Next stop, Tianhou.

The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

However, Lan Xian was wrong this time. Miss Mu, who was frequently stuck in the machine, finished shooting the plot that could have been shot in the morning before five o'clock in the afternoon. The director wanted to cry in his heart, and he wanted to shout "card", but the state of Miss Mu was obviously not good, and if Miss Mu was not crazy, he would be crazy. Six o'clock, Ren Zeyu to go, he has to catch up with the announcement, so there is still an hour, the director originally did not want to shoot, but Miss Mu looked at the blue string sitting idly for a day, said with a bad heart: "Director, this female partner is here. Can't you shoot a scene for an hour?"? We can't waste time. The play has to be broadcast in a hurry. Sweet tone shows a look of being considerate everywhere, but which of the people present is not human essence, how can they not understand this kind of little girl's clumsy drama. This Mu Fei is not because he was "stuck" too much today, want to let the blue string also make a fool of it, otherwise today is all one of her card, that how to lose face ah, the people present know that this blue string has not acted. The director was burning with anger, but in the face of the investor's daughter, he could not brush her face, so he had to signal the lighting engineer and the cameraman to continue. At the same time, looking at Ren Zeyu apologetically,30ml dropper bottle, Ren Zeyu gave a wry smile and got up silently, even if he didn't want to, he would do it, this is his profession. As for the blue string, the director did not give her a good look, very obvious warning of the blue string to shoot well, once the card, you are ready for bad luck. Blue string cleverly nodded, not much to say. Walk into the scene room silently. It was already five o'clock in the afternoon,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and the weather was getting dark, so we couldn't shoot the daytime scenes, so we had to shoot a few scenes in advance. The director casually pointed to a scene where the male protagonist and Lisa were working overtime and asked Ren Zeyu and Lan Xian: "Scene 28, are you ready?" "Yes," Lan Xian and Ren Zeyu nodded quickly. As professional actors, they had already understood the script thoroughly, although it was only a vulgar idol drama. So it starts in five minutes. Blue, blue string, right? You go to change your costume. Scene 28 shows Lisa wearing a beige suit, which matches Lin Luo's silver-gray suit. Soon, Blue String was ready to stand in his place, Secretary Lisa's place, in five minutes. Lin Luo also sat in the office and began to read the documents. Lin Luo and Lisa's office were only separated by a glass wall. If Lin Luo did not pull down the curtain, they could see each other. However, Lin Luo, who has always been strict in his work, never looked at Lisa through the glass wall, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Blue Bottle Serum, but Lisa was distracted from time to time to look at Lin Luo through the glass wall. Sitting in the seat, Lisa quickly filed the documents, while taking the opportunity to secretly watch Lin Luo's serious work. Eyes with forbearance of love, looking at Lin Luo with a touch of pain, eyes with eager desire. This look is too positive. The director waved to the cameraman and motioned for the cameraman to zoom in for a close-up. This look is so ***ing awesome that the audience can see that this is a woman in unrequited love, absolutely interesting. However, it seems to be different from the script. In the script, the female partner loves but does not say anything, but she is so proud that she is the only one in the world who is worthy of Lin Luo. However, if it is different, it will be different. Obviously, this effect is more powerful. The scriptwriter and the director nodded at the same time, indicating to continue shooting. Time passed quietly, Lisa gazed at Lin Luo and his group, raised a helpless wry smile at the corners of her mouth, with a sense of powerlessness, Lisa sorted out the documents, picked up the documents ready to find Lin Luo, but stood there but could not walk a step.. Because Lisa has a lunch box on her desk, which she prepares for Lin Luo. She prepares one for Lin Luo every day for fear that he will be hungry when he works overtime. After several hesitations, Lisa made a great determination to take the lunch box and documents together in her hand and go to Lin Luo's office. That kind of struggle, that kind of hesitation, turned into sweetness at the moment of picking up the lunch box. As Lisa walked, she thought about Lin Luo's expression when she ate the meal, and her footsteps became lighter unconsciously. When she walked, the photographer and director found that no matter how Lan Xian walked, she would not go out of the camera range, as if. Is this really a new person? Words to the reader: Don't worry about the man, the man is not Yan Mo. In addition, please leave a message and ask for interaction. Give Cai a little help to work hard. Text 023 Newcomers without background don't need to be taught. The director looked at the back of the blue string, can not believe what he saw, this is a coincidence? This should be a coincidence, how can this new person just get stuck in the seat? It seems that the camera is not cooperating with her, but she is cooperating with the orientation of the camera. How can this feeling appear on a new person. Front shooting will not go out of the range of the camera is normal, this back shooting is very easy to go out of the camera, this new person is really not simple. The director's face finally looks good. In his eyes, unless it is a rich newcomer like Mufei, the general newcomer does not need to teach her how to act, so from the blue string here, the director did not tell her how to act, how to move. And Mu Fei? Instead, the director kept telling her how to interpret the characters and how to move, but what was the result? Far less than this new guy named Blue String. Who is the biggest person on the set? Of course, the director, the director's face is better, everyone's face is also better, it seems that this one is quite smooth. But Mu Fei's face is not good-looking, looking at the blue string, why is the same newcomer, the director does not shout "card", why she will lose face, here constantly reshooting, reshooting. Unfortunately, everyone was brought into this plot by the blue string, and had no intention to pay attention to Miss Mu. The next scene is in Lin Luo's office,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, Lisa will send the document, the surface calm heart perturbed to put their own cooking in front of Lin Luo, remind Lin Luo to eat dinner before continuing. Lin Luo was so strange that he looked up at the expressionless secretary in front of him and nodded to her to put it down.