War and Peace Volume 2 Part 2

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

Rostov lay down again in his own bed, and thought happily, "Now let him dawdle, let him be busy, and I lie down in my bed after I have finished my work-wonderful!" Beyond the earthen wall he heard the voice of Lavrushka, an ingenious and somewhat cunning valet — Denisov's valet — as well as that of the company steward, who took a certain doctrine to be a dogma and declared it certain without self-examination. He did not know why he was saying that when he went out to look for food, he saw some carts, some bread and some oxen. Denisov's cries and cries, which were fading into the distance, were heard from outside the kiln: Saddle up, second row! "Where are you going?" Rostov thought for a moment. Five minutes later, Denisov went into the temporary building. His legs were covered with mud, but he still climbed into bed, smoked a bag of cigarettes angrily, and thought that Shang Yang had "virtue and law without skill" and could not harm "virtue". He threw his own things around, put his whip on his waist, wore a sabre, and went out of the kiln. "Where have you been?" Asked Rostov. He answered angrily and vaguely that he had something to do. Let God and the king judge me! Said Denisov as he came out of the kiln, and Rostov heard some horses clattering along the dirt road outside the kiln. Rostov did not even want to know where Denisov was riding to. Having warmed his corner, he slept soundly, and did not get up until before evening, and went out of the kiln. Denisov had not returned. It cleared up at dusk. Two officers and a cadet were playing a nail-throwing game next to a nearby earthen kiln. They laughed and cut the radish in the loose mud. Rostov had joined them. In the middle of the game, the officers saw some carts coming towards them,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, followed by fifteen hussars on thin horses. The carts, escorted by several hussars, approached the bridle post, and a group of hussars surrounded the carts. "You see, Denisov is still very sad," said Rostov. "Food has arrived." "Sure enough, it arrived!" The officers said, "How happy the soldiers are!" Not far behind the hussars, Denisov came on horseback, accompanied by two infantry officers, with whom he was talking about something. Rostov came up to him. Captain, I want to warn you. An officer said that the man was thin and short, glass cream jars ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, and looked very angry. You know, I said I would never hand it over. Replied Denisov. It's your responsibility, Captain, this is a tool to ride roughshod-to plunder our own people! Our people haven't eaten food for two days. "And my people haven't eaten food for two weeks." Replied Denisov. Sir, this is a robbery, and you are responsible for it! Repeated the infantry officer, raising his voice. But why are you pestering me? Ah Exclaimed Denisov in a rage. "It is I, not you, who am responsible for it. Do not harangue me here, but walk away!" He shouted to the officers. All right! Undaunted, the diminutive officer did not go away. "Robbery, I tell you.." he shouted. "You're still fine. Go away quickly. You can go to hell." Denisov then turned his horse to the officer. "Yes, yes," said the officer in a menacing tone. He jolted into the saddle and set off at a gallop. " Dog on the wall, live dog on the wall. Denisov spoke behind him the most vicious words of the cavalry, mocking the mounted infantry. He ran up to Rostov and burst out laughing. You took it from the infantry, you took it by force! He said. Why, won't everyone starve to death? The carts approaching the hussars were for the infantry, and Denisov, having learned from Lavrushka that they were going alone, led the hussars to seize them. They handed out quite a lot of bread to the soldiers, and they even shared a full meal with other companies. The next day the colonel, who had summoned Denisov, said to him, with his fingers stretched out over his eyes, I am of the opinion that I do not know anything about it, that I will not take up the matter, but that you go to headquarters and do it at the commissary office, if possible, and sign to prove how much food has been received. It would have to be written on the infantry's account, which would lead to a lawsuit, which could be very unfavorable. Denisov went straight from the colonel to the headquarters, faithfully carrying out his advice. At night he went back to his earthen kiln, and Rostov had never seen his friend look like this. Denisov could not speak and gasped for breath. Rostov asked him what was the matter with him, and in a hoarse, weak voice he cursed and threatened. Startled by Denisov's discomfiture, Rostov told him to take off his clothes and drink some water, and then sent for the doctor. Put me on trial for robbery, oops! Give me a little more water. Let them judge. But I will, forever,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, beat these wretches, and I will tell the king. Give me some ice. He said. The doctor of the regiment who came to treat the disease said that he wanted to bleed. Only on this occasion could Denisov tell all that had happened to him, with a deep dish of black blood from his hairy arm. penghuangbottle.com