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The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

Wang Yu heard a look up, another mountain demon holding a giant hammer is hard to hit the vine, the thick vine has been smashed to pieces. At that time, Wang Yu broke his fist and rushed over, kicking him with a thunderbolt. The mountain demon, who was pouting his buttocks and swinging a hammer, was kicked by Wang Yu and fell off the cliff with a stuffy hum. Bang.. A huge sound of free fall came from the foot of the mountain, and the poor mountain demon was thrown to death. Niu Gur is so cruel. The lone Jianghu man said sincerely. Wang Yu did not pay attention to this boy, because just now the mountain demon ran over with a hammer, Wang Yu stared at the mountain demon's weapon attentively. The mountain demon rushed to the front of Wang Yu, the giant hammer was raised high, Wang Yu smiled slightly, his body flashed to the back of the mountain demon, his arms suddenly stretched forward, and pushed the big man down. Yes Is to push, the attack of the mountain demon is not so good, but the destructive power of the equipment is too strong, Wang Yu was afraid of this bear thing, even the rogue moves are used out. After getting rid of the mountain demon, Wang Yu took out a rope and went down. He shouted to the lone Jianghu traveler, "Grab the rope quickly. I'll pull you up." The vines are already crumbling,Quillaja Saponin, not to mention how long they can hold out, just walk alone at this speed, climb up the mountain to brush a few waves, Wang Yu is not sure that every time he can stop the mountain demon who is doing damage everywhere. The lone Jianghu man didn't talk nonsense. He let go of the vine and grabbed the rope. Wang Yu on the cliff pulled him up three or two times. On the edge of the cliff, there seemed to be only these two monsters. After the lone Jianghu guest came up, he pointed not far away and said, "The dagger is there." "What?" Wang Yu opened the map and took a look at the coordinates, and sure enough,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, the task coordinates were on the edge of the cliff. Then Wang Yu walked a few steps along the cliff in the direction of the finger of the lone Jianghu guest, and found a dark purple mass, faintly visible with a dagger inserted there. You have good eyes. Wang Yu said in surprise. Thief occupation is just night vision, the light on the top of the mountain is very good, the vision of the lone Jianghu guest is similar to that of Wang Yu, but Wang Yu's perennial habit, vision is more concentrated, so compared with normal players, it is easier to find some details, but the lone Jianghu guest found a dagger that Wang Yu did not see, which is a bit surprising to Wang Yu. "" The lone Jianghu traveler's face changed slightly. "It just so happened.." he said hurriedly. "Oh.." Wang Yu knew that some special props could increase the field of vision. Looking at the expression of the lone Jianghu guest, he should not want to say, so Wang Yu did not ask, but urged: "Go and pull out the dagger quickly. I'm still going to practice." "Good!" The lone Jianghu guest answered and put his hand into the black fog. As soon as the lone Jianghu guest's arm touched the black fog, the six-pointed star on his arm lit up, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Theobromine Powder, and then the black fog gradually melted. After the black fog dissipated, Wang Yu found that the place where the dagger was checked was a strange magic array. There was a trace of crack in the position where the dagger was inserted in the magic array. A wisp of black drifted out of the crack and drifted to the front of the sunset peak. I said, man, if you pull out this dagger, nothing will happen. Wang Yu asked worriedly. Hearing Wang Yu's words, the lone Jianghu traveler took a strange look at Wang Yu: "Eldest brother, this is a game. Does the accident have anything to do with us?" According to the normal player's thinking, as long as the task is completed according to the system prompts, who will think what will happen next, Wang Yu is a thorough game Xiaobai, consciousness conversion is not so fast, ask such a question, no wonder will be despised. "" Embarrassed, Wang Yu said, "All right, you go on." The lone Jianghu man lowered his head, grabbed the handle of the dagger and pulled it out. The dagger was pulled out. After the dagger was pulled out, the magic array under the dagger began to crack, and finally broke, revealing a small black box. Seeing the small black box, the lone Jianghu man threw the dagger into his bag and reached out to grab the box. Just then, Wang Yu suddenly shouted: "Get down quickly, there is someone behind you!" " As soon as Wang Yu's voice fell, the lone Jianghu guest hurriedly lay on the ground. At the same time, a tall and thin masked assassin emerged behind the lone Jianghu guest. Holding the dagger, the assassin was stabbing in the back. The lone Jianghu man lay on the ground and dodged the vital point. He was not killed by a knife in seconds. The assassin saw that a blow did not kill his opponent in seconds, so he reached out to grab the black box. System prompt: Your team has been attacked by "One Page Book". You have 180 seconds to defend yourself. PK tips? It's a player! With these words, Wang Yu rushed over with an arrow and punched the guy named "One Page Book". A page of the book seemed to have eyes behind it, and a backhand dagger blocked it in the air. The dagger was so delicate that it happened to seal Wang Yu's fist. Eh? Wang Yu was surprised and suspicious for a moment. He held the tiger's paw in his right hand, turned over his hand, grabbed the wrist of a page of the book, pinched the crane's beak in his left hand, and poked the back of a page of the book mercilessly. The right hand that had been caught in a book also pinched the crane's beak, shrank back, and broke free in Wang Yu's hand. At the same time, he turned forward on the spot and was forced back several meters. Wang Yu took the opportunity to wave his left hand and caught the black box in his hand. A page of the book covered his face, Wang Yu two people can not see his expression, but in his eyes, full of surprise. How do you know left crane top hand? A clear voice came in the direction of the assassin. Wang Yu and the lone Jianghu guest were stunned. They glanced at the assassin's chest again. Then they looked at each other incredibly and said in unison, "It's a woman?"? It's impossible. "Humph!" A page of the book heard a cold hum, opened the gallop, holding a dagger with a phantom rushed to the front of Wang Yu. Wang Yu stepped back, slightly to one side, grabbed the arm of a page of the book with his left hand, held the tiger's paw on the chin of a page of the book with his right hand, and threw it directly down the cliff. Chapter 434 mandatory tasks. Seeing this scene, the hair of the lone Jianghu traveler stood up in fright. Holy shit, you,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, you threw her down? The lone Jianghu man pointed at Wang Yu and asked. Seeing such a big reaction from the lone Jianghu traveler, Wang Yu asked in reply, "Isn't she the enemy?"? Is there anything wrong with throwing it down? 。 pioneer-biotech.com