How To Fix Gmail Problems On iPhone?

Here is the method to fix Gmail problems on iPhone

Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers owned by Google. Similar to other email services, it also encounters issues. 


If you are an iPhone user and unable to access Gmail on it, this guide is going to help you. Several solutions to tackle the “Gmail not working on iPhoneissue are discussed below. 


Almost every iPhone user gets stuck with this issue once in their life. The issue is not severe, and can be resolved easily. 


Find below the solutions for “Gmail is not loading on iPhone issue.

Solutions To Resolve Gmail Issue on iPhone

Are you an iPhone user and facing the “Gmail won't load on iPhone” issue? Do not fret as the solutions curated from varied sources are below.


Have a look.

Solution 1: Enable IMAP

IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is responsible for fetching emails from the server and displaying them on the screen of application software. If IMAP is disabled, you will not be able to browse emails.


Let's check the process of enabling IMAP.

Step 1: Go to Gmail homepage using desktop or laptop

Step 2: Go to “settings” of Gmail (located in the top right corner of the webpage)

Step 3: Choose the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab

Step 4: Search and locate the IMAP Access section and click on the “enable IMAP” option.

Solution 2: Remove and Re-Add The Gmail Account in iPhone

Sometimes the Gmail account goes corrupt and as a result, the user faces issues with its working on the iPhone. So, there is a need to remove such a Gmail account and add it to the iPhone.

Solution 3: Re-enable the Device 

Whenever you are out of station or accessing Gmail in a new location, you will not be able to access it. One of the main reasons for it is that Gmail does not recognize your location and hence emails you about the recent login. So, you should go to that email and re-enable the device. Soon you will be able to access email.

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