Sugar is for you to eat (end of the fan outside)

The Jade Raksha was also surprised. As he stretched out his hand to brush his temples, he added an infinite amorous feeling.

Feiyuan: I have been watching before, and I feel that Du Jingzhi is selling corruption and selling face. As a result, I saw the excellent achievements of the two of them. They were picked up by netizens, and their public persona did not collapse. I feel that both of them are very real. Come on! Youyi's wife: (. -`ω-) Uh-huh, finally revealed the secret that everyone knows and pretended to know it just now. Congratulations. Shortly after reporting to the university. Du Jingzhi: 1.22 million fans. Qiao Lianzhi: 1.02 million fans. The author has something to say: The book is over. Really extraordinary play, 250000 words of the plan, finally wrote 350000 words, applause for themselves. Here for a collection, here is always more of the Mexico, roll sell cute for collection, we continue to book about the next! Take over the file: "Life is not long [entertainment circle]" has enough manuscripts ~ beg to take away ~ I wish I could sit on it ten times a day and take the initiative to be attacked by the flower of Kaolin, which has the strength to be attacked ten times a day and has red ears. This book is also known as "the years when ghosts recognized him as the boss" and "the entertainment circle of ghosts". People can see people, ghosts can see ghosts. When people can see ghosts, they are not far from death. Only by accumulating virtue and doing good deeds can we save our lives. Lu Wenxi, a popular idol, has a good family background, good appearance and high popularity. At the same time, he has poor acting skills, bad temper and bad reputation. Recently, there have been many strange things around him, and bad luck has followed him like a shadow. He can look at and talk with ghosts, or even be attacked. After being told that he was dead and dying, he had two dying wishes: One: Become the best actor. Two: Sleep with Xu Chen. Later, when a new ghost enters the netherworld, you will hear that there is a special organization here, called Hundred Ghosts. The boss of the hundred ghosts is a living man named Lu Wenxi. In short, Lu Wenxi was forced to do good deeds in order to save his life. As a result, he accidentally whitewashed his image and became a high-quality idol. Then he was stimulated by a group of ghosts to act well, and finally became the best actor. The evil and beautiful man who especially loves flirting is attacked by the flower year of Kaolin, whose ears are red as soon as he is flirted. Key words: entertainment circle,Thyroid Powder Factory, supernatural, yin-yang eye, ghost hunter, strong APP users click on the author column and enter the new book to have a look. Extra chapter 4 years old On the weekend, two small hands clung to the railings of the terrace and watched the people opposite move things into their homes. There seemed to be a child standing in the room, who seemed to be in the way of standing anywhere in the room, and then came out on the terrace and saw the weekend at a glance. The child has brown hair, the hair is a little thick, especially soft, like a pot cover on the top of the head. Obviously has a particularly delicate face, but because the expression is not good, and appears fierce. But the weekend has been watching him, staring at him. I've never seen such a lovely child on the weekend. Is it a girl? The child also looked at the weekend, and then looked at the weekend, it seems that the weekend just looked at their eyes too dull, very disgusted. In the corner, Sex Enhancement Powder ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he sat cross-legged on the ground, his hands around his chest, and muttered, "Are you a fool?" The weekend was stunned for a while, only to realize that the child seemed to be saying that he was a fool. My name is weekend. On the weekend, he suddenly said such a sentence, which seemed to be a refutation to prove that he was not a fool. The child turned his head to look at the weekend again, but ignored it. He just moved his little buttocks and turned his back to the weekend. Three days later, I saw the fierce child at home on the weekend. He was brought by his mother and greeted his neighbors. The child's character is particularly awkward, Zhou's mother asked him to sit down, he did not sit, is holding his mother's legs, standing on the edge of the sofa, looking at others. Run over on the weekend, went to the child's side to ask: "What do you call?" The child ignored him and snorted. Zhou's mother was amused and couldn't help asking, "Your child is really beautiful. Is she a girl?" But before the mother answered, the child himself shouted fiercely: "It's a boy!" " The weekend was not frightened by this beast-like child, but thought he was very cute. He raised his hand and poked him in the face and asked, "What's your name?" The little boy's mother seemed to feel that her son was impolite and immediately urged her son to say his name. Du Jingzhi. Replied the little boy. Mirror "Uh-huh.". ” "Then I'll call you Little Mirror." "No." "Oh." The weekend did not care, just answered, and then sighed, "You are so cute." Du Jingzhi immediately blushed, but still stared fiercely at the weekend, emphasizing: "I am a boy." "Very, very cute boy." Du Jingzhi doesn't want to talk about the weekend. 5 years old Running fast on the weekend, he caught up with Du Jingzhi, who was walking in front of him, and shouted in his mouth: "Little Mirror, wait for me." "I said don't call it that." Du Jingzhi a little annoyed white weekend one eye, did not wait for the weekend at all, continue to go forward, but also deliberately accelerated the speed. After that, he caught up with Du Jingzhi on the weekend, went to the kindergarten with Du Jingzhi, looked at Du Jingzhi's face, and then smiled happily. What are you laughing at? Du Jingzhi asked the weekend, his eyes were still unfriendly. You, little cat. As he spoke, he wiped his finger on Du Jingzhi's chin. "It's all jam. Get up late?" "My mother had to make me eat breakfast and send me here, so I ran out." "Come to my house to play in the evening. My family has bought a new game machine." Du Jingzhi took a look at the weekend, hesitated for a while, or refused: "No." "Why?" "Hate you." "Why do you hate me?" Du Jingzhi could not say it, because Du's mother always praised the weekend in front of him, and he felt uncomfortable? How to say this reason? Finally, he answered anything in a sullen way. Weekend did not care, opened his mouth and pointed to his teeth: "Small Mirror, I began to change teeth, you see." "What's there to see?" Du Jingzhi hid back for a while. My mother made fun of me because I had an open tooth. When I laughed, I leaked air and was very ugly. Hearing what the weekend said,Heme Iron Polypeptide, Du Jingzhi couldn't help laughing, and then the weekend came over again and asked, "Would the little mirror like to play video games with the little teeth?" 。