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"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed,

Look at that! Everyone is nervous when they do anything! I'm afraid that if I don't do well, I'll be used by the religious leader to vent my anger! Hey! Since the Christian came back yesterday and said those desperate words, the religious leader's face was colder than the ice of winter! See not pleasing to the eye, eradicate! Including people! "Pow!"! Somebody! ~ Throw him out and chop him up! Seventeenth! This is the seventeenth person who died today because he was in the way of the religious leader's eyes! A spacious room with black decorations everywhere! A man with a slightly pale face was lying on a bed covered with a black silk brocade quilt! Standing in the room more than ten subordinates, the atmosphere did not dare to bow their heads! In the heart sends out the common cry: Finished! The religious leader is angry! It's time to die again! "Useless git!" The man sitting on the bed roared in a low voice. He's so angry! Yesterday sent hundreds of subordinates, to catch that Chu Yifeng back, to see a doctor for himself, but he dared to kill all his subordinates! No! But also left a waste to send their own so irritating words! Hum! He hasn't reached the point of death yet! Tell me to wait for death in peace? Ok! Then Chu Yifeng, I will let you see, before I die, can you eradicate the valley of medicine! The face of the ghost, more and more black! Standing on the side of the subordinates,coltan ore processing, the heart is getting tighter and tighter! The religious leader looks so terrible now! "Pass the word!"! The main Japanese religion of the Ming Dynasty went to eradicate the Valley of Medicine in person. The man on the bed, after coldly ordered, waved down all the subordinates! The leader of Picking Star Pavilion, Ming Sha, is said to be the biggest devil in Jianghu. Tomorrow he will go to pick the Valley of Medicine in person! This news is almost in the first time,portable gold wash plant, spread to the ears of the major schools! Some are discussing whether to help or not, while others are discussing whether to watch the battle or not! In short The bloody storm in Jianghu will begin again. ! "Valley Lord!"! Tomorrow's battle is bound to be a bitter battle! "Yes!"! Elder Martial Brother, what do you want to say? In Chu Yifeng's bedroom, Chu Liuyun and Chu Yifeng sat at the mahogany round table. "Younger Martial Brother, how long do you think the Five Elements and Eight Diagrams Array outside the Valley can trap them?" I don't know! Elder Martial Brother, if you want to take someone to attack them outside the valley, I won't allow it! "Younger Martial Brother, you.." Chu Liuyun did not think of his own mind, the younger martial brother actually guessed! Elder Martial Brother, chrome washing machine ,tin beneficiation plant, I won't let you take the risk this time! First stop, I'll go! "Younger Martial Brother!" Chu Liuyun stood up with a little excitement, not to mention that he was the younger brother he had brought up since he was a child, but as the Lord of the Valley, he did not allow him to be hurt at all! "Elder Martial Brother!"! Don't say it again! I have something to ask you! Hearing that Chu Yifeng had something to do with himself, Chu Liuyun was no longer so excited! It seems that the younger martial brother still understands his pains! "Elder Martial Brother, I know the evil spirits are coming for me this time!"! I'm not afraid of him! However, I am very worried about Keer who is practicing in the stone room. You promise me that you will protect her at all costs! Chu Yifeng's words almost made Chu Liuyun vomit blood! What? Protect that girl?! I didn't hear it wrong! The wind should care about her so much!? Protest looked at Chu Yifeng, received only his firm eyes! That's all! If she is your worry, I will help you! Chu Liuyun acquiesced and turned away! Chu Yifeng sat at the table and thought deeply: Keer! You have to be careful! Tomorrow I hope they don't go to the back hill. ! Ming Sha! If you touch her tomorrow! I will not let you go! (Hehe.. Updated ! Updated! In the next chapter, Ming Sha and Chu Yifeng are going to fight! Wonderful chapter, not to be missed!) [Volume II Dominating the World: Section 15 Chu Yifeng's Defeat] On the second day, outside the Medical Valley, there were many followers of the Demon Sect! Ming Sha dressed in a black robe, half of the hair neatly combed, the other half of the hair, fluttering with the wind, more domineering in the evil spirit! Delicate facial features, at this time plain can not see what he was thinking? Hands behind his back, only the deep possessive desire in his eyes shows what he wants to do most at this time! His eyes, now through the trees in front of him, looked straight into the valley! "Master!" The new Dharma Protector of the Star Picking Pavilion, who is also the newest confidant of the evil spirit of the underworld, walked respectfully to the evil spirit of the underworld and whispered back the news about the forest that he had just heard! The Five Elements and Eight Diagrams Array? Hum! Go and find a master to break it! Do not put such means in the eye at all, dark evil spirit mouth floats snigger! "Master!"! No one can really understand it! The people who broke the array changed one after another, but none of them came out alive! Helplessly, the ghost had to return! "Is it?"? Then none of those who watch the play can solve it? Innuendo and mockery! Don't think he's blind! The group of fools who followed him to watch the play did not need to be in vain! If I think I'm from a decent family, can't I do anything to you? "Yes!" Clear departure, followed by screams! Why? That's the sound of a playgoer being thrown into the woods! "Master!" After a long time, of course,gold heap leaching, this period is also a constant scream. You Sha came to report. How's it going? "Subordinates deserve to die, subordinates have clumsy eyes!"! We're looking for incompetents! You Sha is very afraid now! Can he not be afraid? In the past, several Dharma protectors were killed mercilessly by the religious leader because they failed to complete the task! Will the religious leader also kill himself to vent his anger now? "Hehe..". Very good ! You're good with words! Incompetent! Good point! I have a reward! 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com