Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines

The husky remained motionless, crouched slightly on his front legs, made an attack gesture, raised his head,

"Your Majesty has ordered a thorough investigation into this matter," said yuan Tianchi. "Just now I went into the palace to inquire about the Prince's movements after he left the Hall of Mental Cultivation last night." "What do you say?" "It doesn't matter what I say," said yuan Tianchi. "But Your Majesty obviously doesn't believe me. He asked me to invite the prince into the palace to check on this matter." When Emperor Xin De knew about the death of loneliness, he would naturally associate it with my life experience. If he had doubts about me, I'm afraid it would be a bad thing. "Master," said Che Hao in front of the gate, "Duolong has come to deliver the decree." I was stunned. Emperor Xin De asked yuan Tianchi to come to me because it was inconvenient to expose my identity in consideration of dealing with Zuo Zhuliu. Now he asked Duolong to come to deliver the decree, which was tantamount to revealing the fact that I came to Kangdu. Did he want to attack me? It is even possible to postpone dealing with the left drift and remove it first. With a heavy heart, I took a step forward and whispered, "Che Hao, let him wait for me in the flower hall. I'll change my clothes and go there!" yuan Tianchi sighed and said, "If you leave now, you still have a chance!" I bit my lip hard. Should I go or stay? I couldn't make up my mind for a moment. The death of loneliness must have made up his mind in advance that he would get rid of me at all costs. If I follow yuan Tianchi's advice to leave now, I can escape from Kangdu safely from the tunnel, but I am unwilling to give up the situation I have worked so hard to create. yuan Tianchi said,Thyroid Powder Factory, "If you stay in the green hills, you are not afraid of no firewood. If Emperor Xin De is determined to attack you this time.". It's hard to compete with him with Childe's strength in Kangdu. I smiled indifferently and said, "Does Mr. yuan think I still have a chance?" In the face of yuan Tianchi, a wise man, a lot of things need not be said too clearly. yuan Tianchi frowned and said, "There's a chance,Quillaja Saponin, but.." "But what?" "Do you think it's worth risking your life for a chance?" Asked yuan Tianchi. I nodded heavily and said, "I have no patience to wait any longer!" " yuan Tianchi sighed and said, "I understand!" "Do you understand?" I asked confusedly. I really don't know what yuan Tianchi understands in my heart. yuan Tianchi nodded and said, "Last night, when yuan saw that the prince had not returned for a long time, he went to greet him.". I happened to hear something I shouldn't have heard! My heart a Rin, eyes reveal a strong intention to kill! yuan Tianchi's words have shown that he knows my life experience. yuan Tianchi smiled indifferently and said, "Since I dare to come, I have already made all preparations in my heart. I have no malice towards you all the time.". If you want to hurt you, why wait until today? I fell silent. "There's something I think you should know," said yuan Tianchi. I came to Kangdu to help you because someone begged me to do so! It's also a mystery that haunts me: "Who told you to do this?" "Picking snow!" yuan Tianchi's answer did not surprise me too much, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, which I had vaguely guessed in my previous conversation with him. "Sir," said yuan Tianchi, "promise me one thing. Take good care of Caixue and Qingyan in the future! My heart slightly stunned, yuan Tianchi in the end and the two of them is what kind of relationship? yuan Tianchi took out two human skin masks from his bosom and said with a smile, "That day, I asked Caixue to make two masks for me. I didn't expect that they would come in handy today!" He handed me one and said, "You don't have to worry.". That secret will soon disappear from this world! He slowly put on another mask, and another self appeared in front of my eyes. yuan Tianchi took two steps slowly. His manner and demeanor imitated me vividly. Even I believed that the one in front of me was myself. I hung my head and looked at the mask on my hand. Without asking, it must be yuan Tianchi himself. He took the initiative to exchange identities with me. yuan Tianchi said with a smile, "I have reminded you not to look down upon Emperor Xin De. He is very suspicious. There is only one way for him to relax his vigilance.." He paused for a moment and then said, "That's your death!" A burst of excitement in my heart, yuan Tianchi unexpectedly willing to die for me, such as Gao Yi let me how to repay? I shook my head and said, "No, Emperor Xin De has decided to kill me. If you enter the palace, I'm afraid it's a bad luck." yuan Tianchi said calmly, "You are not a short-sighted person. You should understand the truth of doing something and not doing something." I bowed to him respectfully and exchanged robes with him. yuan Tianchi opened the door and strode to the flower hall. A ray of sunshine came out from the dawn. What kind of day will it be to greet us? Doron had waited impatiently in the flower hall, but his face still pretended to be humble and respectful. Seeing us come in, he hurriedly greeted yuan Tianchi and said respectfully, "Your Royal Highness, Your Majesty has come specially to ask me to pass on a secret decree." yuan Tianchi nodded his head and imitated my expression. He took the secret decree with both hands and unfolded it. He frowned slightly and said, "My father asked me to go to the palace immediately to discuss the matter of Zen." This matter has long been within my expectations, the emperor threw out such an attractive condition to coax me into the palace, it can be said to be well-intentioned. "Congratulations, Your Royal Highness," said Naduolong with a smile. "Perhaps tomorrow the slave will call you the emperor." yuan Tianchi took a cold look at Duolong, and his sharp eyes made Duolong shiver. "You've been in the palace for so many years," said yuan Tianchi. "Don't you know what to say and what not to say?" Duolong knelt down hurriedly, stretched out his hand and slapped himself twice in the face. "Damn you, slave," he said. "I hope the prince will forgive you." With a wave of his hand, yuan Tianchi turned to me and said, "Mr. yuan, Manager Duo and I will go to the palace to pay our respects to our father. Will you go?" "Your Royal Highness," I said respectfully, "Your Majesty is discussing state affairs with you. I'm just a commoner. How can I be qualified to go?" Duolong said with a smile,D BHB Factory, "Mr. yuan, Your Majesty asked me to tell you that you should go all the way with the prince. He also wants to say something to you." I secretly said in my heart, "Does this German emperor also want to attack yuan Tianchi?"? What's the point of us switching identities in that case? 。