The Complete Works of Qin Xu, the Death of Hokage _ Pai Pai Novels

"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed,

Holding back a laugh, Bai took out a syringe from his bag and gave Jin an injection of nutrient solution. Jin frowned slightly and leisurely woke up. As soon as Kim opened his eyes, he saw the same smiling face as the day angel. "How do you feel?" Jin looked around blankly, suddenly saw Qin Xu, Jin immediately shouted, struggling to escape in the opposite direction, far away from Qin Xu, and even hid behind the white. Qin Xu helplessly looked at Jin's performance, while Bai looked at Qin Xu with a very funny expression: "It seems that you scared her so much." At this time, Jin recognized Bai. He suddenly let go of his hand and retreated to the corner. What is this place? Qin Xu sighed, "This is my home. Do you still remember what happened?" As soon as Jin heard Qin Xu's words, he immediately revealed a face of fear and a pleading expression: "Please, don't lock me up in that space again." Bai looked at Jin's expression, and his sympathy began to overflow again. He walked up to Jin and said, "Don't worry, we won't do that." When Jin heard Bai's words, he breathed a sigh of relief, but he still looked at Qin Xu with fear on his face. Qin Xu said helplessly, "You have been locked up inside for two months,coltan ore processing, but you should still be able to understand the situation outside.". I don't need to repeat what happened in the past two months, do I? King shook his head. "What are you going to do with me?" "What do you want us to do?" Qin Xu asked in reply. Jin shook his head. "I don't know. In the village, the only people who can be called my companions are Sark and Toth. Now they are both dead. If I go back, Orochimaru will treat me like Toth and Sark. I don't want to die, but.." At this point, Jin once again looked at Qin Xu in fear. Qin Xu smiled and said, "Don't worry,manganese beneficiation plant, I never kill a woman unless she hurts someone who is very important to me." Jin looked at Qin Xu in disbelief. Bai pulled Jin up from the ground. "Are you hungry? I'll get you something to eat." At this point, Kim's stomach was very cooperative, and Bai smiled and turned to run into the kitchen. Qin Xu pointed to the dining table and said, "Let's go. I haven't had any water for two months. If I'm not hungry, there will be ghosts.". After you reply, I will send you to my private base in the country of snow, where there are two people like you who were captured by me in Yinren Village, Duoyuye and Xianglin. You should know them. Kim nodded and sat down carefully in his seat. After a while, Bai served the meal. Jin, who was hungry and anxious, couldn't help it any longer. He ate it hungrily and looked at it in a daze. ~ _ ~ _ ~ the snowflakes are drifting through the snow. At dusk, Jin, who had recovered, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, looked at Qin Xu with some uncertainty, not knowing how Qin Xu would get her to the land of snow. With a slight smile, Qin Xu pulled out his sword and stabbed it out of thin air. "Untie it." At the tip of the sword, a Japanese-style sliding door appeared out of thin air. The door opened and two hell butterflies flew out. Qin Xu turned to look at Jin and said, "Let's go. This passage will allow us to reach the land of snow in twenty minutes. Remember, you must follow me closely. If I let you fall into a different space, you won't be able to come out like the anti-membrane." Jin was stunned, swallowed saliva, and carefully kept up with Qin Xu. Bai stood outside the door and said to Qin Xu, "If you see Xue Hui, say hello for me." Qin Xu waved his hand to show that he heard it. In the country of snow, eighteen riders were doing their own things. Suddenly, a gate appeared in the yard, and Qin Xu came out with Jin. Eighteen riders immediately surrounded him. Young master, why did you come here suddenly? Is there anything important? Qin Xu shrugged. "Can't I come if I have nothing to do?" The others quickly waved their hands. "No, no." Qin Xu smiled and pointed to the gold behind him. "She, like Duoyuye and Xianglin, is also Yin Ren who was captured.". But she doesn't want to go back to Orochimaru now. She doesn't have to watch too closely. The leader, Tokugawa Hiromoto, nodded, and the youngest, Akiko, immediately ran to Kim: "Welcome the new member." With that, he pulled Jin and ran away. Qin Xu looked helplessly at Ming Zi and looked around: "Where is Ming?"? Why didn't you see him? Ryunosuke explained: "He said two days ago that he felt the breath of the whirlpool clan, ran out to look for it, and came back in a few days." Qin Xu is stupefied: "Really discovered, that can be really too good, tell Ming, if found, let him come to me directly, I will take Naruto to arrive at the first time." Ryunosuke nodded. "I see." Qin Xu walked into the room and saw Duoyuye and Xianglin. When they first saw Jin, they were stunned, and then they thought that Jin had been sealed by Qin Xu a month before their action. Two people see Qin Xu, the eyes are very complicated, many are still very loyal to Orochimaru, so look at Qin Xu's expression is mostly hatred, and fragrant phosphorus for Qin Xu's chakra taste has no reaction, it does not matter Qin Xu's attitude. Qin Xu sees two people: "I have a good news and a bad news.". Of course, this is for you. The good news is that Orochimaru is still alive, but the difference between him and the dead is not so obvious, and he may die at any time. The bad news is that your companions, the other three of the four,Carbon in Pulp, including Kimimaro, are all dead. Kimimaro died of a blood disease, and the other three were killed by me. 。