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The husky remained motionless, crouched slightly on his front legs, made an attack gesture, raised his head,

The husky remained motionless, crouched slightly on his front legs, made an attack gesture, raised his head, grinned his teeth, and growled in his throat. The target he was facing was obviously the pirate on the shelf. The pirates are up there. It's a little weird at first. Yeah. It was a strange look, and the people present thought they could see the expression on its face, although it seemed a little strange that a Chihuahua would show such a look on its face. Ho, ho, ho! The husky growled at the pirate and tried to jump on him. Prince, what are you doing? Li Ziguang struggled to control his dog for his condition. He was shocked, because the husky was a very friendly dog. Although he looked like a wolf, he was very gentle and almost not aggressive. It was the first time he had seen the prince show such a fierce side. Seeing this, the little apple was also frightened. But she was more nervous about the little pirate, afraid that it would be hurt by the fierce husky, so she called "pirate" and wanted to rush over and hold it in her arms,Glass Cream Jars, but at this time, Xia Yu grabbed her: "Sister, don't go over, that husky is very dangerous!" Xia Yu also has a certain understanding of huskies. So she knew that the husky was very abnormal and worried that it had rabies. What if her sister ran over and was bitten? So she quickly pulled the little apple. Sister, I want to save the pirates! The little apple struggled to run over, but in the end he couldn't get out. "It's all right,oil dropper bottle," said Xia Yu. "The pirates are up there. It's safe. Here. Li Ziguang stepped forward. He kept stroking the husky's neck with his hands, trying to calm him down. But there was no effect at all. The dog prince seemed to have a deep hatred for the puppy on the shelf and kept barking to jump on it. The pirate stared motionless at the husky, who, in the eyes of others, must now be scared out of his wits and wondering what to do next. Husky continues to shout: "Roar!"! Ho, ho.. And when Li Ziguang was not paying attention, he broke away from his pull and jumped directly on the shelf. Then he snapped his front foot on the shelf and shouted fiercely. Just a little bit, he could catch the pirate. Seeing this, Li Ziguang hurriedly ran forward, trying to regain control of his beloved dog in his hands, but at this time, Blue Bottle Serum ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, a loud roar came to his face: "Ow!" Li Ziguang stopped dumbfounded. All the people present were stunned! Just now they saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears a sound similar to the roar of a leopard from the mouth of the small Chihuahua on the shelf! The harsh and majestic roar even made all the people present feel a little fear from the bottom of their hearts, reminding people of a bloodthirsty beast that chooses people to eat! Such an exaggerated voice is actually from the one that looks harmless to people and animals. It comes from the mouth of a Chihuahua, which is so strange! And the husky, who was roaring happily, seemed to be suddenly pinched by someone's throat. The fierce roar suddenly turned into a low cry of fear. It trembled down from the shelf and then lay on the ground with its tail between its legs, its head tightly pressed to the ground. Tan Bowen, who had just arrived at the door, rushed in and saw Xia Yu and the two sisters safe and sound. "What happened just now?" He asked strangely? Why do I seem to hear the sound of a leopard? Only then did the petrified people come to their senses. Hearing Tan Bowen's words, they realized that what had just happened was not an illusion! "Pirates!" The little apple immediately ran over and held the little pirate who was yawning in his arms. Hey, what a hell in broad daylight! The little one's voice is so. Loud and clear! Li Ziguang touched his bald head, looked at the pirate strangely, and then came forward to comfort his dog, his prince was obviously frightened, lying on the ground is not willing to get up. Finally, Li Ziguang had to leave with it in his arms. When he left, he stared at the pirate for a long time, and his eyes were very reluctant. Tan Po-wen listened to the little apple say what had just happened in a vivid way, and then asked in surprise, "Is that roar just now sent out by this little one?" The little apple is very proud to say: "That is!"! Hee hee, the pirate was so powerful just now that he scared the husky so much that his legs were weak! Tan Po-wen murmured in a low voice: "It seems a bit evil." He looked at his pirate classmates again doubtfully, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong, so he had to put the idea behind him for a while. The owner of the store sighed, "It's the first time I've seen a Chihuahua with such a loud cry after so many years of opening pet accessories. This little guy is not simple!" Depressed Li Ziguang took his dog to his brother's pet clinic and said to his brother Laohei, "Laohei, help me look at the prince. This guy won't even walk now." Lao Hei used to be a hoodlum, but later he became a veterinarian. Like Li Ziguang, he is also a dog lover. After examining the prince, Laohei said, "The prince is frightened. I'll give him an injection. It should be all right if he has a good sleep." "Damn, this boy is too cowardly!"! I was scared into this by a Chihuahua! Li Ziguang, who had always been proud of the prince's handsome and powerful, could not help but be a little disappointed with it. Then he touched the husky's neck and sighed, "But I can't blame you. The little one's voice was really a little loud. I was frightened at that time." "What's the matter?" Old black one day seems to have gossip, immediately came to the interest, "you said the prince was scared like this by a Chihuahua?"? Don't fool me! "Yes!" Li Ziguang touched his bald head. "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it!"! You say that Chihuahua is a little bigger than my palm,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, how can it make a leopard-like cry? Li Ziguang told his good brother what had just happened in the dog store, and then sighed, "You didn't see that the Chihuahua has a spirit and is very human!"! I'm sure that Chihuahua is not simple. Maybe he has the blood of a leopard. 。