Dongfang Yu breaks Tianjiao with one sword

"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed,

"Ah!" Shen Ruohua gave him a word of warning. Suddenly he clapped his hands and said with a smile, "Fourth Sister, there's a lot of truth in that. We don't have to dress up as men." Pretend, why not pretend to be a witch in black, in case of being discovered by others, only when we are a witch in black, is it not more convenient? Okay, I Now go to the street and buy four sets of black clothes. ※ ※ ※ Aunt Shen hurried to the ferry to cross the river. She hurried on. There were still four or five miles away from Guazhou. She saw standing in front of a forest. A tall, thin old man in black saw Aunt Shen approaching and said coldly, "Aunt Shen, my brother has been waiting here for a long time." As soon as Aunt Shen gazed, she saw clearly that the tall and thin man in black had a long and narrow face and a goatee on his chin, which looked like a Wood, the right sleeve flutters, the right arm is broken! (His right arm was cut off by Ling Ganqing's "Tian Rang Yi Jian".) Although she had never seen a wooden dragon chariot like the sea, she knew exactly what he looked like. She stopped at her feet and said in a cold voice, "Who are you?" Wooden dragon car like the sea? Che Ruhai smiled without expression and said, "Auntie has a good eye. She called out her brother's name at once." "" You must have something to teach me if you wait here for your old age, "said Aunt Shen. "I dare not see him." Che Ruhai smiled sullenly and said, "Brother, I'd like to ask you a question. Is it because Master Huo has arrived in Zhenjiang that she has something to call you?" "When Aunt Shen heard this, she was stunned." How could he know? "She wondered. "Why are you doing this?" He snorted. Things? "" Brother, I don't think Aunt Shen needs to go, "said Che Ruhai. "What do you mean," said Aunt Shen angrily,Narrow aisle rack, "the car is like a sea?" Che Ruhai cracked his mouth and said with a laugh, "Because the letter from the flying pigeon that your aunt Shen received was written by a brother." Aunt Shen's face sank and she snorted, "The car is like the sea. How dare you!" Che Ruhai said, "Brother alone, of course, he doesn't have the courage, but he didn't come alone." "Do you have any help?" Asked Aunt Shen. The voice just comes out, listen to somebody interface only: "Still have a brother." With the voice, a short old man with broad shoulders and a big bald head came out of the forest. Aunt Shen gazed at him and said,Pallet rack supplier, "Big Head Ghost Wang Lenglun." Suddenly there was another interface behind him: "There are still brothers." Aunt Shen looked back hurriedly. Behind her was a man in black dressed as a scribe, with a black folding fan in his hand and a smile on his face. Rong, who was in his early forties, was startled and said, "It's Wei Sanyuan, a scholar with a black fan." "Wei Sanyuan held the fan in his arms and said with a smile," Aunt Shen, please. It's polite here, brother. When Aunt Shen saw that the three of them had just surrounded themselves in the middle, she could not help laughing coldly and said, "You three probably want to have a gang fight." Yes, that's all right. Since it's directed at the old body, let's go together! "" It's a misunderstanding, Aunt Shen, "said the Wooden Dragon Che Ruhai with a smile." The three brothers have been ordered by Lord Guan to pay their respects to your aunt. "What's the matter?" Asked Aunt Shen? Does Zhu Jiutong want to rebel? Wei Sanyuan, a scholar with a black fan, said with a smile, Cantilever Storage rack ,heavy duty racking system, "Lord Guan doesn't want to fall out with your gang, so I'd like to ask Aunt Shen to come with me. Lord Guan I want to explain the misunderstanding between the two sides face to face with my aunt, and then ask my aunt to tell Master Huo that it's better to have a person who turns around. Aunt Shen said, "If Zhu Jiutong has something to say, he can explain it to Master Huo face to face. I don't want to see him." "How can that be?" Asked the wooden dragon? The three brothers were ordered to welcome the aunt swordsman. If the aunt doesn't go, how can the brothers make friends with Guan Zhu Where is the generation? Aunt Shen said in a cold voice, "It's your business how to explain.". ” "" Aunt Shen, "said Leng Lun, the big-headed ghost king, with pity," we are inviting each other with good intentions. Don't you want to give us any face? " Aunt Shen naturally knew that today's situation was difficult. "Zhu Jiutong wants you three to wait in the middle of the road," she said with a sneer. Then naturally tell you that if the old man refuses to go, the three of you will probably be strong, but unfortunately the old man is a person who eats soft and does not eat hard. The three of you have a destiny, so you don't have to be polite. Just do it. "Black Fan Xiucai laughed and said," So Aunt Shen already knew. With the sound of his voice, a black paper fan had been opened. This is very obvious, people have opened the folding fan, is ready to start. "Aunt Shen raised her right wrist and clenched her sword in her hand." Please, three of you, "she shouted coldly. The wooden dragon chariot cracked like a sea and said with a deep smile, "Aunt Shen speaks quickly. It seems that we have to do so, brother." Ask the aunt for some advice first. His right arm was broken at the shoulder, leaving an empty sleeve, and he raised his left hand, and the blue light shone. The four-foot long sword with the handle had already been split out, and the sword was pulled out at one go, as fast as a flash of lightning. As soon as Aunt Shen raised her long sword, her body quickly dodged, and she also waved a sword to attack and attack. That big head ghost Wang Leng Lun, black fan scholar Wei Sanyuan therefore this line is led by the wooden dragon, since he has already made a move, two people have to stop. Aunt Shen snorted coldly, "Why don't you come with the Big Head Ghost King and the Black Fan Scholar?" Che Ruhai laughed and said, "If Aunt Shen defeats her brother, he will naturally play." Said in the mouth, a tight hand, the sword is like a wheel, a sword light flying out, even if the left hand makes the sword, still amazing power! Aunt Shen is surrounded by strong enemies. How can she show weakness? Swordsmanship unfolds, all over the body, blue light around, is not weak at all! In the twinkling of an eye, twenty or thirty strokes had been dismantled. Although Che Ruhai knew that Aunt Shen was good at martial arts, he did not expect her swordsmanship to be so pure. The door was sealed very tightly, and on several occasions he was too impatient and took risks to attack, and was almost swept by Aunt Shen's sword, knowing that he had used his sword with his left hand. He is not as skillful as his right hand in terms of skill, but he is also one of the most famous wooden dragons in Jianghu. Now there is even one If a woman can't be attacked by others, won't it damage her reputation? As soon as this thought moved, he kept inhaling the True Qi and carried all the internal strength to the sword. At that moment, the wind of the sword rose, even the branches in the nearby forest. The leaves are all rustling. Aunt Shen tried her best to use her sword,Warehouse storage racks, but she only drew with Che Ruhai. There were two masters on the side, eyeing covetously, ready to wait for an opportunity.