A guide to the 2022 Birthday event of the game Old School Runescape

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With the 9th anniversary of OSRS due on the 22nd of February Developer Jagex has planned an event to commemorate the long-running version. Most notably, however, Jagex based on the city of desert Al-Kharid as the gateway to RS Gold the deeper Kharidian desert.

A major expansion of the desert is coming on the horizon in early 2022. This includes the fabled Raids 3 -- Tombs of Amascut -- Jagex appears to be using this event as a small preview of what's in store for the old , new MMO.

But for now players can indulge in a weekend that includes cooking, fishing and old-fashioned treasure-hunting. Arnav who was waiting at the bank to the west of Al-Kharid palaces, found a chest full of valuables hidden in the city.

In a series similar to the clue scroll system, he challenges the player by solving a series three riddles in order to discover where the chest is. Begin by stepping up to the four statues that guard the central fountain located in the courtyard of the Al-Kharid palace. Do the dance emote while the third clue is sure to be revealed.

The word "anagram" is used to refer to Ranael, the owner of the platekirt shop to the southeast of the palace. She will give the player the third and final clue when he speaks to. Zeke is the scimitar salesman located north of the palace, is able to sell iron, bronze as well as mithril variants in the form of a sword. When he's approached, he presents the player with an additional challenge and requires that they count every balloon within and on rs gold for sale his house.


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