I am the only immortal _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt novel paradise

Star carefully recall what just happened, think of the usual stare at their own eyes, it seems, is it possible that she is angry with me?

Ming Sheng snorted coldly, "Guanyin Bodhisattva, I have no delusion or worry in my heart. Your Dharma can't dissolve the gratitude in my heart.". In the Buddhist world, all you are good at is the prohibition of the Buddha. I'll break it for you today. The long sword in his hand lay in front of him. He stroked the cold awn on the sword and said lightly, "I've been waiting too long for this day.". This sword was given by the old Emperor of the Underworld. It is called the Broken Buddha. As soon as the voice fell, he did not have a fancy knife to chop. In a flash, his whole body was completely integrated into the meaning of the knife, there was no black light, a simple knife, a sharp knife, with endless murderous look cut in the void. Breaking the Buddha, as its name implies, is to destroy the Buddha. The yellow light of the Buddha, like a huge wave that has been split, is divided on both sides, and the crack has spread to the front of Guanyin Bodhisattva in the blink of an eye. The light flickered, and the powerful killing machine made everyone's heart cold at the same time. The sword in Mingsheng's hand disappeared, his hands behind his back, and he looked coldly at Guanyin Bodhisattva in front of him. Guanyin Bodhisattva was still the same as before, with her hands folded. There was no expression in her eyes. She sighed lightly and said, "Break the Buddha. The Buddha cannot be broken. It's just that the Buddha Dharma has not yet arrived.". After today's work, we will return to the Great Thunder Temple to face the wall to receive the deeper essence of the Buddha. As soon as the voice fell, she turned and floated back to her side. However,L Methylfolate Factory, the lotus that had been holding her before stayed in midair, and when the figure of Guanyin Bodhisattva disappeared from it, the lotus was broken into two parts from the center. Although Mingsheng's broken Buddha knife failed to hit Guanyin Bodhisattva severely, Guanyin Bodhisattva could not completely resolve it. One knife decides victory or defeat, and there is no point in fighting any more. The moonstone exclaimed, "What a strong way to break the Buddha's sword. The cultivation of the underworld is more diligent." Tianqin said indifferently: "I said that they would not have a third victory.". There are no distracting thoughts in the heart of the underworld. He is practicing at all times. His cultivation is second only to mine in the underworld. Moonstone's body shook slightly, and he naturally understood the meaning of Tianqin's words. Ming Sheng appeared for the purpose of shock and awe. A flash of light and shadow, a slender immortal fluttered out,Thyroid Powder Factory, a flash of white light in his hand, more than a ruler to wake up, "We play the fifth game." It was the immortal emperor who suddenly flew out. Primitive Tianzun slightly stupefied, he did not let the immortal emperor fight, at this time, he can clearly feel the immortal emperor exudes a strong momentum, it is even their own can not be compared. Moonstone sneers, "a good immortal emperor, as expected will seize the opportunity.". Several of our stronger players have come out, and he wants to take advantage of it. Emperor, please allow me to fight for the underworld. There was a strong light of hatred in Tianqin's eyes. "Immortal Emperor, so he is Immortal Emperor.". You don't have to fight this battle. The shadow flashed and the lyre fluttered out. The next moment, she had appeared in front of the immortal emperor. The immortal emperor really seized the opportunity to fight, although he was very confident of himself, but did not dare to look down on the underworld. Before he played, he had already considered clearly that Tianqin, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, as the Lord of the underworld, would play in the most crucial games, and that the powerful underworld and the King of the underworld had already played. What you have to face, at most, will be the moon stone. Although he was not absolutely sure that he could deal with the moonstone, he believed that he had at least the ability to get away with it. If the other side does not send a moonstone, then they are somewhat sure to win. However, he did not know the idea of Tianqin, in the understanding of Tianqin, is the immortal emperor killed the sea dragon, in order to avenge the sea dragon, how can she play cards according to common sense? Before today's decisive battle, Tianqin had already decided that as long as the immortal emperor fought, he would certainly make a move. Your Excellency is the Emperor of Immortals, and I am the Emperor of the Underworld. You and I can just represent the two realms of Immortals and the Underworld in a battle. In the cold voice, Tianqin's Qi has been tightly enveloped in the body of the immortal emperor, now, even if he wants to go back on his word, it is too late. There was a trace of joy in the eyes of the Sanqing Patriarch, and it was only good for them that the Emperor of the Underworld fought so hastily. Selfishly, they did not care much about the life of the immortal emperor. The immortal emperor looked at the emperor of the underworld in front of him, and for the first time realized the feeling of facing death. Countless thoughts had been used in his heart, and he knew that he could only face it now. Tianqin smiled, her smile was full of sadness, the space around her was completely blocked by her ninth level of the devil, her voice can only be heard by the immortal emperor, "immortal emperor, do you know my name?"? My name is Tianqin, and Hailong is my husband. One of the main purposes for me to lead the army of the underworld into the fairy world is to find you and use your blood to hold a memorial ceremony for the sea dragon. "Wait a minute." Feeling the nearly solidified air, the immortal emperor shouted, "The sea dragon is not dead at all, he is still alive, why do you say revenge for him?" Tianqin's eyes suddenly turned red, and the long white hair behind her was instantly covered with a black breath. "Immortal Emperor, do you think it makes sense to say that?"? Is the sea dragon still alive? So where is he? The immortal emperor's whole body shook and his eyes were filled with hatred. "I understand, I understand. It must be Zhenyuan Daxian and Primitive Tianzun who told you that I killed the sea dragon, right?"? They want to use your hand against me. It turns out that they are so mean. Tianqin, you don't listen to their words, although the original death has hurt the sea dragon, but he absolutely did not die! Tianqin said coldly, "Do you know what a villain is?"? You are. I have never been in contact with Zhenyuan Daxian and Primitive Tianzun. Told me that it was my master who killed the sea dragon, Ming-Emperor- "The black awn around him suddenly converged, and the immortal emperor saw the bright fairy world again, but at this moment, he also saw the smile of death.". Tianqin had a strange weapon in her hand, and her body rushed towards her forcibly. Without any fancy and superfluous movements, the Tianmo blade in Tianqin's hands is not fast, but every point forward, it brings unparalleled pressure to the immortal emperor. The ruler barely stood in front of him, the black light flashed,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and the ruler disappeared. Under the blade of the nine-fold demon, the attack power of Tianqin was no worse than that of the old emperor. The immortal emperor did not die under the blow of Tianqin, but his right arm disappeared at the same time with the measuring ruler. pioneer-biotech.com