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Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

Qi Keling's attitude is very cautious at the beginning, after all, she is not a new rookie in this line, the detention center has entered the palace several times, naturally very careful. Later, Xie Zhe mentioned the name of the friend, and the two of them chatted warmly and set the time. He did have concerns at the beginning, the price is not low, what if the goods are not the right version? But because this'Lingling 'looks so beautiful just by looking at the photos, coupled with her friend's advocacy in her ears, she gritted her teeth and was so cruel that she went there this morning. Unexpectedly, when he arrived at the address given to him by the other party, the security door was not closed, leaving a small gap. At that time, he thought that someone had specially left the door for him, after all, to do this kind of business, can not make any sound, do not make any sound. He pulled the door open and went straight into the room,Theobromine Powder, shouting twice at the entrance, but there was no response. When he went to the bedroom door and looked inside, he almost went out of his body and ascended to heaven on the spot. When he came to his senses, he must have turned around and ran out, so to speak, and rushed out of the door, thinking that he could not have anything to do with it. When the time comes to be known by others that he spent money to buy happiness,Sex Enhancement Powder, the police must not list him as the first suspect! Xie Zhe here is to want to be good, but thousands of calculations did not expect, Qi Keling here has long been targeted by the police. Even if the other party is not dead today, he is waiting for at least seven days of administrative detention and fines. The inquiry went smoothly and initially ruled out the suspicion of Xie Zhe. But before the other party left, Cai Chengji still told him in particular that the phone should be kept open, and perhaps there are places where he needs to cooperate in the follow-up. When the person was sent away, Su Yan and Cai Chengji returned to the office shoulder to shoulder. Cai Chengji took one look at her face and joked with a smile: "I don't think I'm needed for the role of black face after this. Your little eyebrows are much scarier than me." Although he said it in a joking tone, he was not joking at all. He was sitting next to him at that time, and the feeling of air condensation at that moment made people feel frightened. Is also strange, a little girl who just graduated not long ago, where did she get such a strong aura? "I feel angry." Su Yan had now returned to his usual state, and by the way, he rolled his eyes: "His wife worked hard to conceive a child for him in October. He was really worthy of others. He couldn't control the lump of rotten meat under himself before the month of confinement.". It serves you right to be scared like that! As they spoke, they went into the office. Then Ding Kaiyue came up and said, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "You've been doing it for a long time. Are you off work?!" He nodded the watch on his wrist: "Tidy up, Captain Jiang said it would be a treat tonight!" "It's a good feeling. Where are you going?" Cai Chengji put things back on his desk and asked casually. Captain Jiang is at home, playing hot pot. Ding Kaiyue stood at the door waiting for them: "It's more convenient at home. When we eat together, we will inevitably talk about some things at work. It's not good to be heard outside.". Captain Jiang and Brother Xiang went out to buy meat and vegetables. Let's go home first. Give me the keys. "Yes, let's go now!" The remaining five or six members of the special case brigade set out to the residential area where Jiang left home. On the way, Su Yan counted the number of people on his fingers. Can they put down so many people in such a small place as Jiang left home? Less than half an hour later, Ding Kaiyue took the key and smoothly led them into Jiang Li's home. Several people were very curious to turn around in the living room, and from time to time they looked in the direction of the two rooms. I didn't expect Captain Jiang to live by himself, so it's quite clean. Ding Kaiyue grinned. Cai Chengji waved his hand to the crowd: "You don't understand. If you want to see if Captain Jiang is single, you have to focus on it!" Then he turned around and went to the bathroom, turned on the light, touched his chin and looked at the things on the washstand: "There is only one pair of toothbrushes, so there should be no problem." Everyone'cut 'and ignored him. He is not annoyed, this is to amuse, grinning from the inside of the bathroom came out. As he walked, he touched his neck and gave two dry coughs: "This *** and Xie Zhe wasted too much words just now, and now his thirsty throat is going to smoke." Then he went into the kitchen, picked up the kettle and found that there was no water in it, and then opened the refrigerator, where there were only a few eggs. Su Yan heard his words, followed him in, raised his hand to open the cabinet above the smoke machine, and took out a bottle of mineral water from it and handed it to him. The movements were flowing, without any hesitation or procrastination, and then he went out. Cai Chengji stood in place with mineral water in his hand, looked at the cabinet and then looked at the water in his hand, and then squinted at Su Yan's back. There is a problem, there is absolutely a problem! But how clever he was, he held back and pretended to drink water around the room as if nothing had happened. But no matter how carefully observed, there is no trace of a woman's life here! Finally, Cai Chengji walked into the master bedroom, looked at the straight male color sheets and quilts on the bed, sighed and shook his head. When I was about to go out, I saw that a door of the wardrobe was not closed, as if there was a clothes hanger hanging on it. What family ah, at a glance to see the value of the solid wood wardrobe such a use. As he murmured, he pulled open the wardrobe door to take the hanger off, but in the next second his pupils dilated and stiffened in place. Look what he found. A black fishtail dress was hanging there quietly. Chapter 76 "My God..?" Cai Chengji stood in front of the wardrobe, his mouth closed. Although this dress is not quite in line with Su Yan's usual style of dressing, he has not forgotten that one night not long ago, the two of them appeared in front of everyone in a suit and a skirt. Su Yan is a rich second generation, this looks very expensive, very expensive skirt,D BHB Factory, very in line with her identity is not it? At this time, Ding Kaiyue's voice came from the living room: "Cai Ge?"? Brother Xiang said let's put the table up first. Footsteps sounded, and people seemed to be walking in the direction of the bedroom. Knock!.