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"I knew you would answer that." Zhang Peng gazed at Miwei's eyes, "Xiaomi, you know, you make me feel the most distressed,

For more than half an hour, Panpan slowly stabilized his mood. Gu Nian held her all the time and dared not move. Song Huaicheng's eyes were there, "would she be like this before?" I thought it was another unanswered question. I didn't expect to open my mouth. No Song Huaicheng's face was full of joy. She was stimulated by unfamiliar people. Think of a basin of cold water pouring down. Song Huaicheng froze, "I'm going to pour a glass of water." He has made a decision today. No need. Care to refuse. Song Huaicheng's body stopped at the door, "that-you also rest early." After a sleepless night, the next morning, when she appeared at the table with a pale face, Song Huaicheng was wearing slippers and his face was in a trance. He was too cautious to take a step forward. Time seems to go back many years ago, many mornings, she also made breakfast waiting for him to get up. The sunlight hit the table, leaving a soft and tender light. Song Huaicheng, let's talk. She said, not as tender as she used to be. Song Huaicheng raised his eyebrows slightly and sat opposite her. He clasped his fingers and looked at her quietly. "You say." "I agreed to your request last night." Song Huaicheng took a breath. But- "with a straight face, simple and clear," I have three conditions. " The atmosphere gradually became stagnant. More than a meter away, he could hardly see her face at first. Just feel vaguely, that pair of eyes, white eyes suddenly bright, her lips have maintained a stalemate,Portable gold trommel, "First, help my father pay off all the money he owes." Song Huaicheng's expression remains unchanged. Second, I promise to be by your side, but we are not husband and wife, you can't touch me for three years! Song Huaicheng's eyes gradually became clear, and he saw her face, which was full of persistence. And the third? "Third,gold cil machine, after three years, we will go our separate ways, and you must not entangle us." Song Huaicheng seems to be thinking about something. Gu Nian raised his face and looked at him deeply, with a strange smile at the corners of his mouth, "Song Huaicheng, this is my condition.". If you don't agree, I will crawl away. Song Huaicheng's legs seemed to have been drained of strength for a moment, and the light in his eyes was the kind of dead silence that was on the verge of despair. He pinched his hands. He was even a little scared. All right, I promise you. He had no hesitation. You swear. She took a deep breath, "If you are entangled again, your child will suffer from illness all his life." Take care to state word by word. After saying the last sentence, Song Huaicheng suddenly stood up, "No!"! Why would you swear on a child? It's between me and you. I swear on myself. "I can repay my apology to my father with my life." Song Huaicheng was afraid of the despair of facing death unflinchingly. Song Huaicheng said coldly in pain, sodium cyanide price ,gold CIP machine, "Three years later, you and I will go our separate ways. If I am entangled again, my child will suffer from illness all his life.". Care, is that enough? Every word he said was heavy and struggling. He did not say anything more with a wooden face. Song Huaicheng endured the anger that did not erupt, "care, you hate me so much, hate to take the child as a bet?" He smiled in a trance. "No!"! Song Huaicheng, I don't hate you. I wish I had never known you. Song Huaicheng has been staring at her, and finally gritted his teeth, "good!"! So from today on, we will get to know each other again. Three years, all right. If he can fix everything three years ago, then it's not a breach of oath. Lu Yesheng rested in the hospital for a day and a night. When Fang Xuxu came to see him, he saw that there was no light in his eyes. There you are. His voice was as calm as water. Fang Xuxu could not bear it. "How are you?"? What did the doctor say? Lu Yesheng propped up his body, and this movement involved the wound on his body. He frowned, "What did you say?" Fang Xuxu lost her words for a moment. She picked up the kettle beside her and poured a glass of water. "Drink some water first." The corners of Lu Yesheng's mouth are chapped and peeling. Lu Yesheng did not refuse, drank up a glass of water, the bitter taste of the lips became more and more heavy. Fang Xuxu sat on a stool beside her, and she slowly organized her language. Gu Nian called her this morning and told her her choice. Fang Xuxu disapproved, "care, you can't step into that fire pit again?" The tone of care is very calm, "Xu Xu, you can rest assured that nothing will happen." "What are you going to do?" Fang asked uneasily. Gu Nian exhaled, "you go to see Ye Sheng, he was injured yesterday.". I'm sorry for him. I got him into trouble. Fang Xuxu rubbed his eyebrows, "she asked me to bring you a word, thank you, these years of company.". You'll meet a better girl. Brother Lu, I forgot to take care of him. Lu Yesheng has been looking sideways out of the window. Fang Xuxu sat there tangled, not knowing how to go on. For a long time, Lu Yesheng opened his mouth, and a bleak mood appeared on his face. "She still chose him." No matter what means he used, it was her last choice. Lu Ye's silent eyes suddenly shone with a bloodthirsty light. Chapter 38 After Gu Nian moved to Xiyuan, the whole person became more and more quiet. For three days in a row, she and Song Huaicheng did not say a word. Under the same roof, no one feels that there is anything awkward about such a model. It is much better than what Song Huaicheng expected today. At first, he even worried about what extreme behavior he would take care of. He thought wrong. Care is experienced for four years, now no matter how big the storm, she will survive. Care is strange, the former workaholic, how to stay at home now? Song Huaicheng did not go to the company, but Li He was very busy. Song Huaicheng invited an aunt to cook three meals a day. When Aunt Zhao saw Gu Nian for the first time,magnetic separator machine, she called out "Mrs. Song" to save you. Song Huaicheng was also present at that time. He saw that he had been holding back his anger and had not broken out. Aunt Zhao, all right, you go to rest. Song Huaicheng said. ore-magnetic-mining.com