Yunlu nodded again, and Man Er stepped aside with satisfaction. "Tabu." Cold and merciless eyes doomed Bai Mutian and others, Yunlu called in a deep voice. "The minions are here." Yunlu stretched out his right hand. "Sword." "Yes, Wang Yeh." Tabu immediately put the sword respectfully into the king's hand. "Protect Fujin. If something goes wrong this time, be careful that the king picks your head!" "The slave obeys." Tabu was almost stuck behind Maner. As a result, Yunlu stepped forward and pointed his sword at Bai Mutian and others, looking gloomy and cold. "Are you ready to give up your lives?" Bai Mutian gritted his teeth, for the sake of the overall situation, he could not but bow his head. "Wang Yeh, forgive the grass people for being bold, but I don't know where the grass people have offended Wang Yeh, so that they have committed a capital crime." He must first ask whether Yunlu had found out the details of the Cao Gang so he wanted to kill him, or whether he was dragged down just because he happened to bump into it? Yunlu snorted coldly and moved his sword toward Lu Siniang. "Lv has slipped through the net. He wants to rob the prison and rob the emperor. Damn it!" Then he moved to Pai Yen-yen and said, "My partner robbed the prison, damn it!" Finally,heavy duty racking system, it was moved back to Bai Mutian. "They are mortal sinners, and you are trying to help them escape, be damned!" 。