Boudoir by August Winnie

The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

It happened that the shopkeeper called the waiter to report that because of the urgent rain, a mountain corner collapsed on the way to the White Horse Temple, blocking the road and making it impassable for a while. At that moment, some of the guests who went to Luoyang set off in the rain, but Master Shen and his party were naturally stopped. After having breakfast, the cloud servant girl looked at nurse Lin for a while, and suddenly heard a noise downstairs. The servant girl got up and went out. She looked down and saw Master Shen sitting at a table downstairs. She said with a smile, "I can't go on my way. It's boring. You should sing a good song to relieve the master's boredom." The head of the inn knew that Master Shen was a rich man and did not dare to neglect him. There were not many guests at the moment. Although it was not the time for the play, because he had opened his mouth, he asked what kind of play he wanted to hear. Master Shen was thinking hard when he saw Mr. Song coming down from upstairs. "Yes," said Master Shen, "you can sing" Wang Po scolds the chicken "for me." Holding back a laugh, the head of the class took the order to go, dressed up for a moment, and then went on stage to sing. Mr. Song first glanced at the people in the building, his eyes stopped on a shadow in the corner, and immediately greeted Master Shen as if nothing had happened, ordered breakfast, and sat down at the next table. Just as he was gibbering away, Master Shen saw Xue Junsheng coming out and quickly greeted him again. Xue Junsheng came forward and saluted. Master Shen said, "Brother Xue, what do you think of this singing?" Xue Junsheng said with a smile,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, "I know very little about Xifu Diao. I came to Luoyang this time to open my eyes. I think it's very good. That's why Master Shen is so happy." Master Shen said with a smile, "Your songs in the south of the Yangtze River are too soft. It's good for you to listen to them." As he spoke, he sang along: "If someone who pulls the strings eats my chicken secretly, the three strings will be broken, and you can't pull them up on the stage. You won't be annoyed to death.." Xue Junsheng recognized some meaning and glanced slightly at Master Song. But seeing that he kept his countenance, he ate by himself, wiped his mouth, and then said, "Master Shen is in a good mood. Early in the morning he was scolded by chickens. It's just that Master Shen has traveled all over the country and is well-informed. How could he listen to the words of two little cubs whose hair has not grown up and make trouble for half a night in vain?" When Mr. Song finished,Serum Bottle With Dropper, he took another look at Xue Junsheng. His eyes were cold, and he did not watch the play. He got up and left with his hands on his back. "Why don't you go after the play, Song Xiandi?" Master Shen asked behind him. Mr. Song ignored it, with some contempt in his eyes, which was different from yesterday's warmth. After Mr. Song left, Master Shen took a teacup and sat next to Xue Junsheng, talking to him one by one, asking him how old he was and where he was going to wait. Although Xue Junsheng did not like it very much in his heart, he still answered gently on his face. After eating a few mouthfuls, he only said that he was full and got up to go back to the house. Just as he was going up the stairs, Xue Junsheng suddenly stopped at the corner. When he looked up, he saw a man standing quietly above him. It was Mr. Song who had gone first. At the moment, he was looking down at him with a big look in his eyes. When Xue Junsheng was stunned, he still went up. Just as he was about to pass by, he heard Mr. Song's surmise: "Little things who don't know whether they are alive or dead, oil dropper bottle ,30ml Dropper Bottle, if they don't think they have a long life, they will get out immediately." Xue Junsheng said, "What do you mean, sir?" Mr. Song's eyes changed slightly. He reached out and pinched Xue Junsheng's neck. As soon as he reached forward, he pressed him against the wall. He was tall and his hands were strong. Xue Junsheng had no time to struggle. Just as Mr. Soong was about to exert himself, he heard someone at the top of the stairs say coldly, "What are you doing?" He suddenly looked up and saw that it was Cui Yun who was standing upstairs. Mr. Soong grinned grimly and said, "With you.." But before he had finished, his eyes suddenly changed and he looked behind him. His expression was confused and frightened, as if a pretentious hunter had suddenly discovered that he was the prey in the eyes of others. Mr. Song suddenly let go, took a step back, and pressed his body tightly against the wall, which was an alert posture. Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 61 It was said that Mr. Song suddenly let go of Xue Junsheng and stood against the wall, his face suspicious and flustered. Cloud servant girl upstairs, see his eyes frequently glanced downstairs, but there is no one below. In an instant, Mr. Song was still clinging to the wall, moving step by step at his feet, alert to come up. Finally, he jumped upstairs with an arrow and rushed to the railing to look down. Downstairs, Master Shen and several early guests were sitting in twos and threes watching the play, and the stairway entrance was empty. Mr. Song furrowed his brows and looked around for a while before hurrying back to his room. Xue Junsheng leaned against the wall, holding his neck in his hand and coughing softly. The cloud servant girl had no time to pay attention to Mr. Song. She hurried down to support him and asked, "How is it going?" Junsheng covered his mouth and coughed several times. "It's no big deal," he said reluctantly. Cloud servant girl saw his white greasy neck more than a few reddish fingerprints, the heart can not help but surprised and angry. When Xue Junsheng saw that the cloud servant girl was angry, he gently grasped her wrist and said, "How could he be so.." Must be because of a guilty conscience, afraid of us. You're right about ruining him. This man must be the real murderer. "When the cloud servant girl heard his voice hoarse, her heart tightened." Don't make a sound, "she said hurriedly. Then he helped Xue Junsheng slowly up the stairs. Two into the room, the cloud servant girl looked carefully to see if he was badly hurt, and asked the dewdrop to take Qingyin pills, and then go to make a bowl of egg tea. Xue Junsheng couldn't help saying, "It really doesn't matter. Don't worry, Brother Feng." Little did they know that the cloud servant girl was perturbed and thought, "This is the red horn of the capital, with a wonderful voice and a clear voice, just like the sounds of nature.". Wouldn't it be a great sin if he hurt his voice because of this. And for Xue Junsheng, with the cloud servant girl to meet now, this is the first time she is so Zhang Huang, even though last night experienced that terrible situation, she was calm, but now it is so. Xue Junsheng couldn't help smiling, but he didn't stop her any longer. He took the Qingyin pills in an instant. The cloud servant girl held the egg tea for him and said, "Drink it slowly. It's a little hot." Seeing that Xue Junsheng hesitated to drink, the cloud servant girl said, "I had a sore throat when I was sick, so my mother gave me this to drink." Xue Junsheng couldn't help laughing again. He took the egg tea and said in a gentle voice, "Thank you,Amber Dropper Bottles, Brother Feng." At that moment, he drank slowly one mouthful at a time, and the bottom of his heart was ironed inexplicably.