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The husky remained motionless, crouched slightly on his front legs, made an attack gesture, raised his head,

But But She hasn't seen the prince yet, she. She. Shutang thought of Liu Shuzhi's handsome face and suddenly felt sad. The prince soon came to see himself, the prospective Crown Princess. The prince was a young man who looked gentle and handsome, and when he saw himself, his eyes lit up immediately. Smiling, the queen took her hand and handed it to the prince. "Mao should take good care of Tangtang. She is the only wife you are marrying." Prince face slightly red, nodded heavily, "mother rest assured, son minister will take good care of sugar." Shutang had no father and no mother. She was raised by a Mammy. Mammy also died. Now that she wants to be the daughter-in-law of the royal family, it is impossible for her to go out of the palace to prepare for marriage. The prince was very kind to Shu Tang. Every day when he came back from court, he always brought her a lot of delicious and interesting things. When the emperor and the queen saw it, they always laughed with great relief. The emperor soon fell ill again, and the doctor said that although he had spit out the congestion in his heart last time, his body had already failed and there was no way to recover. The emperor's only wish on his deathbed was to see the prince get married. Shutang has no room to refuse. The wedding was held in a hurry. After all, it was the prince's wedding. Even if time was pressing, the wedding was enough for the people of the whole city to enjoy talking about it for several years. Hundreds of roads in the capital were covered with red carpets, and festive music spread from the south to the north and from the east to the west of the city. The people gathered together and speculated about the origin of the Crown Princess, saying that her beauty was peerless and that she was a goddess of nine days who came down to earth in order to help the country and extend the country. There is a strange guest in the shop of the proprietress of the tofu workshop. He was dressed in blue brocade, his hair was tied up meticulously, as if he had drunk wine,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and his cold eyebrows and eyes were rippling with boundless. The strong contrast seems to have an unspeakable charm, attracting people to look at it again and again. The proprietress was almost stunned and was stunned for a long time before she remembered to greet the guests. "What kind of tofu do you want?" "Tender tofu, the kind you put on your face." His voice was as cold as ice, but the meaning of his words made people laugh. Could it be that this guest officer wants to buy it back for his face? The landlady guessed, but it was hard to ask. Collecting money and cutting tofu, he was about to leave when he suddenly asked, "Does Miss Shu often buy tofu from you?" The landlady was stunned and answered subconsciously, "What Miss Shu?" There has been no news since Shu Tang was taken away by the Royal Guards,Amber Dropper Bottles, but the next day the Royal Guards came to tell themselves that no one was allowed to disclose any news about Shu Tang, otherwise they would be sentenced to death. The landlady was so frightened that she was forced to forget the sugar. Listening to this person mentioned at the moment, she suddenly remembered, no wonder this person looks familiar, this is not the Royal Guard commander who took Shu Tang away that day? Liu Shuzhi carrying tofu walking in the bustling streets, people around are talking about today's prince's wedding, the most is to guess the mysterious origin and appearance of the crown princess. The Crown Princess is called Shu Tang. She is not an immortal. She is a pestering little girl. Liu Shuzhi remembered that night when she licked her lips and looked at herself, she couldn't help laughing quickly. Beautiful and moving. They don't know any of this! There is a secret pain and pride in Liu Shuzhi's heart. "Lord Liu, the emperor is in a hurry." Interrupting all his imaginings. Shu sugar is the first time to get married, no experience, the whole dizzy, the prince's wedding, courtesy and many scary, from morning to night, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,glass cream jars, it is not easy to send into the bridal chamber, but also continue to wait. Just when Shu Tang felt that he was about to faint from hunger, the prince, dressed in a bright red wedding dress, finally came. The palace people were waved back, the arm-thick dragon and phoenix candles in the bridal chamber were burning quietly, and the red veil on the head of Shu Tang was slowly lifted, revealing a stunning face like a rose. Shutang raised her eyes to look at her new husband, and the prince was looking intently at her face. The prince is handsome and gentle, and he is the husband he will join hands with for a lifetime. Shutang decided not to miss Liu Shuzhi any more. She had married the prince. Prince is still looking at himself, Shu sugar finally began to blush heartbeat, called out: "Your Highness..." The prince seemed to be stupefied for a moment, like waking up from a dream, almost obsessively murmuring, "Tangtang, you are really good-looking.". ” Smiling, Shu Tang leaned over and kissed the prince on his white cheek. "Your Highness is very good-looking, too," he said. The prince's face was immediately as red as the wedding dress on his body. Half asleep and half awake, Shu Tang heard the prince whispering in his ear: "." Sugar I'll be good to you. Liu Shuzhi walked through the red sky into the emperor's bedroom. The emperor's time was running out, and even the prince's wedding only showed up in a hurry. Although the prince was young, he acted calmly and handled all kinds of political affairs very well. Since the emperor was in poor health, the prince had been in charge of the country. Had it not been for this, the court would have been in chaos. In the emperor's bedroom, the empress was also there, but there was no one in the palace. Liu Shuzhi had a sense of foreboding in his heart. The empress looked serious. "The Royal Guards made Liu Shuzhi listen to the order." Liu Shuzhi lifted his clothes and knelt down. "I, listen to the decree." "Today, Liu Shuzhi, the commander of the Royal Guards, is promoted to be the commander of the third grade, commanding the affairs of the Royal Guards." Liu Shuzhi frightened, Royal Guards commander has not been appointed for decades, this time. But now is not the time to think, Liu Shuzhi hurriedly kowtow to thank. Holding up his sick body, the emperor called Liu Shuzhi to his bed. "Aiqing, my time is running out. The only thing I can't rest assured about is the Crown Princess and the Wanli Jiangshan.". Today I will entrust the Crown Princess to you, in any case, you have to guarantee that after the prince, the emperor will be the Crown Princess. "I give you a secret decree.". If there is a threat to the Crown Princess and the children of the Crown Princess, tear down this secret decree, kill without mercy! Until he left the palace, Liu Shuzhi's heart was still pounding in his chest. The emperor died, the crown prince succeeded to the throne, the crown princess is the queen, can threaten the queen's life. Only.. The emperor! How can you kill the monarch? But the emperor said that the emperor must be born by the Crown Princess,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, what is the meaning of this? Even if immortals dream, it will not be so absurd! Also, the queen is here..