3D VIRTUAL STUDIO PRODUCTION take your event to the next level

Virtual events have seen a dramatic improvement over the past 12 months. The massive growth in the demand for these types of events played an important factor in this, and as a consequence technology that is being developed for digital environments is taking huge leaps. One of the technolo

Virtual events have seen a dramatic improvement over the past 12 months. The massive growth in the demand for these types of events played an important factor in this, and as a consequence technology that is being developed for digital environments is taking huge leaps. One of the technologies that you should be aware of can be 3D Virtual Studio Production which is able in the creation of immersive VR worlds.

What is a 3D Virtual STUDIO?

In a typical production studio, presenters and actors can be seen moving around on a set, interfacing with each other and objects. In a 3D virtual studio, the 3D Virtual Studio is like and different in the way that people are on the set, but different in the sense that the set does not exist in reality.

In the 3D Virtual Studio, users are recorded and then inserted in real-time in a 3D virtual world. This greatly enhances the way that the visual presentation looks like.

It's especially impressive that speakers and presenters can be captured from any place across the planet. They're then integrated into the 3D virtual setting in real-time, just as if they were present. Furthermore, the 3D virtual studio is able to do this with multiple individuals simultaneously, even though they're physically located in different places.

Virtual studios are frequently utilized in film and music video productions to blend real objects and real people with CGI backgrounds in real-time. This kind of production is also coming into the world of events because of the current attention to virtual events. Today, it's feasible to design 3D environments populated by live audio and integrate these environments directly into digital experiences.

It's like Virtual Reality Isn't it? It's not so sure.

3D studio technology is like virtual reality, in that some elements of a production are created by computers as well as some that are actual. Like virtual reality, 3D virtual studios insert real people into computer-generated backgrounds.

The main difference between them is the way in which reality and virtual world blend. Virtual reality is when the person wearing the headset and is put directly into VR. VR environment. Virtual reality 3D environments differ because the person filming isn't in the computer-generated reality. Instead, the reality of computer-generated images is created around them, in real-time, as the filming process continues.

WHAT 3D VIRTUAL STUDIO PRODUCTION help you with your virtual event?

Film production is extremely technical compared to livestreams and webinars. Are they worth the effort? The simple answer is yes. The production of 3D virtual studios is a huge opportunity for digital experiences.

Another benefit can be one of the benefits is that 3D computers create environments that are exciting and enjoyable for viewers to experience. When it comes to virtual events, audience engagement is among the most crucial indicators of the success. A well-engaged audience is one who is actively engaging with and watching events, as well as absorbing marketing messages. It's difficult to draw attention to viewers online, and engaging 3D-based environments definitely aid in this.

3D virtual studios also provide the capability of creating content that appears like broadcast television. This is content that has the same high quality production values that most viewers have come to anticipate. This familiarity makes viewers feel more comfortable and involved in the material. This increases their likelihood to stay tuned.

Also, even though the technology might be complex, its implementation is fairly simple. The less flimsy your virtual event tech the less likely it will cause problems for production as cameras roll.

In addition, 3D virtual studios don't need everyone who is involved, including the people in front of and behind the camera in the same space. This flexibility is an important benefit in light of the challenges event planners have had to face over the last couple of years and the overall globalization of the field.

PROS and CONS 3D Virtual Studio Production

What are the primary advantages of filming this manner? Are there any major drawbacks?

Benefits of using a 3D VIRTUAL STUDIO

We've created an 3D Virtual Studio setup that's multi-functional and equipped. There's no need to step to a studio in person to make high-quality video material. With our 3D-based setup that can be created virtually anywhere around the globe.

Stay ahead of a trend that is emerging. With live events in the early stages Event organizers have the opportunity to capitalize on the latest trend as it's still in its early stages. It's not every day that you have this opportunity!

You don't require an actual studio. In fact, all that a presenter requires is themselves with a green screen and cameras. BeyondLive's 3D virtual studio takes care of the heavy lifting in integrating the speaker in the virtual space.

It's a very adaptable video format with a wide range of possibilities. Our 3D virtual studio can...

Integrate pre-recorded and live video seamlessly into the same 3D-rendered virtual environment.

Place speakers from different places--even different countries into the same virtual setting.

You are able to create professional, polished, broadcast-quality content. When you shoot live video, you will need to possess more than one camera in order to produce a polished product that has a multi-camera view. The requirement for multiple cameras, and the people who manage them, means your production costs will increase quickly.

Wasp3d- 3D Virtual Studio makes it easy to create professional-looking content, video that has the production value that you require to make your event appear elegant and engaging. We offer a multi-cam set-up that includes a virtual green room that allows us to make the high-quality content that you require, no matter the location of your presenters.

Behind the scene, it's like making broadcast television. Our staff is available to help each speaker navigate the process just as on live TV. And the results that we can provide using the 3D Virtual Studio are right on par with the professionalism and polish of live broadcast television.

Improve the engagement of viewers. Certain features included in the 3D Virtual Studio setup can assist in increasing audience engagement. One example that the studio has is its capability to display several viewers on screen simultaneously. This is a method that a lot of television shows have used in the course of the pandemic. Live talk shows have massive screens that feature a multitude of viewers. This mimics the appearance and feel of live audiences and allows viewers watching from home feel that human connection.

We can apply the same technique using the 3D Virtual Studio to create audiences montages that will help viewers feel more connected. If your speaker makes a joke in the video everybody watching will be able to watch the audience chuckle. This all helps to create a sense of laughter that makes it more enjoyable and entertaining.

It's easy for guests to take part in. Through Wasp3d -3D Virtual Studio, it could not be simpler to join in. All you have to do is log in to Zoom to be able to access an 3D virtual presentation and begin taking in engaging, amazing content.


There are additional expenses involved. Each aspect of production requires a cost. If you require additional equipment or hire personnel to create 3D online content this will increase the costs of your event.

The good thing is that digital experiences generally tend to be less expensive to create in comparison to real ones. If you have to have additional expenses to produce 3D digital content these costs shouldn't necessarily be the most expensive for your budget.

It requires some technical knowledge. The process of setting up an 3D virtual studio isn't for beginners! Making this type of content isn't quite as simple as running a simple streaming video. Although the requirements for equipment are less than those the requirements for a complete multi-camera production, there's an enormous amount of technical work required. This could take more than a smaller two or one-person team could handle, since the need for production help is essential for the production of 3D videos in virtual reality.

What's the good news? Wasp3d - 3D Virtual Studio is ready to go immediately. Our knowledgeable team can help you develop amazing video content to host your next virtual party!


Every event planner is searching for the next hot trend. If you're lucky enough to be at the cutting-edge of a fad trend, it could make a big difference on your exposure and your financial results. Virtual studios in 3D are expected to be the next big trend for virtual event production. So why not use this opportunity to give Wasp3d the call to find out what the 3D virtual studio can help take your celebration to highest stage?


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