Supernova epoch

The husky remained motionless, crouched slightly on his front legs, made an attack gesture, raised his head,

Chief Engineer Yao himself saw it. AD clock (4) "Wei Ming of the 4th Regiment of the 115th Division came to change the guard!" Wei Ming saluted his father at attention. Wei Jianlin of the 4th Regiment of the 115th Division was on duty, and everything in the regiment's defense area was normal. The father also saluted his son. Now the east is just showing fish belly white, the border post is quiet all around, the snow-capped peaks are still sleeping, and the Indian army post on the opposite side has no lights all night, as if it has been empty. Without more words, and without more words, Lieutenant Colonel Wei Jianlin turned and stepped on his son's horse with difficulty and walked to the camp to catch the last bus to the final gathering place. After walking down the long hillside, he looked back and saw his son still standing at attention in front of the post, watching him motionless in the cold wind, and the boundary marker standing with him in the blue and white morning light. AD clock (5) When the adults had all left, the clock started. The clock appears everywhere, on TV screens all over the world, on almost all web pages, on every electronic billboard in the city, in the central square of every city.. The clock does not have the shape of a one o'clock clock. It is just a green rectangle. The rectangle is made up of 61420 pixels. Each pixel represents a final destination. The status of all the final destinations in the world is displayed on the clock through satellite signals. When a pixel changes from green to black, it means that all the people in the final place are dead. When all the clocks turn black, there will be no people over the age of 13 on the earth, and the children will officially take over the world power. As for how to finally turn off the green, each destination used different methods: in some destinations, all the people carried a small sensor on their wrists to monitor the state of life and eventually send out death signals, which later became known as "oak leaves". But third world countries take a simpler approach: turn off the green automatically for as long as the doctor estimates. The green should not be turned off by people, because all the people in the final gathering place had already lost consciousness,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but later it was found that some of the green in the final gathering place was obviously turned off by people, which has become an eternal mystery. The design of the final meeting place varies from country to country and from nation to nation, but it is generally a huge cave dug underground, and people gather in these underground squares to spend their last moments. The average number of people gathered in each final gathering place is about 100,000, but there are also final gathering places with as many as one million people. Most of the writings left by the AD people in the final gathering place are records of the scenes and feelings of farewell to the ground world, leaving only a few records of the scenes of the final gathering place at the last moment. One thing is for sure, all the final places passed their last moments peacefully, and many of them held concerts and parties when people still had some strength left. In the Supernova Era, there was a festival called the Festival of the End. On this day, people will gather in the underground square of the final gathering place to experience the last moment of the Christian era, and the Christian clock will appear again in various media, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,30ml dropper bottle, changing from green to black. Those damp and cold underground squares are full of dark people again, only a dim floodlight is on the top of the high cave, and the breathing of countless people can only make the silence here deeper.. At this time, everyone will become a philosopher and rethink life and the world. AD clock (6) The leader of each country is the last to leave. In the information building, two generations of national leaders are making their final farewell. Each of the adult leaders pulled their students to their side for a final exhortation. The chief of the general staff said to Lu Gang: "Remember: Do not engage in long-distance large-scale operations across continents or oceans, nor can the navy engage in a head-on decisive battle with the main fleet of the West." The Chief of General Staff and other leaders had said this to him many times, and like every time, he nodded and said, "Remember." Let me introduce them to you again, "said the chief of the general staff, pointing to the five children he had brought with him." They are a special observation group. They only exercise their duties in wartime. They have no right to interfere with your command, but they have the right to know all the secrets in wartime. ” The five senior colonels saluted Lv Gang. After saluting back, Lv Gang asked the chief of the general staff, "What on earth do they do?" "You will know when you need to know about their final duties." Chief of the General Staff said. Facing Hua Hua, glasses and Xiao Meng, the president and the prime minister remained silent for a long time, which is the last farewell of most leaders of adults and children in most countries, according to historical records. Too much to say, too much to say; too much to express, too heavy to be carried by words. The chairman concluded by saying, "Children, when you are very young, adults teach you that where there is a will, there is a way.". Now I want to tell you that this statement is totally wrong. Only things that conform to the laws of science and social development can be achieved. Most of the things that people want to do, no matter how hard they try, can not be achieved. As a national leader, your historical responsibility is to get rid of ninety-nine things that can't be done in one hundred things and find out which one can be done. It's very difficult, but you must do it! "Remember the MSG and salt," said the prime minister. The final parting was peaceful. After silently shaking hands with the children, the adults helped each other out of the hall. At the end, the chairman turned to the new national leadership before he went out and said: "Children, the world is yours!" Supernova Era (1) The days after the adults left, the little leaders spent in front of the clock. The clock is displayed on a large screen in the lobby at the top of the Information Building, and the huge green rectangle makes everything in the lobby reflected in green light. On the first day, the situation of the country was very normal, the professional ministries and commissions effectively handled the affairs of various industries, there were no major changes in the territory, and the children's country seemed to be in a smooth transition from trial operation. As during the test run, the child national leadership at the top of the information edifice does not have much work to do. On the first night,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, there was no change on the clock, and it was still a flawless pure green. The child leaders stayed in the green light until late at night before going to bed. But as they got up to go, one of the children called out:.