Don't move. Give me your heart.

The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

"I'm really sorry (too good), I work overtime on National Day, tonight's plane to New York, to say sorry to my aunt and uncle." Tan Xiaoli grabbed the words to say, the tone can not hide the small fortune. She had never felt so happy to work overtime, and now she was like swimming in pink clouds, receiving the touch of soft clouds, tickling, making her giggle, and then counting money skillfully.. "My mother invited my uncle and aunt and Xing Yue without you." A basin of cold water poured over him, and he got goose bumps all over his body, shaking off the embarrassment on the ground. Then you call my mother. Why are you calling me? Tan Xiaoli shrunken mouth said, "you also go?" "My mother asked my aunt. She knew you were going on a business trip and called Wei Zong of your company. Wei Zong guaranteed that the contract would be won before the 4th. So my mother booked a plane for you to go to Xi on the evening of the 4th and in the morning and afternoon of the 5th. So even if the commercial contract was extended, there would be no plane to go to Xi on the afternoon of the 7th." "Why don't we both cover up and not say anything?"? When the time comes to play their own, happy National Day. "Said video at any time." Ji Xun can laugh at her stupidity over there. Tan Xiaoli was puzzled and complained: "Who decided it?" "Your mother and my mother." "What are you going to do?"? I don't know anyone there. Did Auntie book the wrong ticket? You can save some money if you return it quickly. Tan Xiaoli argued. Ji Xun was stuffy. "I was on a business trip in Xi'an in those days." Two people do not speak: ".." Passed for a long time, say with one voice: "Hang up." To go on a business trip in the evening, Mr. Wei specially asked a group of five people to go home early from work in the afternoon to pack their clothes. In fact, they didn't have to pack any luggage. The company branch was in New York. When the time came, they all wore suits customized by the company in advance. They just took two or three pieces of clothes with them and a thick coat to wear. A handbag with a little more space could solve the problem. As soon as Tan Xiaoli got home,Carbon in Pulp, he looked at the cloth handbag staggering on the sofa and sighed that he knew his daughter better than his mother. Before he began to be grateful, he was poured a basin of cold water. A note was found on the handbag to the effect that they were all out and there was no one at home, and that they would buy a meal to have dinner with her later. Just read, Tan Xiaoli picked up the phone to call the past, the phone'beep beep 'voice sounded, Tan Xiaoli heart with a fall, quickly pick up ah.. Answer the phone ,mineral flotation, finally connected: "Hey, Ji Xun, you don't have to bother to come to my house specially. My parents are not here, and your parents are not here either." "It's late, I'm at the door." Sure enough, there was a knock on the door. Tan Xiaoli took off her shoes and slid to the door. When she opened the door, a pile of lunch boxes were piled up in front of her. She pushed aside the plastic smell bag and looked at Ji Xun. He was wearing a beautiful casual white shirt. It's nice. I don't know whether the clothes themselves are beautiful or he is beautiful. Tan Xiaoli nerve endings a pumping, no reason suddenly came out of this sentence, she was surprised by herself, took the lunch box, hurriedly changed the subject, "have you eaten?" When she saw two boxes of lunch, she knew she hadn't eaten it, gold CIP machine ,gold shaking table, and Tan Xiaoli stopped asking, so she moved two stools and opened the food, her eyes shining, and there were four dishes that she liked. Did my mother tell you to buy this dish? She took a bite and asked contentedly. Ji Xun took a mouthful of white rice. "No." 'Hmm? ' Tan Xiaoli stopped chewing and forgot to move his chopsticks. "My dad?" "Me." Ji Xun poured half of her favorite mushroom and chestnut chicken into her bowl. "It can't stop your mouth." Tan Xiaoli'oh 'one, in the heart murmur this season inquires the play also to do the complete set, the ear then spreads his voice: "You can find a hotel to live in that day. I can't come to pick you up. If you call me in advance in the evening, I'll help you find a driver." Ji Xun ate very quickly and put down his bowls and chopsticks. Tan Xiaoli buried his head in eating and said'um 'without raising his head. Then he heard Ji Xun continue to say: "You can play in the city for a few days, find a tour guide or stroll by yourself. If you need a video, I will come to you.". ” Tan Xiaoli ate for a while and looked up. "After eating, I'll clean up by myself. If you have something to do, go back first." "I'll take you to the airport." "No, the company will send someone to pick you up later. I'll be with you. I won't give you any special treatment. You can go back first." Tan Xiaoli was almost finished eating and began to pack up. "Close the door when you go out. I'm going to brush my teeth." With these words, she packed up the few leftovers and put them in the trash can, wiped the table, and just went into the washroom to brush her teeth when Ji Xun walked out of the door. Tan Xiaoli roughly dressed up, the alarm clock of her mobile phone rang on time, she picked up the mobile phone on the dressing table, turned off the alarm clock, picked up a small bag across her shoulder, went to the living room to pick up a slightly larger handbag, turned off all the power, picked up the garbage, locked the door at one go. After throwing away the garbage and looking at the time, she went across the road to take a taxi. After waiting for about ten minutes, an empty car finally came. Master, go to the airport. When he was free in the car, Tan Xiaoli wanted to pick up the phone several times and call Wan Yan. He wanted to refuse to go to Xi'an, but he couldn't find any reason to refuse. He was afraid of being exposed. He flinched before he dialed out. His mobile phone went back and forth and held his breath several times. Girl, if you have something to say, you should dare to say it. I have seen many things like you on TV. I have made up my mind to go to the airport and leave the city. But there are people who can't let go. They are still in the city, hesitant, or have some misunderstanding and want to escape. As an experienced elder brother, he knows the pain of it. If you have love, you should say it out loud. Don't regret it. Taxi eldest brother's words listen to Tan Xiaoli one Leng one Leng, feeling this eldest brother is to think to be acting the idol play of dog blood? But embarrassed to discourage good intentions, she nodded forcefully: "Yes, I understand." Tan Xiaoli put down his cell phone, forget it, anyway, just a few days, just get through it, after the National Day, they are busy,gold cil machine, there is no holiday to speak of, she has to take advantage of this time to find other people, and then justifiably..