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Describe an event that compelled you to change your philosophy of life. How did you view life before that event?

An admission essay, sometimes referred to as a personal statement, is a part of admission criteria in educational institutes. The institutes require students to write an impressive admission essay. A brilliant admission essay can take you to great colleges and get you good scholarships. Like other writing styles, an admission essay also requires certain skills and techniques. Sometimes students become overconfident. They do not take the help of a professional essay writer to write their admission essays. Many experts can help you in this regard. Here we are going to come up with a list of the top 5 admission essay prompts in 2021.


Top 5 Admission Essay Prompts

  1. Describe an event that compelled you to change your philosophy of life. How did you view life before that event?


This prompt can be quite challenging. The reason is that many students do not know what the philosophy of life is. When you dig deeper into the term, it is not that difficult. Philosophy of life means your beliefs, ideas and principles that shape your perception of life. Everyone has a certain philosophy of life.


For instance, altruism, justice and collectivism are the essential tenets in my philosophy of life. It is in terms of these tenets that I analyze and observe all the happenings in my life. Along the same lines, you should also have certain values and tenets that shape your view of life. Now you have to present an event that changed your philosophy of life.


For instance, you used to believe in individualism. But when you had an accident, some people went out of their way to help you. Out of pure humanitarian considerations, they saved your life. Resultantly, you were compelled to shift towards collectivism. Now you believe that a person should not be individualistic and self-centred. A life spent serving others is a profound life.


  1. Discuss a scenario that posed a severe challenge before you? How did you meet that challenge?

This prompt requires you to reflect on your life and a variety of challenges that you faced. You cannot simply state trivial challenges, for instance losing an old friend or having a breakup. These instances are too common and too obvious. You need to be creative and ingenious while writing your admission essay.

For instance, you can state that when you took a stand for someone from a minority, your friends turned against you. I had also quoted this kind of incident when I was asked to write my essay. Subsequently, you mention the means and ways through which you faced your estranged friends. You should always remember that your answers should be more rational and less emotional.


  1. Suggest ways through which you can resolve the problems faced by American youth.

Before answering this prompt, you need to do some good brainstorming. You should have a fairly good idea about the problems faced by American youth. If you state an irrelevant or trivial problem, then it would reduce your chances of admission. You need to be as careful as possible.

For instance, drug abuse, racism, financial insecurity and curbs on freedom are some of the problems faced by American youth. You need to state these issues one by one. It is advised that you state some facts and figures to support your argument. Academic essays replete with statistics have a greater chance of getting shortlisted.

Now the ways you suggest should be concrete, sustainable and policy-oriented. Without the mention of government or policy discussion, you can make solid recommendations. You can also go out of the box in this regard. However, try to not go off course and always stay relevant.


  1. If you had a chance to go back in the past, who would you meet and what would you talk about?

In such admission essays, it is highly recommended that you think hard before writing. It is wise not to choose an era of crisis or a controversial personality. For instance, you cannot say that I would go back to the Dark Age and meet Pope Urban of France. He is quite a controversial figure of those times.

Let us assume that you would go back and meet Einstein. Now in your answer, you cannot discuss morality and abortion rights with Einstein. Einstein was a great man of science, so it is wise to discuss science.


  1. Give us some solid reasons why we should shortlist you for admission to this college. You can also take help from an essay writer.

Before answering this prompt, make a list of the qualities and traits that you possess. Subsequently, you should highlight those traits that are possessed by great men, for instance, resilience, fortitude and critical thinking.  It is advisable not to state those traits that are too common.


You can also mention some distinct achievements of your life. That achievement should make you stand out from others. Students should always keep in mind that an admission essay is a reflection of their personality. The members of the selection committee are all experts. They can see your personality through your words.




These prompts would help you visualize the range of subjects involved in personal statements. Without an adequate idea of different subjects, you cannot ace the admission essay. In addition, you can also consult a reputed essay writing service in this regard. There are many such platforms helping students across the globe. I had also sought help from various writing services. I wish students all the best in their admission essays.











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