Daily life of the pet girls of the three big men

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

A stranger ran out to slander her, and no matter how good-looking she was, she could not be forgiven! Shen Jingmo was stunned. "Uncle?" He is a handsome and beautiful man who is loved by everyone and loved by flowers! He is still young and promising, and he is the medical genius that everyone praises! Forsythia with a small face, is very serious, "please apologize." Her appearance is not good-looking, dry, dark skin, but this is not angry from the momentum, people completely ignore her appearance. Shen Jingmo grew up in a pile of women. He was good-looking from an early age and was used to being flattered by women. He was suddenly shouted at by a girl and was a little unhappy. "You are fierce to me and let me apologize?" He's just making a joke. How come she's not funny? How can he step down if he is pinched on such a high plane? Forsythia can see that he is a rich childe who grew up, with a prominent family background, belonging to the kind of walking sideways. But no matter how prominent she is, what does it have to do with her? "You are slandering my reputation. Can you casually call a stranger a fraudster?"? Uncle, you are guilty of libel. She is too serious, even if Shen Jingmo has the intention to apologize, also can not hang on the face, "do not be so serious, a little natural and unrestrained, live more relaxed." Even the juniper is not happy. Isn't this teaching bad children? How clever the little girl is! The cleverer the child is, the easier it is to learn to be bad. Shen Jingmo, apologize. It's your fault. You don't even know people. It's really not good to shoot from the hip. Shen Jingmo was dumbfounded and suspected that there was something wrong with his ears. Lian Ershao, who never liked to contact with girls,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, was uncharacteristically protected? "Juniper, you're helping this tomboy?" Lian Juniper looked very serious. "You've been abroad for a long time. You may not know the conservative environment at home. A rumor can kill people." Shen Jingmo was stunned, but also, this is a conservative small county, not used to the world of the capital, can not afford this kind of joke! "Sorry." He meant no harm; on the contrary, he liked her cleverness. Forsythia looked at him lightly, "born to be human, please be kind." Dropping this sentence,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Forsythia took the medicine bag and the change back and left directly. She ran so fast that she disappeared in the blink of an eye. Even the juniper could not catch up with her, but watched her disappear in front of her eyes, and could not help feeling lost. Shen Jingmo, you have sneaked back to China, change your outspoken Western style, and put away your self-righteous humor! "Aren't you used to it?" Shen Jingmo is also very depressed, he also did not expect a word to offend people to death. Forsythia's anger came and went quickly, and he went to the grocery store to buy a casserole for decocting medicine, a pestle for pounding medicine, a pot for pounding medicine, scales for weighing, and all kinds of odds and ends. When she passed the waste collection station, her heart moved and she went in. A middle-aged clerk sat at the counter knitting a sweater and raised his head when he heard the noise. Forsythia suspensa mouth is very sweet, "elder sister, have the old book of medical respect?" No matter what kind of woman, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, is very concerned about age, this is not, the clerk immediately laughed, "this is not clear, you go to find." Purchased junk has not yet been classified, scattered, forsythia pulled for a long time, see the most primary and secondary school textbooks. She sighed with disappointment and was about to stand up when her eyes froze. It was a shabby snuff bottle with a layer of embroidery on the outside, which looked very inconspicuous. She reached for it and held it in her hand to take a closer look. It was a bronze painted enamel snuff bottle from the Qianlong period? She remembered that there was a similar one in Grandpa's study, which was Grandpa's favorite thing and spent more than 10 million yuan to buy it. She often watches grandpa play with it, so she is quite familiar with it. Looking at the bottom, a thick layer of dirt, she felt it, and countless thoughts flashed through her mind. Never mind. Just put it away. She picked up a few miscellaneous books, a military kettle and an enamel jar from the pile of old books and put them all together. "Sister, how much are these?" The clerk glanced at it casually and said casually, "Give me a piece." Forsythia happily paid the money and calmly stuffed everything into the cross-body military schoolbag, which was her prize when she got the first place in the sixth grade of primary school. This schoolbag is very durable and has been with her for six years from middle school to high school. At that time, Qiao Yilian was very greedy for this schoolbag. She said a few more words of envy in front of Qiao Meihua, and was ordered by Qiao Meihua to give it to her foster sister. Qiao Erlian did not agree anyway, and made a scene, and the relationship between mother and daughter appeared cracks. Forsythia recalled the past, the corners of the mouth pumping, really do not know how to say. Qiao Meihua was used to sacrificing the interests of her own daughter and helping her adopted daughter's greed, and she was also drunk. However, in this age, it is a kind of good conduct, worthy of praise from others. When she rushed to the meeting place, the three of Qiao Meihua were already waiting there. Qiao Yilian frowned and complained, "Second Sister, why are you so slow?"? Everyone is waiting for you, so many things, what did you buy? Forsythia generously sent the casserole and the pot of medicine to her, so that she could see clearly once, "Sister, I have a lot of bleeding for you, all the things needed to learn Chinese medicine, can I be reimbursed?" Such shameless words make Qiao Yilian want to curse and use her as an excuse. Didn't she just pretend to be dizzy? As for biting her? At the thought of Qiao Erlian going back to brush a wave of good feelings for her sister's dedication, Qiao Yilian's head is big. "Second sister, you have just started to learn, so keep a low profile first, so that you won't be laughed at." Forsythia looked at her coolly. "Can't you learn?"? I'm not you. My grades are so bad that I'm stupid to learn anything. Qiao Yilian's throat was blocked in one breath, and she was embarrassed. Yes, Qiao Erlian was in the top three every year, but she was only in the middle level. Zhao Haijun could not bear to look at it and could not help sneering, "You are so capable, why didn't you go to college?"? On the contrary, Yilian, whose grades are worse than yours, passed the exam. You should reflect on yourself and not be too self-righteous. Forsythia's eyes narrowed slightly and looked suspiciously at Qiao Yilian,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, "Really?"? I am also very confused, dear sister, do you know the reason? 。 penghuangbottle.com