Harmless Spellmaster

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

"Scatter a fart, don't aunt I still afraid of a few ghosts, and then cut him!"! Xiao Nuan, what do you think we are? You're in trouble. We're not leaving without you. Before the little warm words were finished, Xiaoshuai was the first to stand up. Yes, yes, I agree with the panda. What kind of mercenary regiment is it when you act alone? The scallion also jumped up and protested, and reached out to gently push the scallion white, so that he could make a statement. Where my wife is, I'm not going anywhere! His wife stood up hurriedly to support his wife. Be quiet and listen to Xiao Nuan! The whale put in a timely word to stop the noise of the other three. The reason why we will be ambushed, to put it bluntly, is the gap in strength, collective action, even though the speed of level training, but it is not conducive to the cultivation of combat awareness and combat experience. Don't you like to use stealth? In the future, you will be in a group with Xiaobai to practice stealth and evasion. Haven't you read the skill book I gave you just now? It's a skill to improve the ability of stealth. Although we laymen can't see the specific role, we believe it must be very useful for you. The assassin who can fly, then we will have a mysterious assassin that no one can catch. Xiao Nuan took a sip of tea and continued. "Whale and Xiaoshuai are also scattered to practice their own levels, especially it is important to find their own skills to practice to the highest level, especially Xiaoshuai, every time he goes up blindly, I suggest you go to the PK arena in the city and recruit more people to learn from each other.". As for me, I will go back to the novice village to find some rabbits, sheep and dogs to practice their skills, and by the way, let snowballs practice their skills. When our strength improves, we will prepare a big gift for ghosts, but during this period, no one can take the initiative to cause any trouble-especially you, Xiaoshuai. "Why is it me again." Xiaoshuai was wronged and hummed, "can I usually get into trouble?" "That's right!" None of the others gave her face and said in unison. Xiaoshuai asked heaven directly in silence. If you don't have any opinions,manganese beneficiation plant, you can go to your own work after this meal. Xiao Nuan showed a lovely smile and said. But isn't it dangerous for you, Xiao Nuan? "Don't forget my nickname. I'm a steel MM. The dragon didn't do anything to me, not to mention a few small miscellaneous soldiers. Don't worry." “……” "By the way, did we just talk about the auction house?" Xiao Shuai, who was eating hard, suddenly raised his head and asked. What's the matter? "The auction houses in Imperial City and Thunder City have been bought by smelly men." "Who is the smelly man?" Green onion, small white and whale are curious, only small warm almost instantly think of handsome man Chen Rui, this guy is really a little small, so quickly collected two auction houses, it seems that the future does not want to roll in money can not ah! "Then the sign is yours. If he wants to bargain, tell him it's my personal deal with him. You're just an errand boy." "I know, small sample, I will not let this smelly man take advantage of our mercenary regiment!" At the same time, the water moon Zoe, tin beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, who is fighting in the three realms, is secretly muttering in her heart that this mysterious masked assassin looks really familiar, is it her? Chapter 37 Weird Snowball. Search for the fastest update of this novel (Ask for a collection!! Ask for recommended tickets and pink tickets!!!) Chi Le Chuan, at the foot of Yinshan Mountain, the sky is like a dome, and the cage covers the four fields. The sky is grey, the wild is boundless, the wind blows and the grass is low. Beauty. On the green grass, a slightly fleshy purple figure sat on the ground, beside her, a beautiful and lovely snow-white fox was trying to bite a motionless prairie hare. Xiao Nuan looked at the snowball with a depressed face, tearing, biting, scratching and scratching the little hare, using all the eighteen kinds of martial arts, but the speed of the hare's blood bar shortening was still slower than the snail's climb, looking at the rows of "MISS" and "-3" and "-2" on the hare's head, which was the result of his own use of the intermediate soul curse to reduce the state. Xiao Nuan's heart is cold to the extreme! After separating from the whales, Xiao Nuan stayed here all the time, sealing a hare with a soul-binding technique, then lowering the state of the hare with a soul curse, then letting the snowball bite himself, and then fixing a hare to abuse himself with a cursed kiss and a magic sound. Over the past few days, the kiss of the curse and the magic sound have risen to the intermediate level, and the soul binding and soul curse are only one step away from the advanced level, but the snowball's level has always been zero, and the first level has not risen. Xiao Nuan doesn't know whether all pets are upgraded so slowly or only Snowball is an exception. In short, after Snowball spent a lot of time killing a large number of rabbits, its experience bar has been at the bottleneck of zero to one level, but it has never broken through. What's more depressing is that every time before killing a few rabbits, Snowball's hunger has risen a lot, and his loyalty has fallen crazily-even more exaggerated than the stock's fall, which is nothing, anyway, he killed a lot of rabbits these days, so he has enough rabbit meat, but Snowball, the hard-to-serve fox uncle, only ate rabbit meat for two days. Dare to give it a change of taste at any time and pay attention to balanced nutrition? Fortunately, there are still some level 2 lambs and level 4 piglets on this grassland that can be killed, otherwise God knows if this difficult little fox would have mutinied long ago. If I had known that things were like this, Xiao Nuan would rather have taken the pet egg directly to make fried eggs at that time than hatched the wayward fox young master! "Snowball, attack its belly and neck." Hearing the master's command, the snowball gave two tender cries as if he understood, and tried to bite the two soft and deadly places of the hare. Because of the attack in the weak part, so the crit rate increased, "-2" and "MISS" finally mixed with sporadic "-4" and "-5", Xiao Nuan could not help but look up to the sky and sigh, such a day, when is the end! When Xiao Nuan was about to fall asleep,small gold wash plant, the snowball finally killed the poor hare, which was already too horrible to look at. She proudly wagged her big hairy tail and jumped to Xiao Nuan's side, humming and claiming credit. ore-magnetic-mining.com