Mercenary world

"You can go in here.". We ask the elder in charge to see you. Several magicians said goodbye at the same time.

"You can go in here.". We ask the elder in charge to see you. Several magicians said goodbye at the same time. If Elder Qingluo had followed Amy to Zhanlan Island this time, he would never have allowed Amy to enter the hall. Qingluo has suffered a loss in Zhanlan Island, an unprecedented loss. The only difference is that the place where he suffered is in the hall on the left. These two halls are inherited from the palace culture of the Magic Empire. The original name of the right hall is "Magic Change Hall", and the original name of the left hall is "Wubian Hall". Many years ago, after the hunter Qingluo broke into the boundary island by force, he was respectfully invited by the magicians to the Wubian Hall for negotiation. After arriving here, the two sides broke down and fought, and Qingluo, who had the reputation of being the best hunter in the world, was almost planted in the Wubian Hall. At that time, Qingluo shot 12 short arrows in one breath, but. In the hall there is a powerful force that can not be seen, unexpectedly abruptly changed the direction of the arrow feather, a few feet away actually shot into the hall in midair. At that time, Qingluo found that the roof of Wubian Hall was full of all kinds of weapons. Later, as a last resort, Qingluo drew his bow and shot an invisible arrow empty-handed. With his own magic spirit, he shot down three magic teachers and more than ten magicians in one breath,Nail machine manufacturer, and finally got out of the Wubian Temple by luck. It was the closest Qingluo had ever been to death before he met Amy. Later, Qingluo suspected that several very rare materials, such as magnets, magic stones, cold stones and startled stones, were installed in the hall, which could not only change the direction of weapons,wire nail making machine, but also stimulate people in specific positions mentally. In fact, during the period of the Magic Empire, I don't know how many powerful human heroes fell in the Hall of Martial Change. On the contrary, this hall first changed the characteristics and attributes of magic elves. If you want to release even third-order magic smoothly in this hall, the best magic teacher has to study in this hall for a month or two. Secondly, there is a huge magic array of loneliness in the hall. Loneliness is the magician's greatest nemesis, once released, it will devour all sounds-as we all know, singing is necessary for magicians to release high-level magic. Amy and her party were arranged to go to the Temple of Magic Change first, not because Richard Clayderman didn't like Amy, but because of the unified arrangement of the Magician Guild-all magicians who entered the Blue Island would be screened in the Temple of Magic Change. The corridor of the entrance hall of the Hall of Magic Change is 6 meters, with a crystal plate on each side, one blue and one blue. Most magicians who pass by here will not know that there are two clerks of the magician guild standing behind the two crystal plates. After the magic array carved on the two crystal plates is activated, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, the two geomantic spirits interact with each other and can directly judge the approximate level of the magician sandwiched in the middle. When Amy walked through the middle, the four first-level magicians on both sides were surprised. The magician's magic luster fluctuated very strangely, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. When he was strong, he was about to break through the first-level magician. When he was weak, he was still at the level of a magic apprentice. It was really strange. The clerk hurriedly sent the result to the person in charge of the temple of magic change, followed by a flurry of activity. Amy certainly didn't know these things when she first came to Zhanlan Island. After she and the two little girls walked into the Hall of Magic Change, the clerk immediately brought dried fruit snacks and tea, which tasted quite good, especially the floating stars were very happy to eat. The three of them sat down and waited for half an hour, and there was a noise outside the door. Oh, are you bored? This little thing is also bothering me. Richard Clayderman, why don't you do it yourself? The old tone was impatient. Master Zihui, only when you are here, can you be 100% sure. Your Majesty is about to ascend the throne, and the teacher doesn't want anything to go wrong, so this time it's really troublesome for you. The piano prince's tone is very respectful. You are good at spells. Even two magic teachers can't do anything about you here. The old voice was angry. Master, please forgive me. This is my teacher's wish. The young magician was not angry at all. Oh Amy immediately smelled a lot from these two sentences. Zihui? The name of this master is also very interesting. The thirteen most famous magical spices in the history of magic are divided into main spices and auxiliary spices. The main spices are responsible for determining the magical attributes released. However, a large number of main spices can easily cause the explosion of elements, so appropriate auxiliary spices must be used. Purple cardamom spices and cumin spices are the two most used auxiliary spices. These two spices can also be used alone, which can effectively improve the speed of magic release. This shows that the master of Zihui should be a master of spices. That What does Zihui mean? Amy smiled and glanced at the whole hall, then rolled up her sleeves and silently sang a complete fireball in her heart. The problem was immediately discovered. Granny, this is not a magician's guild, it is simply a black shop selling human meat buns, so insidious tricks can be thought out, no wonder the magic empire wall has not fallen on the push. The side door of the hall was pushed open, and four magicians came out of it, and the other two of the three men behind, besides the piano prince, were also the great magicians who went to meet the silver island. Walking in the front is a dirty magic teacher, a blue robe, which is covered with large and small holes, slightly complete parts are covered with dust, a disheveled white hair, the corners of the eyes are covered with eye droppings, a pair of nose glasses hanging on the pointed nose, a look of impatience on his face. Seeing that the guests were still not polite, his fingers dangled on the noses of Amy and the piano prince: "You ask quickly, I'll give you 10 minutes at most. If the Amomum villosum in my crucible burns the pot, I won't finish with you today." Amomum villosum? As long as the temperature is above 200 degrees Celsius and not more than 378 degrees Celsius, the longer the time in the crucible, the purer the essence extracted. Amy, like a real master,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, slouched back in her chair and answered lazily. The four people who came in were all stupefied, and the two eyes of the magic teacher were bigger than the pince-nez: "You.." 378 degrees Celsius? The fire at the bottom of the pot is so strong, how can it be controlled to this temperature? 。