The truth Min-hee

The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

Min-hee compares and picks out one. "This one is good. It looks good." She held her face and looked at the model on the wedding dress DM. Ku Chun-yi plans to shoot two sets or three sets. "Four groups!" Min-hee laughed. "Do you want to take so many pictures?" "Are you afraid of spending money?" "I'm afraid you're tired." He chuckled and rubbed her head. "Well, that makes sense. It's all taken in the studio." Min-hee held her face and looked at him with a smile. "You must be very photogenic." fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx fmx Xiao Yawen booked a plane ticket and decided to go back to Vancouver to settle down. She didn't look for Gu Junyi or call him. The servant watched the young lady stay indoors every day, hid in tears, and made an overseas phone call to report to the master. Under Xiao Yongxing's consolation, Xiao Yawen finally perked up, but she wanted to see Tong Minxi before leaving the stage. So she called Tong Minxi, Tong Minxi did not consider, immediately agreed. In order to meet this time, Hsiao Ya-wen went to take care of her skin. Her skin was so shiny that she wore a brand new suit. She also invited a makeup artist to come to the house to serve her. Make sure that the makeup on your face and the hairstyle on your head are perfect before you go out to meet your rival. Pushing open the glass door, Xiao Yawen walked into the restaurant. The waiter took Xiao Yawen to the reserved seat, where someone was already waiting. Sunlight through the glass wall, reflecting a woman's side face, she is holding her cheeks, looking at the scenery outside the glass wall. Hsiao Ya-wen was stunned at the table. Is that her? Wait, she raised her eyes to confirm-no, this man is so thin,small gold wash plant, isn't Tong Minxi fat? Xiao Yawen looked at the woman carefully and found that her hair was not specially arranged and fell on her face casually, dressed simply. "Tong Minxi?" Xiao Yawen gave a tentative cry, and the person who was in a daze was stunned and turned his face. Oh my God! It's really her. Hsiao Ya-wen threw away her purse and sat down. "I want coffee," she said to the waiter. Min-hee looks at Hsiao Ya-wen. She has not seen her for many years. She is even more beautiful. She is fashionably dressed and has an exquisite figure. She looks good in a tight suit. Hsiao Ya-wen looked at her and said, "I thought you were becoming beautiful." I used to be too fat, but now I'm too thin! Can't compare with her, but Gu Junyi is obsessed with her,coltan ore processing, vomit! "What do you want to see me about?" Min-hee smiled, unconcerned by her sarcasm. Gu Junyi.. Gu Junyi.. Xiao Yawen plucked her hair, cleared her throat again, her eyes floated to and fro, and her speech was hesitant. "What happened to Ku Chun-yi?" Minxi smiled, and she could see that Xiao Yawen still cared about Gu Junyi. Hsiao Ya-wen said sourly, "Are you happy that he came back to you?" Min-hee listened and looked at her thoughtfully. "Do you still like him?" "What's the use of that?" Xiao Yawen brushed her hair dejectedly. "That fool can't figure out who's best for him to be with." When the coffee arrived, Xiao Yawen took a sip and looked at Tong Minxi. "You tell Gu Junyi that I will go back to Vancouver the day after tomorrow." She took a long sip of coffee, put the cup down and wiped her mouth. "You told him not to see me off." In fact, it is a hint that Gu Junyi came to see him off. "I see." Min-hee nodded and said with a smile, "OK, sodium cyanide price ,gold heap leaching, I'll tell him not to see you off." Xiao Yawen was stunned and stared at Minxi. Damn, damn, still smiling, what are you proud of? I'm so angry! She gritted her teeth and said, "You don't have to send me a wedding invitation when you get married. Tell him not to send a wedding invitation to my father either. We have nothing to do with him in the future." "Oh." Minshi Nunu mouth. "Okay, I'll tell you the truth." Xiao Yawen is dizzy with anger, strange, Tong Minxi is not the same as before, speak gently, but can make her angry half to death. She said angrily, "Tong Minxi, you're really lucky. You haven't been around him these years, and you haven't helped him. But as soon as you appeared, he.." Xiao Yawen suddenly choked up and could not go on. Tong Minxi bowed his head and said nothing, and suddenly tears dripped down the table. What are you doing? Am I the one who should be crying? Xiao Yawen was shocked. "I envy you." "Are you being sarcastic?" Inexplicable, why are you crying? The victim is her. I.. I'm sick. Min-hee choked up. "What?" "Commonly known as leukemia." "What is leukemia?" Xiao Yawen doesn't understand. Unless I find a matching donor for a bone marrow transplant, I may not live for a year. Min-hee raised her face, her eyes misty with tears. "Wait, does he know?" Xiao Yawen is very excited. Min-hee shook her head. "Hey, if you marry him, you'll hurt him!"! How could you hide it from him?! Min-hee smiled bitterly, and most people would pity her at this time, or at least hypocritically sympathize with her? "I told him you couldn't marry him. Come on, can you hide something like that?" Xiao Yawen took out her cell phone. Press the phone number. Min-hee said softly, "If you say so, he won't leave me." Xiao Yawen froze and turned off her cell phone. Yes, if Gu Junyi knew Minxi was ill, he would never leave her. "So what are you going to do?" Xiao Yawen put down her cell phone. "I'm going to be hospitalized for a while, and my mother will come to accompany me." "That Gu Junyi.." "Koo Chun-yi will be very sad. Please stay with him and don't leave him alone." Her eyes were empty on the table and her voice was bitter. "I will find a way to make him hate me and let him leave me voluntarily. Will you help me?" I think it's hard to make him hate you. I will help him, but he is very stubborn. Besides, he's so smart and thoughtful that it's hard to fool him. No matter how simple Xiao Yawen's mind is, she knows it's not easy. "Always try." Min-hee bit her lower lip as if in great pain. She was very tired, and recently she often felt tired and weak. She knew that her body had changed and that she could not survive on medicine for long. Hsiao Ya-wen was puzzled and asked, "It's strange. When you're sick, don't you need your loved ones to accompany you?" If it were her, she would say, how could Tong Minxi leave him instead? "I don't want him to see me sick," Min-hee whispered. If necessary,coltan ore processing, the doctor will do a destructive treatment. The process is very hard, and if he sees it, he will be very sad. She sighed wearily.