Green and astringent waiting for adulthood

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

Ji Ning, let me take the bag for you. Chen Jun said the most along the way is this sentence, but full of enthusiasm only in exchange for a few supercilious looks, but shrimp and a Jian happily hung the bag on Chen Jun's shoulder, Chen Jun is suffering, Ji Ning came to take his bag on his back, Chen Jun wanted to grab it back, but was stared back by a look. Why is it so hard to love someone? Laughing and scolding all the way, wailing all the way, the road was finally over, looking at the lanterns of the Jade Dragon Inn in the night, four people almost cried. In fact, the people of Lijiang are still warm and kind. On the way, Chen Jun met a small farm truck. Unfortunately, the cab was full. Looking at the faces of Bajie in the rear pocket, Chen Jun declined the driver's kindness. "Oh, little ancestors, why don't you call back? I'll ask my husband to pick it up!" Looking at the four children paralyzed on the sofa in the lobby, the landlady was distressed and amused. Aunt, is there anything to eat? We haven't had dinner yet. Chen Jun embarrassed smile, came back late, the shop is closed, to now have not eaten, almost hungry flat, Ji Ning had low blood sugar, this hungry, mouth are white, see Chen Jun heartache. Dafeng,oil dropper bottle, Erfeng, go and cook noodles for your brothers. When the landlady heard this, she quickly asked her two daughters to arrange it. After a while, the noodles came up. The big celadon earthen bowl was full of four bowls. The four boys lifted it up and gobbled it into their stomachs. After eating, go to bed early. Will you go to Yak Ping tomorrow? That high, the road is not easy to walk, but pay attention to it. The proprietress looked at these children and told them carefully that it was a pity that they were from the city and could not stay. Otherwise, it would be better for such a spiritual child to stay as a son-in-law. The rooms are still the same two, the beds are still the same two, but the combination has changed. Shrimp,Glass Cream Jars, you go to sleep with Ah Jian. It's annoying to snore. Once again, Chen Jun used the tactics of a dictator. When did I snore? You heard me!!! Shrimp is not convinced, but also can only mutter in the stomach, obediently roll the bundle to leave. This night, Chen Jun was relieved and satisfied. Anyway, there was such a close contact last night, which proved that he could stand the test, and also proved that beating people in Ji Ning's dream was only an occasional situation! Chen Jun had the courage and the cheek to get through it, and he didn't mind the heat in July. Lying quietly, the breath of the people around him spread lightly with the breath, Chen Jun thought, in fact, I don't want much, so next to each other, it's very happy. Ji Ning turned over, hugged the quilt again, and hugged Chen Jun in the quilt by the way. That night, Chen Jun's whole body was like a hot oil, his bones were crisp, and even his dreams were pink. In the dream, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Ji Ning asked him, do you like me? He said, yes, of course. Ji Ning asked again, how do you like the law? It's that kind of love, like Yang Guo's love for Xiaolongnv. He did, he finally did! Then, Ji Ning did not get angry, did not ignore him, but also smiled at him, the kind of smile that made people itch. The next day, four people set out early in the morning. The advantage of being young is that they have endless physical strength and energy. Last night, four people were like eggplants hit by frost. After sleeping, they were all full of vigor and vitality. Thinking of the place they were going to today, everyone was a little excited. Yak Ping, as its name implies, is a place where yaks are raised, but it is higher, larger and more dangerous than Spruce Ping. It is a snow-capped plateau that has not yet been fully developed. On the snow-capped mountains at an altitude of more than 4000 meters, there are only sporadic adventurers and alpine herdsmen who graze on the mountains all the year round. The mountain wind is sandwiched with the cool air of the snow-capped mountains, and the breath is full of refreshing snow fragrance. The sunshine on the plateau has no barrier of clouds, bright and dazzling but no scorching temperature, leaving only the warmth of melting, giving up the plan of riding a horse. Several people decided to go to the legendary Jade Dragon Third Kingdom. Grasslands are covered with low alpine plants, dotted with alpine flowers swaying gently in the wind, blooming the most gorgeous life on the bitter and cold plateau, yaks wandering peacefully not far away, the sound of camel bells drifting with the wind like ancient meridians, not far away is the snow line of 4500 meters above sea level, a snow line is a barren snowfield, in July. The snowless peaks were grey and iron-colored, and the ancient glacial remains made white traces on the hard rocks, like white dragons rushing down from the clouds and sinking into the embrace of the mountains. Chen Jun they walk very slowly, the mountain lack of oxygen so that everyone's action has become slow, a small section of the road will take twice the usual time, but they still walk in high spirits. In addition to them, other tourists chose to ride horses, watching the horses passing by them, watching the admiration in other people's eyes, the boys'Hearts were full of pride and pride, waving their arms loudly to greet the horses passing by in the distance, where the herdsmen's loud whistles sounded. Passing the Snow Lake and the Jade Pool, they approached the paradise in the hearts of the Naxi people step by step, the third kingdom of Yulong. Everyone's face was full of excitement, especially Ji Ning, who seemed to be in a good mood from the morning, and when he went up the mountain, he did not stop for a moment. He was so tired that Chen Jun dared not relax for a moment. With low blood pressure and anoxic environment in the mountains, Ji Ning was a little dizzy when he ran fast, but he was not honest. When he went downhill, he jumped up and down. There were pits in the green belt of the park. Not to mention this pure natural, you say how this boy does not let people worry about it! Hurry up, you three! I just heard from the driver that there are still three kilometers to go. Standing near the top of the slope, Ji Ning waved happily to the three snails below. Son of a bitch, are you on drugs, running so fast!!! The shrimp is breathing heavily, and the way it walks has degenerated to the posture of ancient human beings, and there is a tendency to further degenerate. What are you busy with? The road is not easy to walk. Can't you take it easy? I promised your mother that I would bring her baby son back intact. Chen Jun caught up and looked at Ji Ning with a slight reproach. Ji Ning did not speak, eyes bright looking at Chen Junxiao, curved corners of the mouth, crimson cheeks with a few sweaty black hair,Blue Bottle Serum, was blown up gently by the mountain wind, the whole person was filled with a feeling of happiness, Chen Jun looked a little crazy.