Rogue master II

"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed,

"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed, because your character is the most disadvantaged, and when they are together, I always feel that you will be ignored." Some people have a person completely, but can not feel satisfied, some people have a person completely. But I don't feel safe. Mi Wei looked at Zhang Peng, "but when I was with you, I was very peaceful and secure.". I never felt left out. After saying this, Miwei raised her head and kissed Zhang Peng with warm lips like fire. Although Miwei is weak in appearance, she is not a girl without her own opinions. It was also the first time she held Zhang Peng's hand. And now. She also took the initiative to kiss Zhang Peng for the first time when the tenderness was as strong as the honey that could not be melted. Although this kiss is so green, so clumsy. But this kiss and this night are enough for Zhang Peng and her to remember for a lifetime. Xiaoxiang night rain, outside the window is a quiet world, the sound of rain. Inside the room, Miwei and Zhang Peng were entangled and let Zhang Peng gallop on his perfect body. The room is full of spring. When you ask about the return date,Pallet rack beams, the autumn pool rises in the night rain of Bashan Mountain. He Dang cuts the west window candle together, but talks about the night rain in Bashan. On a rainy night like this. I don't know how many places are performing lovesickness, parting and tenderness like Zhang Peng and Mi Wei. But at this time! In a room in a hotel. But there are many men! These men are all looking at a computer in front of them! With a crackle. The street lamp opposite the hotel suddenly broke down, and the lamp inside flashed for a moment. It suddenly broke down. Before the street lamp is broken, the light is flickering. The sign of the hotel was illuminated with four big characters, "Longmen Inn!" "Damn it!" And at this time,Drive in racking system, many men in the hotel were startled by the sudden broken street lamp opposite the window, tucked in their clothes and shouted, "Depend on it!"! Nin! You recommend this place, even if the central air conditioning is not cold at all, even the opposite street lamp is like a ghost fire, it will suddenly break down and frighten people. “MLBGD!” Nin also depressed cried up, "you think I would like to ah, I am also the last time to play the game, was cheated by Fang Shaoyun, he also told me last time, this Longmen Inn is very awesome, just the appearance of the landlady will be like the Longmen Inn in the movie as Jinxiangyu let us never forget, radio shuttle racking ,Steel racking system, how do I know Jinxiangyu is beautiful and coquettish and unforgettable." And the landlady he said is coquettish and ugly, which is unforgettable forever! “MD!” The N people in the whole room shouted indignantly, "Fang Shaoyun is so shameless!" "Big brothers, what are you shouting about? Do you need anything?" As soon as talent N shouted, a sweet voice came from the corridor. Damn it Almost all the people in the room almost fainted to death, and for a moment there was no one breathing, but they all said softly, Fang Shaoyun. In this room, Shanghai RVA, Beijing Raytheon, Beijing ChnT, Renegade Club … . Attend in Changsha this time Many of the top players of ESWC are all gathered in this room of Nin. And the reason why they are in this hotel is that they were cheated by Fang Shaoyun when Nin came to play last time. Fang Shaoyun told Nin that the Longmen Inn here is good, especially the appearance of the proprietress will make them unforgettable forever. Nin remembered it after hearing it. When I came to Nin this time, I specially booked here. I also told the acquaintances of Beijing Raytheon, ChnaT, Renegade Club and so on that this place was good. After I came, Nin didn't seem to see any particularly beautiful proprietress. There was only a dinosaur with a height of 160 and a weight of 160 with big gold teeth sitting at the counter. So he couldn't help asking, where is your proprietress? As a result, the dinosaur made him faint as soon as he opened his mouth. The dinosaur replied that she was the landlady and asked Nin if the landlady needed any service. Just say so, but the landlady's eyes are still very coquettish, and her voice is sweeter than some of the female hosts of the voice station. If Fang Shaoyun was there at that time, Nin would certainly copy the mouse with red eyes and hit the other party Shaoyun in the past, "Don't play with people's feelings like this, we'll see you on LUNA!" Everything that has an effect must have a cause. The reason why they were in this hotel was that they were fooled by Fang Shaoyun. And now they are all gathered in this room, also because Fang Shaoyun drove them to the Changsha competition area to train his apprentice Zhang Peng! Now so many people gathered together, is to study Zhang Peng's play, to deal with Fang Shaoyun's apprentice! Originally, before the battle between Train and Zhang Peng, it was the number of people in PNZ who gave advice. But now after the first day of the game. Give advice to deal with Zhang Pengdi, but is already the vast majority of the top players to participate in the Changsha Division! "All right!"! If you can't kill Zhang Peng, it will really make Fang Shaoyun secretly happy. Nin gnashed his teeth and cursed Fang Shaoyun for not lifting at night for at least a week, then asked Reavr and Corsair, "I've seen his Re five times. Do you see anything?" There are so many masters here. Nin asked these two people first. It's because these two guys are the best Protoss players in so many people. They are Protoss players. Last say. This guy is a good use of lightning soldiers and high-tech arms in the later period! Hearing Nin's question, Reavr immediately said. I think to deal with him, as long as we use the method of thoroughly suppressing the consumption in the early stage, it depends on the operation. The use of oppressive play, so that he can not produce any high-tech arms. It's no problem to fight all the way. "I don't think it's that simple. His timing is too strong." Corsair shook his head in dissent. Train, who was defeated by Zhang Peng, also nodded and said,warehouse rack manufacturer, "Yes, when you hit him, you can't take advantage of it at all.".