Wulin Unofficial History-Gu Long _ txt Novel Paradise

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

"But it's been snowing and fogging for two or three days," said Shen Lang. "So it's been covered with snow for two or three days. It's deep in the mountains here. But after two or two days, how can the snow be so clean?" "Well.." said the panda. Well, not bad. "Besides," said Shen Lang, "it's impossible for ordinary snow to be so smooth.. This snow is like a painting, it can be used as a mirror. The panda kept nodding and said, "Well!"! That makes sense.. "So you should understand," said Shen Lang. "I still don't understand," said the panda with a wry smile. What on earth.. However Well, you'd better say it quickly. Shen Lang smiled and said, "Just because this piece of snow was paved by hand." The panda lost his voice and said, "Is it made by hand?" "Yes," said Shen Lang, "they swept the ruts and hooves on the ground first, and then brought fresh snow from other places and spread it on them by hand." The panda sighed, "Good boy, you are willing to spend so much effort." Shen Lang said with a smile, "Anyway, it's not him who makes the effort." "Now I know there are three ways to wipe out the footprints in the snow," said the panda. "It's a pity.. I will never use it in my life. Daytime, twinkling of an eye is dusk. Shen Lang and the panda chased three more mountain depressions. The panda's eyes were really round like a cat's, and he would never let go of a clue,30ml dropper bottle, but he didn't even find a clue. So the stars rose and the night thickened. With a long sigh, the bear said dejectedly, "Another day has passed." It passed in vain. "But it's already dark," said Shen Lang. Shen Lang smiled and said, "What's wrong with it getting dark?" The panda sighed, "We can't find any clues during the day. Isn't it dark.." "I can't find it during the day," said Shen Lang. "But when it gets dark, there's hope." Straightening her eyes, the panda said with a smile,Oil Dropper Bottle, "Don't really think of me as a cat. You won't see me clearly until it's dark." Shen Lang said, "The Happy King is full of tricks, but when it gets dark, won't he light the lamp?" The panda was stunned. He clapped his hands and laughed. "Not bad!"! Sure enough, it's easy to find when it's dark. As long as he lights the lamp, no matter how far away, we can see it. No matter how capable he was, it was not easy for him to hide the light in the dark mountains. The two men gathered their spirits and walked forward. The wind is whistling, the stars are pale, and the vast mountains are as quiet as death. The panda could hear nothing but his own breath. "Are we going in the wrong direction?" He murmured. After a cup of tea, he walked more than a hundred feet away, but Shen Lang did not answer. But suddenly, he smiled and said, "Look, what is that?" Lights! Firelight! In the boundless darkness, there was a little light. Without waiting for him to say a second word, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, the panda had already rushed over. Shen Lang followed him every step of the way and said in a deep voice, "Don't be careless when dealing with this man." The light in the dark is always difficult to distinguish the distance, sometimes the light clearly looks very close, but it is very far, sometimes it looks very far, but it is very close. Shen Lang said a word, the panda also came to answer, the light has come to the eyes of a huge piece of bluestone divination, placed a solitary lamp. The light flickered like a ghost fire, and the snow on the bluestone was swept clean by someone, but not even a ghost could be seen around. Although there was no one, the panda could not help but feel his heart beating. Although his heart was beating, he walked over step by step. The lamp, glittering with gold, was made of gold. The panda gritted his teeth and said, "Good boy, even the lamp is made of gold, but I don't know what tricks he is playing here when he leaves such a lamp." Shen Lang looked grave and said slowly, "His lamp was left for us." The panda suddenly stopped and said, "Is it a seductive trap left for us?" Shen Lang said, "If he thinks that this little trap can also harm us, he is not the King of Happiness." The panda frowned and said, "I don't quite understand that.". Shen Lang said, "a hero like him will never easily underestimate the strength of the other side." The panda clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Yes, especially Shen Lang. He has never seen Shen Lang, and he should have heard of Shen Lang's name. If he thinks that he can hurt Shen Lang with a little subtotal, he is a fool.". "Shen Lang smiled and said," That's the reason. " The panda suddenly frowned again and said, "But.." But then again, how could he know that Shen Lang was looking for him? "Look at what he's doing," said Shen Lang in a deep voice. "Maybe there are secret sentries all over the mountain. Maybe.." "Anyway," said the panda, "I'll go and have a look first." He was cautious for a long time, and finally could not help the original temper, not waiting for Shen Lang to speak again, an arrow step, on the past. Under the golden lamp, there was a piece of paper on which was written: "Shen Lang!"! Are you looking for me? All right, come along this way. Beside a dozen simple words, there was a detailed address, which explained where the road led and how it went. He also noted where he was stationed. The panda smiled bitterly and said, "Good boy, I'm afraid we can't find him. I even drew a map." Shen Lang sighed, "This man is really unpredictable." "But.." said the panda. Could this map be a fake? Shen Lang said thoughtfully, "It's very likely that he left this map on purpose and wanted you and me to be fooled. If we really follow the map, maybe we'll never find him, but we'll be farther and farther away from him." "But he's not afraid of us," said the panda. "Why should he be?" Shen Lang sighed: "So this picture is also very likely to be true." The panda said thoughtfully, "If this map is true, if we follow it,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, he can wait there at his ease and lay all kinds of traps at his ease.." In this way, shall we not send ourselves to the door? "Exactly," said Shen Lang. 。 penghuangbottle.com